side character become op
7 senbonzakura
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side character become op
Author :Drillber
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7 senbonzakura

as I was taking a bath I thinking the powers

hidden in my body .I should discover the power hidden inside my body .i absolutely sure god give me some kind of bonus power.

after I changing my clothes I go to dinning room to dinner.

vigneer: father, mother I come.

father: ohh my son come dinner is ready let's eat.

mother: my sweetie is so mature. come sit beside mama.

vigneer:OK mom,dad.

then I start to eat my dinner.

dad:son do you remember tomorrow is your birthday. every royal family is coming in our demon continent. son if you like someone please tell me ok don't hide anything.

mom: please don't tease my sweetie but if you like someone please tell ok.

vigneer: ok dad,mom.

after I eat my dinner I head toward my room.

if I think carefully I became to calm in my assassination situation I think kuchiki memory is changing my mind. I should meditate and meet senbonzakura to unlock my shikai.

than I meditate how long I don't know I feel myself in a garden I see tree in cherry blossoms then I see a women wearing pink color dress. she looks stunning and beautiful,her two water melons hanging from her body.

women: are you seeing enough. so we can on business.

vigneer:sorry you are just so beautiful as I can't get my eyes of you.

women: ok I forgive you then to business if you want to unlock your zanpakuto you have to defeat me.


women: then let's see if you are capable of handling me .

I quickly change my eyes from rinnegan and ready for battle.

suddenly millions of cherry blossoms gathering around him.

women think that his man is lost but suddenly all flower petals spread everywhere.


vigneer see many petals coming towards him then he use almighty push spread everywhere and teleport toward that women and places a sword on his neck and said.

vigneer: you lose.

women: you are really are a man capable of holding me. now hear my name to your shikai is senbonzakura.

vigneer:thanks for your name senbo .

senbo: my name is senbonzakura not senbo now you know my name train your sword techniques and know me more and families your self with me and unlock bankai.

vigneer:then goodbye see you again senbo.

after I sleep in my room to think that the person who tried to kill me has a possibility that he also come tomorrow I should prepare myself of tomorrow event.

but first get a peaceful sleeping.


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