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1095 Call them V
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1095 Call them V

Without the large number of escorts Quinn and the others were now following after Oscar to the main command centre. The place felt quite familiar to Sam and Quinn. As they looked around they were unable to find any differences to the Bertha ship that they had themselves. After all, the ship had originally belonged to the military, yet Oscar had never asked for it to be returned.

There was one thing that was a little worrying while the group was walking and that was just how dead silent everyone was. It couldn't be helped, before they had just suspected Quinn to be different, but now he had admitted to it himself, and the possibility that the two next to him could be vampires as well, didn't make things any better.

'The man next to Quinn looks very similar to Richard Eno.' Oscar thought. 'He did state that the two of them were related, so could Eno also be one of these…vampires? What can they do? How troublesome will they be, and how accurate is our knowledge of them based on pure fantasy books?'

'So that's what the boy has been hiding this whole time.' Owen thought. 'His growth has been remarkable, however it doesn't seem that he got where he is without his own hard effort. Apparently those that attacked the Graylash family with the red eyes were also these vampires, but they didn't seem to hold a candle to Quinn. A whole new world, interesting.'

'I knew it!' Innu thought. 'They are deadly animals! They must have sold or experimented on their own people. No wonder that kid who barely passes for a young adult has been able to accomplish so much! This must also be how he made me obey him! If all of them have that type of ability to control others, this is a huge threat that we must get rid of as soon as possible!'

'No matter what or who he is, if he can achieve my goal of reaching Rank one in power fighters, spreading the martial arts of Mauy Boran then I know I have selected the right person, but if people were to find out that he wasn't…human what would they think.' Sach thought.

Everyone had their own opinions, and they were thinking heavily about what to do with this newfound knowledge. However, all they could do was speculate for none of them had an inkling of the whole truth.

"Quinn, before we go and visit the captured… vampire, there was something else I wanted to talk to you about." Oscar spoke, breaking the deafening silence. "I never got the chance to thank you for what happened in the city of Zoo."

Quinn had absolutely no idea what Oscar was talking about, however it did hit a spark with Sam. It was just that he had been so busy that he hadn't had an opportunity to mention it to Quinn. It was crazy how many things had happened in such a short amount of time, that the fact a four spiked Dalki attacking earth would just be brushed off.

"I can't believe Leo has grown so powerful, that he is now able to defeat a four spiked Dalki on his own." Oscar explained after noticing Quinn's confusion on the matter.

"A four spiked Dalki!?" Quinn blurted out, unable to hold in his surprise. It was now clear for all that this was the first time he heard about the matter.

"Well we assume that he wasn't alone." Oscar continued. "However, the only person that was reportedly seen in the area at the time was the Blind Swordsman, and last we knew about him, he was under the Cursed faction. I'm amazed at his growth…" And then Oscar started to trail off there as he was starting to realise something.

Quinn, the Cursed faction's power had all grown out of nowhere, and seemingly it was the same for Leo, could it all be related to the matter they were about to discuss.

"He is indeed amazing." Quinn agreed. "You will have to thank Leo himself. He has his own matters to attend to, so him being there wasn't under my command, so it feels wrong to claim his credit."

Quinn was still trying to process what he had just learned. He himself had never fought against a four spiked Dalki, so he was trying to imagine its power. Even though Leo most likely had the power of a Vampire leader, he still didn't think it would be enough to kill one on his own.

'Erin was with him as well… Did something happen to her? And there is also the third stage of Qi he has learned recently. If he really did manage to kill it on his own, it might be worth taking a break and learning the third stage as soon as possible.'

It was unfortunate, but Quinn and Leo's schedules just didn't seem to add up. The two of them would always miss each other, but neither one wanted to interrupt what the other was doing. Besides, it wasn't like what Quinn was doing at the moment wasn't helping him to get stronger in his own way.

He had trained his new Shadow skills, acquired new blood abilities and control with Eno, and had obtained crystals to create top level gear.

Finally, all of them had arrived in the command centre, and when Oscar entered he had told everyone already in there to clear out of the room, as he knew it was a sensitive matter that would affect each person differently. Even amongst his own head generals it turned out that everyone had a different opinion of the matter.

Quinn's group sat together, while Owen and Hermes sat down on another side, and finally all of those in the Earthborn group. Sat at a large round table where they were unable to reach each other.

"Quinn, you said you had a few things to tell us, but as an apology allow us to tell you first what we have found out and feel free to correct us." Oscar offered. "There is a group of people that are currently working with the Dalki. They share a few similar traits, one being their glowing red eyes, the other the power to control the red aura."

"This hasn't been confirmed with all of them, but they seem to react in some way to blood according to eyewitnesses. These people with red eyes are able to learn abilities similar to ours, their eyes can change colour at will so it's hard to spot who is a..ermm shall we call them the 'Vs'?" Oscar suggested as he still found it quite childish to use the word vampires.

"The Vs have infiltrated high level factions, and because we are unable to tell them apart from our own until the moment of attack it has made things very difficult for us. Now from the video footage we have obtained, as well some from testimonies we have received, many members of the Cursed faction appear to be able to use this same red power, and at least in your case, Quinn, we have seen you possess the same red eyes." Oscar said as he finished off his report.

Quinn first turned to Sam, who nodded his way, a gesture that Quinn was to do the talking. He then looked towards Eno, who just seemed calm as ever unfazed by everything going on. It didn't look like he cared what Quinn would say, as long as they could defeat the Dalki somehow.

"You're correct, it's as you guess all of us here are what you guys can call the 'Vs'." Quinn answered, but they already knew this much. "However we are not exactly the same, and we don't belong to the same group. For one, not even everyone in the Cursed faction knows what I am."

"What happened to me… wasn't out of choice, I personally consider it to be more of a curse…saw it as a curse. Firstly I will explain to you what the Vs are, and then I will let you know our story." Quinn proceeded.

"The Vs are like those that you have read in your books, yes they do feed on blood, and they are affected by sunlight, but over the years they have managed to find a way to overcome this weakness of theirs."

"Only when they activate their powers do their eyes start to glow red, which is what you have all seen so far. Some can control this better than others. As for the blood lust, as you saw with your little test we are different."

"We can control ourselves and don't need to feed on blood but they might not be the same. We wanted to tell you all because of how dangerous this has become. V's are faster, stronger, have their own set of powers and can still learn abilities, giving them huge advantages over regular humans, but perhaps the most worrying thing of them all is their vampire abilities."

"They are able to turn other humans into the same thing as them, and each person who falls under their control will follow their commands, even if they wouldn't do so under normal circumstances. Friends that you might have known for decades might stab you in the back. As long as their master orders it, they will obey the command."

Everyone was listening carefully to Quinn's words, yet it still sounded like a fantasy. At the moment it sounded like the vampires were by far a superior race especially if they were able to overcome the supposed weakness their race was known for.

"I have a question." Owen asked. "I assume that the one that attempted to attack me while I was weak in my bed, is a V as well? But you have managed to stop him. If we are unable to tell a V from appearance, how were you able to tell?"

Quinn then raised his hand, and Innu jolted back in his seat for a second, but all Quinn did was tap his nose a few times.

"Their smell. The V's have better senses, smell, sight, vision, reflexes, everything. A human will be unable to tell the difference, but the V's are able to smell who is one of their own and who isn't. Since I suspected that more of them were hiding, I had used a spray to mask myself. When he approached you, I was able to tell that he was one of them, so I apprehended him."

"Thank you for explaining what the V's are to us, Quinn." Oscar said politely, being careful with his words. "However, there are still a lot of questions we have on our mind. You said you were different from the other V's. So I ask, why are these V's working with the Dalki in the first place? And what about all of you? what happened that made you become like this?"

Quinn had thought long and hard what story to tell, there were some details he wanted to avoid. He didn't want them to be aware of the Vampire World, he didn't want to tell them everything about them and the requirements for blood or that he was a leader of a vampire family.

All of this would overcomplicate things. It would be similar to when a civilisation discovered another, and if what they had learnt from history was true, that never ended well for either side.

"All of what has happened to us, and with the V's is this man's fault." Quinn pointed towards the person sitting to his right. "Richard Eno."


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