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1195 The family reunited
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1195 The family reunited

It took an immense amount of concentration for Logan to prevent the Cursed faction ship from being blasted out of existence while also keeping the small ships from boarding onto their ship. Nevertheless, one of them had managed to slip through his defenses, by suddenly accelerating at a speed he had failed to foresee amidst his multitasking.

Although they had weapons and small ships of their own, Sam had ordered all of them to stay inside. Their group simply was not suited for space combat, so their best chance at survival was for them to stay inside, especially to deal with any invaders like they had to now.

"I need help protecting the vital area of the ship!" Logan used the intercom to make the announcement for everyone to hear. "I can protect us, but without help I don't know for how long."

Logan had to rely on the others to do their part. He had to hope that the inside wasn't too hectic from the one invader ship that had breached them. He was already using his soul weapon, to repair the ship as best as he could, simultaneously taking control of the turrets on the outside, to fire at any other ships that might surprise him.

Soon though Logan could see a huge problem. Using his powers, his soul weapon he needed beast crystals but everyone was busy doing their own thing. On top of that, for some reason, no one was refueling the beast crystals to power the weapons on board.

'Did something happen inside? The battle hasn't been going out for that long, it should be impossible for us to have already run out of crystals! I'll have to switch to just protecting our front to hold them off for a little longer, but someone needs to investigate ASAP.'

Just as Logan thought this, five more ships managed to bypass his defenses going straight to the back of the Cursed ship, spinning, avoiding the lazers. One of them had been hit on the wing but had crashed on top of the Cursed ship itself. The other four were heading towards the thrusters of their ship. They flew close to the outside layer, making it hard for the lasers to reach them.

Feeling safe, the pilot of the front ship didn't even register the large sword until it had already sliced his vehicle in half. The one behind it barely managed to evade the energy blast that had been fired off next.

"WOOHOO! I'll have to thank Longblade and Avion after we survive this! Didn't think I'd get to use this thing so soon, and this one's a lot better than the one I used in the tunnels last time!" Fex exclaimed, as his Mech ran towards the other ships with the sword in his hand.

After Logan's distress call, the vampire had rightfully believed that it would be his time to shine.


In the main hall where the first ship had breached the Cursed faction ship, the fighting had turned intense. Although the first enemy had been defeated, out of the portable portal around twenty more had come out, all in similar condition to the first man.

Believing that he and his trained men should be able to handle them, Nate had ordered for the regular members of the Cursed faction to get out and do their best to get to safety, something the non-combatants had gladly complied with. Nate was one of the more trustworthy leaders of the faction on the ship, whose strength was universally recognised since he had taught so many of them.

'We outnumber them nearly three-to-one and it looks like they hardly have any energy to run! This should be doable!' Nate thought as he stepped forward and blasted a Qi powered fist into one of the invaders at the front.

Alas, the next moment he was seen sliding across the floor, albeit hardly hurt. If anything he was confused how his attack could have so little effect.

'What's going on? The combination of my vampire strength and Qi powers are barely enough to move him?!'

Looking at the man in front of him more closely he could see that his stomach had been hardened. It looked nearly identical to the skill that Nate had learned in the past.

'That ability of hardening, it looks like it's stronger than when I used it, but I don't even recognise this person. How could an unknown be this strong?'

Although the Cursed faction did indeed have more people on their side, it didn't take long for them to come to the realisation that looks could be deceiving. Despite their shabby outer appearance the invaders all proved why they had once been considered to be the strongest ability users in the world and why the Blades had bothered to kidnap them.

The hardened one, now aware that he could take Nate's hit without a problem, charged forward once again. When he saw a black sword come swinging at him, he just grinned. Concentrating his hardening ability towards his stomach he felt himself safe, at least until the blade connected and sliced through his body as if it was butter.

A grunt was heard and a large female with horns sticking out from her hair could be seen.

"Layla, what the…. How?! No, when did you get so strong?!" Nate questioned seeing her in her second form, still baffled with how much ease the girl had taken care of the enemy. He had closely paid attention to her during her training before the fight with Helen and he was sure he wasn't that powerfult at the time. What exactly had happened in the relatively short time he hadn't seen her?

"Thanks for the praise, but it's actually just this sword that's a bit special. I'll tell you more once we've dealt with them."

A small group of Chained were protecting the teleporter, making it impossible for the Cursed faction members to get close. Seeing this, Layla was planning to get rid of them as quickly as possible, but the teleporter activated once again.

"No, is that, it can't be!" Bonny exclaimed with her eyes lighting up large. The two of them had managed to hide in one of the hallways behind a broken door. It was stuck partially out, so they could continue to film while remaining relatively safe.

Still, the identity of the person came as such a shock that Void nearly dropped his camera.

The large bellied man slammed his two fist together, and flames started to run up and down his arms. "I will be free!" The man proclaimed and those near him repeated it, as if a chant.

Just like all the others he wasn't any ordinary person, yet the man was special even among the other Chained. After all, he used to be one of the Big Four, Burnie Sunshield. He had gone missing, everyone had long since presumed him dead.

"Layla! It looks like me and you are going to have to take that balloon down!" Nate shouted, slamming his fist together and activating the hardening skill over his hands. Qi wasn't the only thing he had trained while the others had been away.


Elsewhere on the ship, one of the Chained who had walked through the portal had done so while using her invisibility ability. Just as instructed, once she found what she perceived as a safe place away from the eyes of others, she placed down another portable teleporter.

The place she chose, ended up being one of the canteens that were currently empty. More specifically, she had placed it in the kitchen area. Upon its activation four people stepped out of it. A mostly blonde haired man with some grey by the sides of his head in a full set of beast armour, a blonde haired woman, and a pair of blonde twins.


Vorden, Sil, Raten, Shiro, Peter and Borden were currently in the room with the Blade kids. None of them intended to go out, the kids being their clear top priority. Unfortunately there was no good place for them to hide on the ship, so the only thing they could do was attempt to border up and stay in one of the classrooms.

"Did you guys manage to copy abilities off each other yet?" Vorden asked as the children continued to touch each other's hands sharing their ability. Some of them had brave faces on, while others worried.

As for Sil, right now Shiro was still busy trying to boost his friend's confidence. His body was no longer visibly shaking, yet this was mainly for the sake of his siblings. He understood that if he continued to act like he had before, then it would make them worry even more and Sil couldn't do that to them.

"Guys, do you remember how you all felt in that damn temple? Because I remember that suffocating feeling every single day! If we don't fight now, they will force us to return to that miserable life. I don't know about you, but I want none of that crap!" Raten shouted, getting his blades ready and not a moment too soon.

The doors to the room were aggressively flung open, removing them from their hinges and swinging outward, but little Borden was able to jump up and grab them making sure they didn't harm the students.

"Brother Sil, you left us a nice surprise last time. I hope you can come back to us without putting up much of a struggle. We don't want to hurt you, after all." Vicky said with a sadistic smile on her face, while her twin brother Pai just harrumphed.

"How dare you bully our little brother?" Vorden asked aggressively. "Tell her, what do we do with those that try to hurt Sil?"

"We pull their limbs apart!" Raten shouted.

The twins were taken aback by this, nobody had told them anything about the Cursed faction having humanoid beasts. Not only that, since when could those talk and since one was Sil related to them?

"Peter, Borden, take the kids someplace else, otherwise they might get hurt. We will deal with those two." Vorden ordered. "Sil, save your strength until you see him. Trust the others, they are strong enough to help you!"

Peter and Borden clenched their fists and threw out a punch at the classroom wall, breaking through it. Looking back, Sil was wondering if the two of them would be okay, but he had other problems to worry about.


Back in the canteen the portal flickered once more, and a large man in diamond armour stepped out.


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