My Vampire System
1102 Two active skills in one
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1102 Two active skills in one

The Gauntlets were a strange item that would come as a set. Which meant to get the full effect of the stats from them, one would have to wear both at the same time. Otherwise the stats would be halved.

Usually, several crystals would be used to make a set of gauntlets, which all had the same attribute. The good news was, according to Alex the Demi-god tier crystals were enough to make the gauntlets, having obtained two of them. At the same time they were similar and different which was why the colours were different as well.

So it was a rare thing what Quinn was holding onto right now, two gauntlets that worked together, yet somehow they had two complexly different active skills.

[You have obtained, the Demi-god tier gauntlet (Drainimo Gauntlet)]

[Active skill: Energy sap]

[When this skill is activated, as long as the gauntlet touches an entity containing energy, that energy will be drained and added to the wearer. Alternatively this energy can be used to re-energize the wearer's stamina.]

'An energy drain and it can restore stamina?' Quinn thought as he read the effects. He remembered what Sil had told him about the Moth beast they had defeated, how it had caused everybody who touched its fur to fall asleep. Seeing the active ability that must have stemmed from it, it appeared the Moth had actually been draining their energy.

'If I can stay close to my opponents, doesn't this mean I can keep on fighting, while weakening them at the same time? With these two active skills, I will be able to improve myself drastically! Although I would have to hold on to them, so it's not as effective as the beast itself.'

His stamina seemed to be closely related to using his Qi powers, which had often been a problem when he had ended up using it. He would have to test it out, but if Quinn's hypothesis was correct, the gauntlets might allow him to also restore the Qi during a fight.

However, there seemed to be one clear downside the Demi-god tier gauntlets had compared to the Advanced ones. The latter's active skill allowed Quinn to infuse his Qi to make the active skill even stronger, whereas it didn't seem like adding Qi to them changed anything.

The chance that the poison would be triggered might increase, but it was seemingly impossible to actually test it since he didn't even know the actual percentage chance. Adding Qi to the active skill when it was supposed to be a way for him to recharge it, also seemed counter productive.

However, overall he couldn't complain about them. On top of everything, the stats they granted him were nothing to scoff at.

[+50 Strength]

[+5 Agility]

[+5 Stamina]

He was surprised about the power boost, seeing as neither ability had anything to do with Strength. Quinn already had 70 points in Strength, and with the gauntlets alone that would bring it up to 120.

'If all Demi-god tier equipment gives their user this much of a boost in stats, then it's no surprise how Hilston, who is already plenty strong, can be a match for nearly anyone.' Quinn was starting to understand why Hilston was called the world's strongest human, although there had still been one person who had managed to defeat him… and Quinn now needed to be even stronger than that.

"It looks like you are happy with the job the two of us did. These might be the most powerful gauntlets in existence." Alex boasted. "After all, there aren't too many people that choose to fight with their fists or have it as their weapon but you are certainly unique. It's a bit of a shame that it doesn't match your armour set though. If you want, I could certainly dye them, make both gauntlets have the same colour as well."

Quinn looked at them, one had a dark purple colour, while the other side was a soft blue almost white. In a way the gauntlets were the same yet so different at the same time, and working together reminded him of himself.

"There's no need, I happen to like how they are. What about the other stuff?" Quinn asked, seeing there wasn't anything left on the table.

"Unfortunately, the other Demon tier crystal will take some more time due to the uniqueness of it. However, I can promise you that you can look forward to the weapons I will make. You're free to wait, but I thought you had plans."

It was true, he was sure that if Quinn didn't hurry that maybe Eno would rally up the crew somehow and head out without him.

"You're right, carry on working on the mask upgrade and the Demon tier weapon. Send me a message as soon as they're ready. Make sure to keep your Shadow skill active! That way I can hop to you to collect the equipment once it's ready." Quinn suggested.

"Wait, so you want me to stay here and carry on forging, I don't mind but.."

"I think it will be for the best." Andrew interpreted. "I have been informed that there will soon be news that will be passed on to everyone, and it might shake the world a little. So these people need some order."

Hearing this, Quinn wondered if Andrew already knew about the announcement that Oscar would soon release, about the Vs that were amongst all of the factions. As someone who had been tasked with creating the Demon tier he had to be a VVIP.

"Just for now." Quinn replied. "I know it might not be safe, but I have a feeling that the Cursed ship might be moving more often soon as well. I'll be asking for Wevil and Linda to stay behind, just in case anything happens here. Make sure the people can relax for a while, I think they deserve it after what they have been through."

Since there was nothing else for Quinn to do aside from waiting,he rounded up the rest in preparation for leaving. Ko the leader of the orbus faction could see this, and just before Quinn left the faction he had called out to him.

"Quinn, wait." Ko said. "I still haven't been able to thank you. When you came here I was just stressed about everything that was going on. My family had gone missing and more people were disappearing. I thought I would never see them again.

"If you want, you can hit me. Hit me for everything I said." Ko then closed his eyes bracing himself ready to get hit.

"If I did hit you, you might go flying out of this whole Shelter." Quinn joked but was very serious at the same time. "Ko, if anything your frustration was due to you not being able to help the people around you and those that had gone missing, That wasn't a bad thing in the end. It's better than the people who choose to ignore it. Like those who were at the top. I hope you continue to stay this way."

Quinn headed off, as he went to return to the ship, but Ko couldn't help but get a few last words in.

"Quinn I will make sure everyone knows what type of person you and the Cursed faction really are. I won't let anyone say a bad word about you!"


As the others traveled through space, on the Cursed ship itself in one of the training rooms. There was drastic huffing and panting coming from a small person. He could barely stand and held himself up with his Dalki hand facing the ground.

"Come on!" Brock shouted. "This is the last day the two of us will be training together. Do you really think if you were to run into the Blade twins again that you could beat them? Heck, even slowing them down will be a miracle unless you get stronger!"

After a few minutes and having banged to catch his breath, Logan raised his head and his eyes were glowing green. Around him, there were several pieces of scrap devices and his body was cut all over in different places.

"You have a unique soul weapon, one which is undoubtedly strong! However, you need to learn how to use it better! For most their soul weapon is their last resort in a fight, but for you this will be your constant weapon! Now come, attack me again!" Rock demanded.

Pushing himself off the ground with his large Dalki hand, Logan flew a few meters into the air, and let out a scream. His eyes grew even more fierce.

"I won't drag the others down!!!"


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