side character become op
8 become a celebrity and killer
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side character become op
Author :Drillber
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8 become a celebrity and killer

I wake early as today is my birthday but I guess its a possibility that the Mastermind will also come to attend. its true that I can read memory of person through human path but how many people came I don't know. dad said whole demon royal family will come .

my first possibility is revenge.

I think someone want to kill me to revenge. I think my dad did something to him that's why he wants to kill me.

second possibility absolutely throne to become a demon king.

if I die who has the highest possibility to take the throne.

this matter is really deep. I think about it later in party. well party is at night I should train my shikai in training ground.

vigneer go to training ground to train his zanpakuto.

he then said "scatter senbonzakura" then his sword cut in many pieces to form very sharp petals.

he train just like this for some hours and teleport to bedroom and again take a bath.

he going to ready for his birthday party.

vigneer: what I wear I think I should prepare royal clothes. as I am handsome man obviously I am exactly looks like kuchiki. with his handsome face and calm mind I can become a celebrity in this world. well I should go to the hall. father and mother are also their.

vigneer go to the hall and see that above the there is light glowing look like magic lights.

many people coming to start. as my dad greeting them and dad also introduce themselves to me.

suddenly I feel a faint killing intent as kuchiki memory slowly becoming one with me. my sense became very sharp. I use my senses to check who are this enemy of me. I see a very handsome man wearing red with black clothes.

vigneer then make a I contact with him and pit him under genjutsu and make a gesture to come with him. when vigneer are in empty place he ask him many questions and after his expression are same as he is calm like kuchiki.

his second possibility is correct someone want to the take throne.

he ask him who's the one who issue the request.

handsome man tell him that the person name is zox bertel. he is the prime minister of demon empire.

he then send the handsome to party as it will make suspicion to him.

vigneer: so that zox want to kill me . let's see he like my gift and I will give him a painful death as he is threat to my family. I don't want any mole in my family or in empire.


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