side character become op
9 back stab and nightmare
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side character become op
Author :Drillber
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9 back stab and nightmare

in a huge mansion many guards are guarding the whole mansion. in a mansion there is a underground chamber. Ina chamber you could see a throne and Ina throne there is a fatty sitting on it and many women pleasing him. there are many women who wearing ragged clothes and there eyes are emotionless like they have no will to live.

the fatty enjoying himself like he has no pity to this lowly women.

he grab a women head and said.

zox: hey do it properly or I kill your whole family and torture you to death.

women: please don't kill my family I pleasure you property.

zox smile and enjoying when suddenly a guard came and said.

guard: zox sama young master returns. he want permission to enter.

zox: ohh my son come come tell me is he dead.

son: silent.

zox: son I ask you a questions why you silent. is that boy dead.

son: evil smile

zox: son are you ok does something happen to you.

his son suddenly walking towards him.

then his some take a knife and try to stab.

knife about to stab but stop in mid air by a blue transparent shield and suddenly many fireballs fire towards him.

zix: no!!! my son.

seeing his son burning in fire he try to stop but a Shadow came and stop him.

shadow : he's not your son someone controlling him.

zox frightened that his own son killing him but shadow explain him about a controller.

zox: show yourself!!!.you bastard.

son: ha ha ha ohh what a sly fox I expect nothing from a prime minister. sorry Mr foxy but today you have to die. no one can stop me even your shadow warrior.

fox:who are and why are targeting me.

son: enough dead person not talk and for you shadow I give you 3 choice get away from him and I give you no harm, getting in my way I show no mercy and kill him yourself and work for me. I give 5 second to decide think carefully.

son:1....2...3....4....5. times up now.

shadow quickly take a knife and see fatty expression.

fatty: shadow what are you doing I hire you for me to protect me not to betray me.

son: what type betray are you saying you used this slave to pleasure yourself and after kill them and their family. you know there are two types of people I don't like first who betray others and second who are threat to me.

shadow kill him.

fatty: please don't I give you more money.

son: shadow wait I want to try something.

his son look into fatty eyes and said "Tsukuyomi".

fatty list his consciousness and found himself in world where moon is red everything is black. than he see a child 4 or 5 years old coming towards him and divide himself in 8 clones and all the clone said at the same time "welcome to Tsukuyomi".

vigneer: in this world 3 days are equal to 1 second in outside world . you take pleasure from women but this time my Clone take pleasure from torturing you. feel free to enjoy the pain in three days.

fatty: you vigneer, vastove son who I ordered to kill. please forgive me .

vigneer:sorry but do you remember I say I don't like a person who betray others. good bye enjoy the pain.

fatty: nooooooo aahha pleaseeeeee stooopp.

vigneer: shadow kill him

shadow than swing his knife and kill him.

vigneer use amaterasu to burn him to ashes.

vigneer then look toward shadow and also use genjutsu on him and suck him in his dimension.

he let fatty son live to plot him that he kill his father.

vigneer stop his genjutsu and fatty son lying unconscious in underground floor.

vigneer to his room as he controlling him from his genjutsu.

vigneer: now the matter is solve I should return to my party or my parents who say that its my birthday party and I am not here.


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