My Vampire System
1106 A detour
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1106 A detour

A banging headache was the first thing she felt, and then pain rushed through her body until it eventually disappeared. However, the thing that caused Erin to finally open her eyes was the smell of something burning, as the scent wafted into her nose.

All she could see was a brown ceiling wall with the light shining in from one direction. No, the ceiling was bumpy and the ground was hard. She tried to get up, but as soon as she moved she heard the sound of chains rattling by her side and she felt the heavy weight on both of her arms. 

'The chain is on both of my arms now?' Erin wondered, as she looked to her left and right and could see that they had reached the top of her shoulders. Before she could only remember them being on one arm, and she wasn't even sure how there were enough of the chains to wrap around both of them. 

Looking ahead, she was happy to see the person who would be able to answer everything. Leo was sitting by a fire he had made, and was in the middle of roasting a few fish over it. That's when she noticed the two of them appeared to be in a cave of all things with a nice lake seen in the distance.

"Looks like you're finally awake. I thought you might be hungry as you've been asleep for a few days now." Leo informed her. "No need to hold back, as you know I don't really eat this type of thing. Oh and if you're wondering about the chains, I had always carried around a spare with me just in case it got up to this point."

Hearing Leo's words, she was still confused about how they had gotten here or where exactly 'here' was. Her head was still hurting, but slowly images started to flash into her head. 

She saw the four spiked Dalki, and herself getting hit. That was pretty much the last thing she could barely remember. At the time she hadn't been in control anymore, but she had somehow retained the memories. Looking at them felt like she was seeing a doppelgänger act, but she knew that this had to have been her. 

"I…I tried to hurt you." Erin said, her voice croaking a little. These words were painful for her to say. Leo had always tried to help her, yet she had only gotten in his way and she could only blame her own weakness. 

"No one has died, and as you can say I'm. There's no need for you to shed a tear for me. You might have tried to hurt me, but ultimately you failed. Perhaps it means I didn't train you hard enough." Leo chided her playfully.

Erin's body was fine, she didn't experience any difficulties moving it. In fact, after a while she realised that she could move it now even better than before. That wasn't all, she also noticed plenty of other things. The power in her body had increased, but at the same time they were being drained. 

'Did I hit a breakthrough, when I took off those chains? Or was it after I got hit by the Dalki?' Erin started to wonder. The conclusion she eventually reached was that her body hadn't simply improved but that she herself was slightly different. She had spent enough time with the vampires she had trained before to understand that she had undergone an evolution.

In the past she would have been happy about something like this, after all this was the fastest way to grow stronger, and she was sure that this evolution would allow her to do some things she might have been unable to before, but a fear had taken over her, as she thought about this, the words of another. 

'That girl, she said that I would become 'chaos'.' Erin repeated in her head. 'If I keep getting stronger without learning how to control this power then the thing happened to Leo... what if I attack the others as well? What if it hadn't been Leo but Nate, Sam or even Layla with me?.'

These disastrous thoughts of hers were filling up in her head, spoiling her appetite to the point that she was unable to even eat the fish that had been cooked for her. Of course this didn't go unnoticed by Leo at all.

"Erin, without your intervention we would probably be dead by now. You saved me, that stranger and countless others. You were fast, skilled and calm during the first half of the fight."

"At the time, your body must have been urging you to go after me, but instead you focused on the Dalki and did great. I believe you will be able to control the powers inside of you. Back then you were just unlucky enough to become unconscious from your injury, allowing your instincts to take over." Leo explained. "The person who attacked me wasn't the real Erin."

She appreciated what Leo was trying to do, but for some reason it just made her feel even more guilty. "What if it gets worse? We know that if a vampire consumes too much blood they can become one of those monstrous Bloodsuckers. Maybe I'm the same. What happens when it isn't enough?!" Erin questioned Leo as she stood up. Surprisingly, she felt the chains falling off her as well.

"What are you doing?!" Erin couldn't believe that Leo would release them like this.

"Can you feel it? The only way to fight your fear is to face it head on! You can't allow it to take over you. Do you think I'm frightened of you?! You are far too young to be worrying about me!" Leo shouted back and soon Erin swung her blade towards him and a large splash of yellow energy came out. 

Jumping out of the cave they were in, Leo struck the slash with his own power, deflecting it into the air, and making it so it hit nothing. 

Erin was huffing and panting, and she slowly walked out. With his ability, he could see the struggle she was facing, this strange energy that wanted to constantly lash out at him, while the girl on the inside was trying to suppress it. 

'It's strange…  this isn't a lust for blood like other vampires have, and when I attempted to give her vampire blood it did nothing for her. Is it a lust to kill?' Leo worried about that possibility. 'The best course of action seems to be to allow her to slowly adjust herself to this feeling, so she learns how to control the urge.'

'The way she currently is, it's too dangerous to bring her back on the Cursed ship. How can I help her control it without allowing her to kill enough vampires until she's satisfied?' Leo thought. 

He kept his distance from her as he waited and then when the energy seemed to get too much, and her consciousness seemed to be slipping, he immediately dashed in, and ran straight past her, picking up the chains, and wrapping it around both of her arms again. 

Soon, the power within her was dwindling down again, and Leo was left with an exhausted Erin. "You did well, have a rest and I will decide what to do."

Back in the cave, Leo finally came to a tough decision of what they needed to do, but he still wasn;' sure if it was the right thing or not. 

'There are plenty of bad people in the world, and there are also bad vampires that have attempted to kill us. Perhaps, the only thing we can do is head back to that place…where you will be surrounded by them. Quinn, I wish I could help you, but I fear if I don't do something about Erin now, that she will be a far bigger problem in the future.' Leo pondered over whether or not he should inform Quinn about his choice.

He played with a Demi-god tier crystal that was in his hand, gifted to him by a certain someone. it looked like it had been slipped in and given to him at some point.

'My preparations for meeting you master will have to be put on hold, first, some preparations are in order.'


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