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Set me free, Alpha

Set me free, Alpha


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Set me free, Alpha






Set me free, Alpha

Rating: 6.0/10 from 101 ratings

"Master, please reject me as your mate" Aurora falls victim to life's unfairness when she suffers for the sin of her father who killed the parents of the Alpha of the red moon pack. Aurora is taken as a slave for the Alpha and the Alpha takes out the pain and anger that he felt over the death of his parents on her. Aurora who has grown with immense hate for Alpha Zane and was tired of his maltreatment tries to opt for a painful way out of her miserable life but she is saved and given a wolfsbane that would change the story of Alpha Zane and the whole pack. What would happen when Alpha Zane finds out that the mate he has been looking for all his life is Aurora, the daughter of his parents murderer and what would happen when a vengeful Aurora posseses the Alpha's weakness? Would love or hate prevail?