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1035 Another option
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1035 Another option

Chapter 1035 - Another option

If Eno was planning to bring back Vorden and Raten and not by bringing them back into Sils mind, Quinn and the others were starting to think of what Eno was exactly planning to do. Thats when it hit them, that maybe Eno already had something in mind.

After talking to Fex, and learning of what happened to Innu before Quinn had arrived to the others on the desert that day. Quinn realised that just as Eno had said, three people that looked identical to him had appeared in front of each of them.

At first, Quinn thought maybe they were using an ability of some sort, but it seemed to be something beyond that,

Does that mean that Eno is able to create clones, or something similar with his ability? Quinn thought. It certainly wasnt out of the realm of possibility. After all, Borden was created and he was nearly an identical copy of Vorden before he transformed into a Dalki and used up all his power.

Also, the Dalki were created trying to find a replacement for their blood source problem, and sometime later, the vampires eventually managed to create a blood replacement. However, Quinn never found out how that replacement was made exactly. When using his inspect skill though, a lot of the blood was sourced from the same people.

Thinking about his led him to another thought. At one point and time, when Quinn was trapped in one of the labs that he assumed was owned by Eno, there were human body parts that were used to feed the Wendigos. When they went up through the caves above they had discovered a large glass container which contained countless human bodies, yet all of them looked similar to each other.

Were they all clones as well?! Quinn thought. Is that how the vampires are able to get a constant blood supply without having to rely on the humans anymore?

This in itself was a scary thought, and Quinn thought surely there had to be a downside to using clones that Eno was perhaps not telling him. Just like there was a problem with the Dalki.

"Are you talking about, creating bodies for the two of them?" Logan was the one who had eventually asked, thinking along the same lines as Quinn.

"That is certainly one option, but if you were to obtain the ability you wouldnt even need to do that, you would just need to have two empty bodies prepared, or they dont even have to be empty. Just move their minds to somewhere else and place the others in the other bodies instead. Although, b.a.r.e in mind that the new bodies cells would be different. So if you wanted them to have the same ability as before, they would have to have no abilities or have already learnt the abilities," Eno explained.

Quinn didnt know why, but going down this path seemed like quite the dark one, and it just sounded like there were too many risks on top of risks. Esseintley in the first place they would need at least three people, possibly five. One person who would obtain the mind swapping ability, and then two bodies to move Vorden and Raten into, while moving the other minds out of that body.

"Wait a second." Quinn said, "Earlier you said that there were two options, what about the second option?"

"The first option doesnt require me to use much of my ability which is why for me its less trouble, but the second option isnt easy either. There is actually no need to obtain the ability at all. I am able to use my own ability to transfer both Vorden and Raten out of Sil, if they are still there.

"However, with my ability there is a cost, and that cost is either two Demi god tier beast crystals, or another Demon tier beast crystal." Said Eno.

"But even if we dont have someone learn the ability, does that mean you would have to prepare two bodies for them to be transferred into?" Quinn asked.

"Correct." Eno replied.

After learning of the two options, if they wanted to attempt to solve the problem quickly the first option was a good one for them. However, they needed someone to learn the ability from the tablet, but who would be loyal enough to help them and had no ability,

It was Rare for a.d.u.l.ts apart from those from Pure to not have an ability. Then a certain student came into his mind.

Shiro…but could I really do that to him? I could always give him the option.

Even if Shiro accepted Quinns request, he didnt want to force it upon him on top of that there was still the problem of where the tablet was. It was on the Balde island, and there was a huge risk the Baldes were still there.

"Let me think about this for a little while." Quinn said.

It was getting late, and it was a decision that needed to be slept on.

"If you speak to Sam, Im sure he will have a room and place for you to rest for the night." Quinn said, and both Brock and Eno were ready to head off, but before they left the room, Eno turned around to say one last thing.

"Quinn, I am a man of my word, I understand that your favour has turned into Sils favour, so feel free to ask me for anything that you might need." Eno said leaving the room.

"Quinn, do you really trust him? I know you were thinking what I was thinking." Logan said. "It seems like Eno had the ability to also create clones. Were not sure how this works, and Im also not sure if Eno plans to include this in his deal to help Sil, or if we requested bodies from him he would ask for something else.

"Ill take a look into what I can do in terms of that situation as well, but it might be best that I head back to the vampire world to find out more at the lab." Logan suggested.

"No, I dont want you to go to the vampire world for the time being. Not without me anyway." Quinn replied. "Not when the Dalki war has already started, Im sure that Arthur is planning to make his move and I dont want anyone to be caught up in the middle of that.

"I think for now, we shouldnt worry about the bodies that are required. Ill ask Sam to see if he can send a scout team to the Blade island, to see if the Blades are still there. For now, I think we should get everything that is needed to set up the transfer then we can decide.

"Besides, even if we dont use the Demon tier or Demi-god beast crystals we can still use them for other things, so it wont be a waste of our time, and we will need to check out the Blade island anyway, if Eno is planning to use Sil to move the beast."

Looking at Sil, Quinn could tell he was frustrated. An impatient person that just wanted to bring RAten and Vorden back. He was quite surprised that Sil didnt say anything during the whole conversation, but Quinn knew what Sil was like.

If it was for Vorden and Raten he would do anything, which meant he didnt care about the lives, or bodies of the people Raten and Vorden would live in if he got to see them again.

"Sil, you just need to wait a little longer. We need to make sure that Vorden and Raten can return safe and sound." Said Quinn. "If we get the ability, then we dont have to worry too much, we can always keep moving them…."

When Quinn said this, something struck him, a third option that Eno didnt think was possible, something that didnt require extra bodies and would keep Sils powers.

But will it work? I just hope Vorden and Raten dont mind what Im thinking of doing. Quinn thought.


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