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1031 Announcement to the whole world
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1031 Announcement to the whole world

Chapter 1031 - Announcement to the whole world

A few in the room thought they might have misheard what Eno had just said, but when looking at each other and sharing their whispers, they came to the realisation that they hadnt misheard at all. Not only that, but the Cursed faction leader, Quinn Talen had appeared out of nowhere.

Of course, not everyone knew this was Quinn as his new appearance still had yet to be shared around the world, but there were two things that gave it away. The first was the shadows that briefly flickered when he had appeared, and the fact that Quinn was now grabbing onto the shoulder of such a great person, with no trouble at all.

Not anyone could do that.

"Wait, is what he is saying true?"

"The Cursed faction actually have a close relationship with the great scientist Richard Eno. Is this why they were able to progress so fast? Maybe thats how they funded themselves to grow so quickly."

"But, I also heard that the Green family were sponsoring the Cursed factions as well. It seems like those rumours are true as well. I heard the green family recently bought out a manufacturing plant but when I went to do business with them, some of the personnel working there claimed to be from the Cursed faction."

As for Oscar, he was more stunned than the others. Because he knew about Quinns upbringing.

Didnt his parents die in the war, he also was meant to have no known relatives. Wait…" Oscar thought as he remembered one crucial detail. There was something that was strange about Quinns bringing that stood out.

It was true that on Quinns file it claimed him to be an orphan, but he had his own apartment growing up. He was getting financial help from someone during his time at school. They paid for his apartment, food, clothes and everything. Could it be Eno was the person responsible for all those things? And why would Eno need to lie in front of everyone about having a close relationship with Quinn.

At this moment, even though Quinns hand was on Enos shoulder, he didnt really know what to do. On his way here after saying goodbye to his students, as soon as he saw the red carpet and floating drones, he had activated his shadow cloak skill.

Using this skill, Quinn was planning to join the party, then naturally blend in. Cancelling the skill and acting as if he was always at the party. When he heard what Eno had said, his instinct kicked in to reveal himself and stop Eno, but now he was unsure what he wanted to do.

"Whats wrong Quinn, did you want to give your grandfather a hug, in front of all these people?" Eno said. "Dont tell me youre shy, that Im your grandfather, are you?"

This crazy old man, what the hell am I meant to do with him. Hes too unpredictable, and hes just making my life harder! Quinn thought, but took a few deep breaths and smiled.

"As you can see, with his age this old man has got a few screws missing in his head. I think it might be time for me to put you in a home." Quinn replied.

There were gasps and even more from the crowd as people heard Quinn say this. How could someone say this about the genius of their time? What could this person be thinking? On top of that, based on how Quinn was treating this person, it only made it clear that the two of them must have a close relationship.

Sam off to the side was just shaking his head, if only he could go in there and drag the two of them out, but in a way he was hoping the situation would somehow resolve itself.

"Quinn, dont be embarrassed. You see everyone." Eno spoke facing the crowd. "We didnt want to make our relationship clear for a simple reason. We didnt know we were relatives for a while. In fact, Quinn had achieved everything he had built up with the Cursed faction even before we knew of our relationship.

"He was afraid you see, afraid that if people did find out, that they would assume I was the one sponsoring and helping him out this whole time, but thats not true at all. Anyway, lets all continue to enjoy this party." Eno said, lifting up a glass that seemingly appeared in his hand like a magic trick.

Lifting it up, everyone else in the room lifted their glasses as well, and as they took a drink. He gave a quick wink to Quinn.

Seeing this, Quinn really didnt know what Enos game was nor what he was planning. He decided maybe it was best for him to leave him alone and went ahead to join Sam.

Didnt help him get the position to where he is now? Who is he kidding? Innu thought. Obviously even if Quinn didnt know about it. Richard Eno being who he was pulled the strings for him, now I understand why Oscar let him become one of the world leaders so easily.

"Are you still thinking like that? Head General Sach said, as if he could read Innus thoughts. "Remember what he did out on the field, how he saved your lives. He is strong, and even with the great scientist Richard Enos help, I dont think everyone could reach the position that he has done. You have to give the young boy some credit."

Bonny and Void wanted to go ahead and interview Quinn next, but unfortunately they had run out of time, as Oscar had climbed up the stairs, and invited Quinn, along with Owen with him. The stairs led to a podium that was inside the grand room.

Floating drones were hovering in the air capturing everything and standing in the centre was Oscar with a serious face, and Owen and Quinn on the either side.

"I hope everyone has enjoyed the celebration today, and I hope the whole world is celebrating with us, because today there is an announcement that is to be made to the whole world. After I inform everyone of what has happened, and what will happen, I want you to continue to party until the night is over." Oscar stated, as a drone moved and zoomed into his face.

"Im sure many of you at home will already know what has happened. As your children have called you soon to let you know of the tales, and some of you had been informed with bad news.

However, this day was always coming and in my eyes it should be celebrated as a victory."

Behind Oscar, a display started to appear showing a map of planet Caladi.

"A few days ago, the students were on their first hunting expedition on planet Caladi. This is when an invasion of fifty Dalki had come to attack them."

The simulation showed the black pods hitting the planet from out of space and made them realise it was quite real.

Those below that were smiling just seconds ago, stopped drinking their drinks and were listening intently. Not everyone had children, or children who were going through military training so this was new news to them.

"Fifty Dalki, it was the first time a force had been sent out to attack us. Of course there have been scuffles when fortresses have been found on Beast planets before. But ever since the treaty this is the first time that a force has been sent out to a beast planet that is clearly owned by us.

"What was worse, no teleporters and communication devices were responding, so the students were left stranded without help other than their teachers there for support."

The others thought rather than a story about a great victory, it was a horror story. They couldnt imagine themselves being in that situation nor what they would do.

"Now how is this a victory, you might ask, because we managed to defeat the force of 50 dalki, with a little over a hundred casualties. Their names will never be forgotten, and have been engraved in the school walls. The teachers and the students, and their families will be looked after."

The chatter in the room started once again, as they came to the realisation of how impressive the victory was. Fifty Dalki, yet only a hundred or so students had died. How was that possible in the situation they were in.

"There is one person we must thank more than any other, and that is Head general Quinn Talen, the leader of the Cursed faction." Oscar announced pointing towards Quinn, as military perusal came up and placed a medal over his head.

On the Cursed ship itself, nearly every room was watching the broadcast and as soon as they heard his name, they were cheering for their leader. It was the same for those on the planets that the Cursed faction owned.

They knew how well they were treated and it was all thanks to this person.

Lastly, the students in Quinns class couldnt help but shout at the top of their lungs at the screen, even the substitute teacher was blown away at how passionate the students were.

"A lot of you may not know this, but some of you at home do. Quinn Talen was a teacher at our school, and I am thankful that he was there at the time. Without him, there would have been many more casualties. Alone he managed to defeat over half of the oncoming force, and I know he did everything in his power to protect the students."

No matter what thoughts people had against the Cursed faction in that room at the time. They couldnt help but congratulate this person who was practically a stranger to them. They all started to clap and looked up to the young boy. His achievement was not something many could have done.

"Today is a celebration for the human race, for we have achieved victory over the first Dalki attack, and it might be the last one we have in a while. Because after today, I will declare that the whole world, the whole human race, is now in the middle of the second war with the Dalki race."


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