side character become op
4 a perverted girl
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side character become op
Author :Drillber
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4 a perverted girl

I wake early morning and remember to go to library and gather knowledge about this world.

first workout in morning like running, jumping and some fighting stance like rock Lee did in naruto, a proper weight training to fit my body.

as a notice something a never get exhausted and get sweet. I think god make this body a special. I do a proper training to get to know this power in my body and I think I should test my rinnegan power some time but first some breakfast and go to library.

to tell all of you in our castle we have everything like a ground to train and a magic formations to teleport us in any room in our castle. this is just too awesome to tell you truth making formation is very tough only magician lords are capable to create them and it take very vast amount of wealth. only one magic formation are create in entire kingdom.

vigneer: burl give me some red Rosebery's.

burl is my personal butler and he is very capable even I don't know. dad said if something happens tell burl. dad also said he is as strong as him . I don't know how powerful is my dad but he is the demon king of all demon so obviously is powerful to rule over all demon kin. well enough explanation I should head to library to gather information about this blurein world.

as I heading towards library I see a girl looking towards me. she is beautiful and white skin, she has red eyes and she has a tail like fox and her ear look like fluffy. I want to moffu-moffu him but I restraint myself. as I see that girl came.

fix girl: I assign as master personal maid and take care of now on and please be gentle master.

vigneer:'am I hearing wrong or I hear this girl saying please be gentle and I think this girl is pervert, why is she licking her lips to seeing me she obviously a pervert. I should stay away from her or I get raped what the hell am I thinking OK stop I should go to library'. OK so you are my personal maid what's your name.

fox girl: I don't have a name please give a name master.

vigneer: 'well my naming sense is very bad, what should I name her she is fox and a girl and she hide from everyone even a maid can see her. I know what I name her.' OK your new name is fogi.

fogi: thanks master for naming me that name. now my name is fogi. Master if you want you touch me anywhere you want even we can go to bedroom so you can punish me.

vigneer: 'she really a pervert'. OK fogi I am going now good bye. oh fogi can you get some juice or some to eat on my desk in library.

fogi: OK Master please wait a bit.

vigneer:now I have no one to disturb me in library. I should go.


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