side character become op
13 first kiss and enemy
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side character become op
Author :Drillber
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13 first kiss and enemy

I make a oath with vampire she become a member of my team. I make a team like ten commandments in seven deadly sins. I also want create an information agency like anbu in Naruto.

now I am 5 years old I ready for the school in human empire. right now I am in carriage which is heading towards human empire. my team member rose is with me as everyone know my relationship with her and I can't do anything. even father propose the towards them and now I am her fiance.

she looking towards me with strange eyes as want to say something."if you want to say something say it" I say. she again silent then she was about to say something suddenly carriage shake and as I seeing the view from the window I can't balance and fell into rose and my lips sealed towards his.

I taste the most softest things . I then see that she towards me as I kissing him. the strange thing she didn't push me as I kissing him she enjoy too. we kissing without say anything. we stop and see each and didn't say anything. as we don't know what to say.

we like this for whole week.

we don't know that many black people seeing us from behind the tree as we are traveling from the forest.

we about to eat our dinner suddenly a shout came from one of our royal guards "intruder!!! first platoon protect young lord and young miss and second platoon kill the intruder".

vigneer use his rinnegan and see the number of enemy and see there are total 30 enemy .

he gesture rose to follow him as he want to train rose." rose now you are my fiance as well as a teammate you have to train in this unexpected situation. your first mission capture the team leaser alive for me. now go".

rose quickly disappear from his spot and try to find the enemy leaser she see a tall and strong men than suddenly she appear before him and strike in head. enemy leader lost his consciousness and fell down. rose get him and quickly take him towards vigneer.

vigneer see rose and happy as she safe and complete her mission but he need to become strict as this world is rule by power.

he go towards rose and hug him without thinking kiss him. she also do the same as they kissing vigneer stop to breath he happy as he found the love of his life. he use the the human path and take the soul of enemy leader and read his memory and shock from his memory.


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