side character become op
1 strange way to die and reincarnate
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side character become op
Author :Drillber
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1 strange way to die and reincarnate

hello my name takeru Fernando. I know what you think I am Japanese and a American.well my father is american and my mother is Japanese. its also a love story its all start when my father go Japan for business purpose and when he going to enjoy Japan environment and see different cultures. at night time my dad enjoying he see most beautiful women in his life. well he is very straight forward person he go to that women and without showings any type of fear he directly said.

women: 'she see a man coming here'

dad:will you marry me.

women:'she first startled and see mans feature. he is good looking and seems like a very straight forward person. he not seems like a bad person'. OK

then they married and I was born. dad always ask her why she said only one word. she only say girl secret.

my parents live a good life and die happy

I was walking in Japan as today is a holiday so I was enjoying but suddenly a huge hole appears and swallow me and I think my life is end.

in a dark void a person is screaming.

takeru:hello is anyone here,Mr.kidnapper if you want money we can negotiate.

???:hello young soul.

tekaru:'I see a white light in darkness but I can't see his body'.who are you and where am I

???:well soul I am deeply sorry for you. I accidentally create void in your place and it destroy your body but I secure soul and I am dark god.

tekaru: don't worry God I forgive you as you said you accidentally kill me. so what would happen to me now.

god:I thank you young soul for its my fault I give two wishes. decide carefully young soul.

tekaru:'what would I wish,yes I watch anime's I should get powers like anime.' god my first wish is I want rinnegan more powerful than anime without side effects and second wish I want inheritance and power of Byakuya Kuchiki. ohh another thing can reincarnate me in a fantasy world of sword and magic.

god:hmm good anime powers you made a good choice and for the world I reincarnate you in a world called blurein. its a typical sword and magic world of medieval fantasy of

your choice. do you want anything else young soul.

takeru:if its not bother you can I born as a Noble because I want what does it feels to become a rich person.

god:OK is that it then good bye.

tekaru: good bye god and thank you.

then a huge portal appear and swallow tekaru.

god: young soul check your bonus I give you.

and that's the beginning of our side character who take over MC of real story.


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