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1137 The Supreme commander“s fall
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1137 The Supreme commander“s fall

From Sam's explanation and the words that everyone else had said, Quinn and the others had believed to have a rough idea of Oscar's current state. However, confronted with the reality of seeing Oscar float about in a strange green coloured liquid, it was beyond all of their imaginations.

The Supreme Commander had no limbs, a strange mask covering most of his face that was meant to help him breathe. Only the left side of his chest was intact, his neck still connected to his head, which had to have been the only reason he was somehow still alive in that condition. Quinn wasn't even sure that with what was left turning him was an option, much less if it could help him recover.

Upon entering the room they noticed someone else as well. A girl with long hair, who was sitting on a chair with a table in front of her, her head knelt down on the table facing away from them.

"Samantha hasn't left this room ever since she got here. She's convinced that her father will just wake up at some point and she's determined to be there when it happens." Nathan explained as he sighed. Samantha didn't seem to have noticed their presence. From the looks of it, she was either asleep or too lost in her own thoughts.

"He's still alive, right?" Layla questioned, since it was hard to believe anyone could survive that much damage.

"We… actually aren't one hundred percent sure on that. We've put him through various tests, but there seemed to be no more activity in his brain. Honestly we aren't even sure what happened that day. Sach seemed to have seen everything, but still hasn't spoken about it much. Our best guess is that One Horn has allowed him to live. Perhaps he got bored playing around with him, or this is some sort of sadistic ploy to let us watch Oscar die, we don't know."

'Live' seemed to be a strange term given Oscar's situation. They had already thought Sach had it rough but if there was no activity in one's brain, it also meant the only thing that was keeping him alive was the machine.

Suddenly a thought went through Quinn's mind. The Dalki not finishing him was possible, but there was no way they would allow the humans to keep his weapon.

"His Demon tier weapon?" Quinn asked, he knew it was insensitive to the situation, but it was something important for all their survival.

"Lost. It's either the hands of the Dalki or the V now." Nathan looked down as he explained the situation.

One of humanity's strongest weapons, was now in the hand of their enemy. Before the news wouldn't have been so bad, as it was well known that the Dalki were unable to activate beast gear. They could still wear the items or use them as weapons, but they were unable to bring out the full power. However, things changed with the V joining their side as they did not have such a weakness.

Eventually, the group started to walk forward, even Bonny and Void put the camera down. It felt insensitive to film Oscar in the state he was in. They didn't want to shatter his image as the Supreme Commander and as the one person who had done the most for everyone in the battle with the Dalki.

Stepping forward were Quinn and Fex, while the rest followed behind, but at a distance. It would be quite intimidating for a single person to be faced with so many new faces all of a sudden.

Shiro started to speed up, as he walked behind Quinn. From what he had heard so far, there was a good chance that maybe he was the only one that could help Oscar in his situation.

As the footsteps got closer, Samantha finally turned her head. She had dark heavy bags under her eye, they were puffy and swollen, and the white in her eyes was all red.

"Fex?" Samantha uttered the name of the first person she already knew. She spoke in a tired voice as if the girl had just woken up. "I'm sorry for telling everyone, about your secret, I didn't keep your-"

"It's okay…the whole world was going to find out sooner or later anyway." Fex shook his head as he gave her a light smile. The news had already gone out and Samantha obviously had far bigger problems to deal with. He went a bit closer to see how she was dealing with things.

"When's the last time you've eaten anything?" The vampire asked as he noticed how frail she looked compared to the last time he had seen her. Hearing this she soon realised that it wasn't a dream she was in, and looking next to Fex she could see Quinn, the leader of the Cursed faction.

'Food, energy, wait, are they really here!' She thought, as she picked herself up from her seat, but her vision was going dark from standing up too fast and having stayed in one position for too long. As the closest one to her, Fex gave her a helping hand.

"Help him, please!" Samantha 'shouted', but even her voice lacked any indication of strength. She sounded sore from the endless amount of crying and screaming. No one should have to see their father like this, and she also blamed herself for being there, but unable to do anything when everything had happened.

"You can do it, right? Quinn, you can do anything. Please help him!" She pleaded again, moving to Quinn and she practically threw her body weight on him, she was so weak but it did nothing.

He looked at her. He had never seen someone in so much pain before. A bond between family, one from a daughter and her father was something he never had.

The problem was, Quinn didn't wish to give her any false hope. Honestly, he didn't know if there even was anything he could do. Before coming here, he had agreed that if Oscar didn't want to be turned then they shouldn't do so against his will while he was unable to make a decision.

"I'll try!" Shiro said, clenching his fist and he looked motivated. "Quinn, please let me give it a shot."

For a brief second there was hope in Samantha's eyes, but what could this little boy do that all the learned doctors and those with healing abilities couldn't?

Quinn nodded as this was the best method. A way to get to Oscar without having to turn him. A small part of Samantha had already given up on ever seeing her father saved, but the bigger part of her clung to hope. She was willing to try anything.

For Shiro to use his ability, he needed to touch the head, which meant he also needed to get into the glass tube container. Nathan ordered some men who were stationed outside to help out, as they brought in breathing equipment that looked similar to a diving suit, but there was no gas tank of sorts, since everything was done through the large helmet he had on his head.

Then from above, he was elevated by a platform, like an evealtor. All Shiro did was take a step forward, as he splashed into the liquid and now was face to face with what was left of Oscar.

"I don't know if I could do that, being chucked in like this." Layla mumbled as she realised how brave Shiro was. He hadn't been in the battle long and had only recently learnt the ability. Then, he was thrown into the deep end, with one tough request after the other and Shiro was the one who had actually volunteered this time.

Pressing his hand against Oscar's head, Shrio closed his eyes and concentrated. His hands started to glow as they did before, and a few seconds went past. Which soon turned into minutes, and then finally….

"Get Shiro out of there Quinn!" Logan shouted. "He's going to kill himself if he uses his MC points for too long and runs out of energy like last time!"

Quinn quickly went to grab Shiro out from the container, jumping and hanging onto the edge, before reaching his hand and pulling on him. Just as Logan had suspected. Shiro had already passed out from overusing his ability.

The rest of them waited for a while for Shiro to wake up, as they took him out of the strange wetsuit. During the time, they kept monitoring Oscar, but no change was showing up on the equipment at all.

Eventually Shiro started to come to, and he could see all the others had gathered around him. He looked towards Oscar in the container, and his face started to be filled with tears.

"I'm sorry… I tried… I tried to find him, but I couldn't." Shiro cried. He could see how much pain Samantha was in and he wanted to do his best to help her father. He had been quite confident he could do something, but after saying all that, he had done nothing but waste everyone's time and give them false hope.

"You tried your best, don't cry, I know…my father would be happy to see this many people try their best to save him." Samantha said in an attempt to comfort Shiro, but she was now sobbing too by his side.

'Is it really the right thing to do?' Quinn thought. 'To just sit here, and do nothing? Wait until his mind comes back. What if it never comes back. What if he's like this until the end, unless I try to do something?'

'Oscar, would you be happy seeing your daughter in this state? Sach, told me to do what I can to help you. It's okay, right? You can hate me later if you want, but I can see that the world still needs you!'

Quinn climbed into the tank, and this time he was in the liquid, but he wasn't wearing any special type of suit like Shiro, nor did he need the mask as he simply held his breath shut. It didn't even feel like much of a problem to him and it was possible he could have stayed in the water for hours.

Quinn then released his blood intending to start the blood ritual. When a sudden message appeared.


[Blood ritual is unable to activate]


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