side character become op
11 flashback in party after death of prime minister
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side character become op
Author :Drillber
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11 flashback in party after death of prime minister

as I enjoying the party I notice a boy coming towards me with a smirk. he looks like 6 or 7 years old kid. he is in front of me then he again smirk seeing me.

he looks like a arrogant bastard who don't know their place. is he don't know that I am a prince please show some respect to me.

snake boy: crown Prince may I have a honor to fight with you.

vigneer: no interest please don't disturb me I want to enjoy my party.

snake boy:'I want to humiliate you as everyone thinks you are a genius I want to show them that I most genius then him.' please prince I want to learn one or two things from you my prince.

vigneer:'is he has no shame 7 years old child want to fight me a 3 years old child. let show you your place. you want to humiliate me. I show the whole demon race that they will always beneath me as I will become the demon king'. ok let's go.

snake boy:'now I humiliate you and become laughing stock for empire'.

vigneer and snake boy go the training ground and ready for battle. news quickly spread in party as everyone ready to watch fight and know there crown Prince strength.

as everyone see they ready to watch fight. vigneer say something that started whole crowd.

vigneer: I give you 10 second to attack me anywhere you want but after 10 second this fight will be over.

snake boy was angry and the crowd was shocked.

snake suddenly attack him as he is angry because he was looking down by some one 3 year's old kid.

he give heavy punch towards vigneer and vigneer thrown towards the ground and blood was coming out from his mouth. snake boy take out his sword and put in vigneer neck but suddenly something happens he see that their is blood all over his body and a sword on his neck he see vigneer. he suddenly back flip but before he could relax he feels that someone pulling him. as vigneer use Almighty pull to get him. snake boy use some kind of magic that he become invisible.

vigneer: you can run but you can't hide because my eyes can see through everything.

he Almighty push to which the snake boy push towards the ground and their is wound on every where. seeing this everyone satisfied that the future demon king is really strong.

vigneer: know your place. don't just casually dual someone without knowing them.keep that in mind or you really regret in future.

then vigneer exit the training ground and sat on a chair to drink his juice and view the full moon of night sky.

this day everyone know that the new demon king is born that will control the whole world .


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