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1038 The secrets of a clone
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1038 The secrets of a clone

Chapter 1038 - The secrets of a clone

What everyone assumed to be a clone of Eno, was strapped up into a chair with the special restraints on his arms and legs. Logan was quite confident this could hold a vampire but would constantly look back, wondering when he would wake up. Needles had been injected into him for sedation while Logan was running a few tests.

When looking at what was happening to Eno right now, even if it was a clone, Quinn felt a little bad. He somewhat used to imagine this was what his life would be subjected to if they ever found out about his secret.

You cant feel bad Quinn, remember you would have never done such things if for one, Eno was straight up and honest with you. Vincent said. And two, Eno attempted to attack those in your group first.

It was true, Eno actions in the end had led Quinn to do this, and in a way it wasnt like they were torturing him. In fact, Logan wasnt doing much to Eno, other than taking a few samples here and there, what was clear to them was that this Eno was a vampire and was treated like one.

Any wounds that would be made on his body would heal at a fast rate, and his cells had a reaction to human blood. After testing for a few hours, it looked like Logan was finally done, but he wasnt jumping for joy or had much of a reaction.

"I guess you didnt find the answer you were looking for?" Said Quinn.

Logan shook his head.

"I can answer a few of the questions we might have had, but I dont think it was what we were looking for Quinn." Logan answered. "Its quite clear that this Eno is a clone. Based on what you have told me. When looking for MC cells there seems to be none. What Im not sure about is if its because the body cant produce MC cells or if its out of choice.

"When trying to reverse the process or create a cloning process similar to this clone, it seems to fail nearly every time. At least when trying to create a clone with another clone. I tried using the techniques I learnt from the vampire lab, the same way I created Borden and the same way I created my Dalki hand. I used my own blood but the cells just deteriorated too fast.

"I assume this was the original problem in the first place when creating a clone, and thats why they needed to mix beast blood strong enough with human blood to sustain the clone. So Im afraid I cant create a body for Vorden and Sil. Maybe the way Eno does it now is different."

"What if you were to use my blood?" Quinn asked.

Perhaps they couldnt create another human, but what about using vampire blood.

"I already attempted something like that at the vampire lab, where there were samples of vampire blood. It wont work."

"If you were looking to find out anything else from this clone. Weather information is passed through each other or something else, Im afraid I wont be able to tell just with this equipment."

From their investigation at least they had gotten one answer. That Eno was somehow able to create clones of himself, which meant he probably could do something for Vorden and Raten. Looking at Logan now, he seemed a bit defeated, he didn;t turn his head away from the lab screen while talking to Quinn at all.

As if it was annoying him that he couldnt figure out something that someone else could.

The struggle of geniuses. Vincent sighed. You wouldnt understand Quinn. Would you mind asking Logan if I can take a look at the data?

When Quinn lived Vincents life, there were some things he experienced but he didnt understand the way Vincents mind worked. He was able to see him experience and do things, but it was far too advanced and was just a bunch of numbers and strange letters to Quinn. Which was why he often forgot that Vincent was actually a great mind himself.

"Do you mind if I have a look at what you found out?" Quinn asked. Of course Logan was fine with letting him have a look, but didnt have much hope that Quinn would spot something that he hadnt done.

After reading through everything for a while and letting Vincent look at things, all Quinn kept hearing was a Ah I see or that makes sense. But nothing else, until eventually he explained what he had found out so far.

"It seems like your friend is facing a similar problem that I faced when I was also trying to create a blood substitute. There was a time when I also was trying to clone certain parts of a human but it wouldnt work out, even with my ability it was quite impossible." Vincent explained.

"I think that your friend is missing one key bit of information here. Remember Eno is an original. Vampires may live a long life but they dont live forever, even their cells die, but as for Originals, they can live on.

"Perhaps this is what Jim had thought back then as well. Using an originals cells. Something that wouldnt die would allow a person to create a perfect clone."

While Vincent explained this, Quinn also spoke out loud for Logan to hear as well, and due to the way Quinn was saying these words, Logan knew it wasnt coming from him but from something or someone else. Perhaps his system.

The problem was, they didnt have the real Eno in their possession at the moment to test out that theory.

However, Quinn was thinking about something else. It made sense that the Dalki were a failed experiment, but at the same time somewhat successful, but then how were the vampires able to create a blood substitute then?

This was something even Vincent didnt know the answer to, due to it being after his time.

At that moment, Eno started to wake up, or more so he started to speak.

"Well, did you find everything you wished to find?"

Immediately, Quinn went up to Eno and looked at him. Quite frankly he had enough, he had kept his cool for too long, and didnt want to keep messing around with another trouble.

"Eno enough playing games." Quinn said. "I know you might have been a king in the past. Youre some great original vampire that created the tenth family but right now Im telling you two things. Im the current leader of the tenth family and Im the leader of the Cursed faction and everyone on this ship.

"To me you are none of those, and you have been messing with us for far too long."

"Are you saying this to me because you now know Im the clone?" Eno replied. "Dont you want to go and speak to the real Eno?" Quinn asked.

"Quite frankly, I dont give a crap." Quinn said. "I know you know everything that the original Eno knows, and I just want you to answer some of my questions. You are on my ship and if you want to stay here you need to start following my orders.

"We have been doing well without you so far, and the Cursed faction can continue, you have been more trouble than good, Ill find my own way to bring back Vorden and Raten. You cant keep using that as blackmail."

The room was silent, with only four of them present and with Eno saying nothing. Quinn got up and gave out a sigh.

"Leo, do whatever you want with him." Quinn said. The next second, Leo drew his blade.

"Okay!" Eno shouted, giving out a big sigh after like it was tiring. "Okay, so thats what you want right, just for me to answer your questions. Then fine, lets talk about everything. Whatever you want to ask Ill happily answer. I think I have tried to break your bonds for long enough. I never thought Humans vampires, turned humans who barely knew each other would honestly care for each other that much.

"But Quinn let me tell you this to start with. I decided not to kill Erin because youre right, she is part of your group and you have been doing well so far, but do you even know why Dhampirs are so dangerous?" Eno said.

"From what I know, its just because the vampires are afraid. Afraid that there is a race that is stronger when fighting them, and can stay out in the sun." Quinn replied. "The vampires believe they are the strongest race and would never want something stronger than them to live."

At least, this was partly from Quinns own views from what he had learnt.

Grand laughter started to come from Enos chair.

"Is that what you believe, who told you all of this? Although this is somewhat true, thats not the reason at all. You remember when you asked me about protecting vampires and humans? Well, youre right. I do want to protect them both, and I believe thats possible. However, if a Dhampir exists, that will never be possible. let me tell you the real reason why the vampires are so afraid of the Dhampirs." Eno said.


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