side character become op
10 2 years time gap and vampire oath
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side character become op
Author :Drillber
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10 2 years time gap and vampire oath

just like this 2 years passed prime minister death spread like a flu my dad order the investigation for zox and find out that its his son killing him. as vigneer transplant a fake memory of killing his own father.

he get in to jail dad choose a new prime minister and that case is solve.

most surprising is that I unlock my bankai form in a short time I also use various arts that kuchiki know and most awesome was flash step but I want to learn sonido .

I also though that is it possible to get the power hollow and become a vasto lords bit there is no hollow to eat so I drop this idea as my teleport ability of rinnegan great.

I also try to get a chakra mod like Naruto get chakra mod from kurama in battle.

now I am five years old I roaming around a forest to fight some monsters to train my powers. i also try theories most surprising is that I have all nature chakra means I can also control most op element in mukoton( wood style) more powerful than hashirama and most awesome jutsu flying thunder god technique of minato Kamikaze known as hello flash.

now explanation aside I need to find some strong monster to train.

I going I feel some spy on me but I ignore I see a crow sitting on a tree. I control him from rinnegan then use him to check who is this spy as I feel to malicious intent towards me.

I see a girl around my age(from Crows view).

vigneer: you know your stealth ability is great on weaker than you but not on me. show yourself red eye girl.

red eye: you pretty good to sense me from controlling that crow.

vigneer:'she's definitely a vampire red eye sharp teeth and I can sense high vitality from him.' who are you and why are you spying on me.

rose: name rose I think you are very interesting guy. you beat young master of green eye clan and he is the son of snake lord.

vigneer: so you need revenge for him or do you need something from me.

rose: oh you are good well I need something from you and that is I need you to fake a relationship with me as my parents arranged a marriage for me but I don't like him he is a womanizer so I need a fake relationship with you. as you take the throne of demon king no one can do anything to you even that womanizer.

vigneer:what if I say no then.

rose: then I tell everyone that you kill the prime minister zox. as you know I have proof.

vigneer:' this girl is very manipulative, a pretty girl and a manipulative what a strong combination. she look like black widow in avengers, she is pretty and dangerous. I think this is interesting as my life become boring. I can control her but I want to see this story continue'. ok I agree to make a fake relationship but what do I get from doing this.

as it true I can control you to give me the proof but I not as I also need something from this so called favor.

rose: what do you want.

vigneer: I want you to work for me.I can solve your problem easily but want full loyalty towards me. are you ok with that.

rose: ok let's take a oath.

like this our MC get 1 member for his team.

next chapter- first fight in party with arrogant Master.


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