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1140 Do you want to live?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1140 Do you want to live?

Ever since the Earthborn group had learned of the V, safety measures had been put in place. Guards stationed on the outside and an alarm system set throughout the private medical rooms, which was why as soon as the alarm sounded, Sach knew straightaway what was going on.

At the time Samantha had been so worried about her father that she had requested that only a certain few people would be allowed in. After the group had left, only the patrolling guards were allowed on the inside. As a second precaution the alarms had been reactivated.

When they barged into the room, everyone had expected to see some of the crew members who turned out to be one of the V, but they were now shocked to see two of their own, Shiro and Sil. Making the scene even more bizarre was that Sil was the one inside the tank full of water, pressing his hand against Oscar.

"What are they trying to do? Is someone controlling them?" Sach asked as he was ready to rush forward and pull Sil out of there. Before the group could move though, a certain boy stood in their way with his hands spread out.

"Stop, Shiro is doing something incredibly important right now. We can trust him!" 'Shiro' explained.

Some of them were left puzzled over 'Shiro's' words. Did he hit his head and mistake the person who was with Oscar? But how could he mistake it for himself? At the same time, Sil realised that he couldn't do much if he did want to stop them.

Shiro's body was weak and the only ability he possessed wasn't suited for combat. However, lucky for him there was one brainiac among their group who was quick to put the clues together.

"Did the two of you swap bodies?" Logan asked. Judging by the situation the two of them were attempting to bring forth Oscar's mind. Either Sil had copied Shiro's ability, but in then the mix up of names didn't make sense, so it could only be that Shiro was currently inside Sil's body and was making use of it.

"What! Are you planning to try again?" Fex asked, and all Sil did was nod.


After activating the ability Shiro could see himself in the black room alone. There was no one around and he was able to walk more freely without much trouble. Before he could feel some part of his energy slipping away the longer he was in the space for.

If he was concentrating too hard, it would be unnoticable which was why he would often push himself past his natural limits causing him to faint on the outside.

'Is this because of Sil's ability? It feels like I'm not being affected using my powers at all, I could stay in here forever.' Shrio thought.

Without the burden of a time constraint he could focus more freely on trying to find out just what had happened to Oscar. He tried to search for the black space. He looked everywhere, even moving his body to different areas but he saw nothing.

Unlike with Sil, where he could see two floating balls of energies that contained their own spaces inside, it truly felt like Oscar's mind had just gone. But if that was the case, then why could he appear here at all?

'Is there really nothing we can do?' Shiro worried. 'Even after going behind Quinn's back, and using Sil's powers?'

Trying to think hard, Shiro eventually needed to try something, and for some reason although he didn't think it could help, he started to activate his Qi energy. Something that every human had, and something he had been practising.

Even though it wasn't his body, Shiro knew the process, allowing him to access a bit of Qi energy inside of Sil's body.

It was strange because technically his body wasn't in the blackspace only his mind, so he wasn't sure if it would work, or how useful it was. When activating it outside though, a connection was made as his hand was touching Oscar's real body on the outside.

For a split second, something appeared in the black space for the first time, or more correctly he felt the presence of something, albeit very vaguely.

'It's over there!' Shiro instantly moved to where the anomaly had occurred. It felt like a sense of hot and cold, as he moved further away the energy was weaker, moving to the right area the energy was stronger but still nothing could be seen.

Until he had reached a point where the energy felt strongest in the black space.

'But there's nothing here?' Shiro couldn't see anything, but he was certain the energy was here.

'No, I need to think of this another way. If this would be all it takes, then I could have done it with my own body, I need to use the ability better.' Shiro started to think back to what the notes had listed. The connections inside that he needed to make to travel deeper into the consciousness,

He focused on activating his MC cells even more, going deeper into the person's mind. On the outside his hands were glowing so bright, that the light was blinding the view of the others from the outside.

Then there was finally a change of scenery for Shiro. He was no longer in a black space but was in a white space. In front of him was Oscar in all his glory. He had no injuries and was in his usual military uniform.

"I don't quite understand what is going on." Oscar said. "But at the same time I feel I do."

"Oscar!" Shiro shouted, ready to hug the Supreme Commander. All of his efforts weren't in vain, he really was somewhere inside the mind of his but it was deep. Too deep to control his body.

"I work for Quinn, he sent me here to come get you, we are trying to save you!" Shiro said everything at once, afraid that any moment the other could disappear again. Oscar lifted his hand to stop him there and started to shake his head.

"I assume if you are here you have an idea of what happened to me. You seem to have some type of ability that accesses one's mind, but even if you do bring me back, what of my body. It is beyond healing." Oscar sighed as he looked down on himself. Right now his appearance was pristine, but he remembered that had happened to him on the outside.

"Quinn!" Shiro replied quite confidently. "He managed to save Sach even though he was in a bad state! The doctors couldn't help him but Quinn did, I just know that as long as we can bring back your consciousness, Quinn will be able to get you back!"

There was a slight pause from Oscar before answering and then a small smile as if he had made up his mind.

"I assume, his way of saving me isn't by usual norms. If others couldn't and he can, does that come at the cost of turning me into the same thing as him?" Oscar questioned. "When the others around him claimed they had been turned, not out of choice, I assume Quinn had been put in similar situations?"

"I'm honored that you must have put in all your effort to try and save me… but I do not wish to be saved. Not like this."

For someone who was as young as Shiro, nearly seventeen years of age, he couldn't understand. Why would someone refuse getting saved when there was the possibility. Oscar could tell this form the look on his face as well.

"I have grown tired of all this fighting. I have given it my all, throughout my life and now… I just think now it's my time to go. I hope you respect my decision."

"What about Samantha? Do you have any idea how heartbroken she is? Don't you want to at least see her for a final time, say some words or see her off?" Shiro asked, hoping to convince him.

"I can't deny that seeing my daughter again does have a certain appeal. However, because she is my daughter I know that she is far stronger than she looks. I know she will come out better from this. I understand that you are trying to convince me, but I have already made up my mind."

"However, there is one request that I have now that you have presented me with the opportunity. It has been a long time coming, but if possible, I wish for a final talk with Quinn. That boy has a lot of questions on his mind, and he deserves to have them answered, especially as he is this world's future. I need to pass the mantle." Oscar requested.

Shiro was trying to think of other things to say to convince Oscar, but if his daughter wasn't enough to get him to reconsider, he didn't know what was.

'How can I face the others again? This time I was actually this close, but I have failed again.' Shiro thought. Still, there was one more chance, as Oscar had requested to talk to Quinn and he was hoping at least Quinn could talk some sense into him.

'It's all up to you Quinn.'


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