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1018 A bigger enemy
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1018 A bigger enemy

Chapter 1018 - A bigger enemy

Although Quinn wasnt getting badly hurt and he could still fight on against the Dalki, there was another issue. He couldnt stop the Dalki that would ignore him and continue to charge on.

He needed a way to fight more of them at a once to defeat them quicker. There were quite a lot of Dalki still there and Quinn believed he had hurt them as much as he could using some of his blood skills, so he had no choice but to use his soul weapon, the twin tail chain.

The others watching could see it in sight for a second and it looked like Quinn was in considerable pain. His blood began dripping onto the floor as the blades could be seen piercing through his skin. The blades even seemed to move as if they were alive, constricting and tightening around his arms.

"What is that? A teacher asked. "A beast weapon?"

"I have no idea, but based on it appearing out of nowhere, I can only assume its a type of soul weapon." Innu guessed.

It wasnt long until they could see it in action, for Quinn had no choice but to start slaying his enemies as quickly as possible with the weapons. For every second he used the weapon his life would be drained, but after hitting the first set of Dalki from behind, Quinn realised something.

The blood of the Dalki that was consumed by the bladed weapons also empowered him. He had gained a boost in his stats more so than ever.

Swinging out the one of the twin tails, it lengthened and hammered down, hitting a few of the Dalki. Some attempted to grab on to stop it, but as Quinn pulled it like a ripcord, it shredded the Dalkis hands, causing some of them to lose their fingers and the top half of their hands.

[You have received a twenty percent power boost]

One of the Dalki that had been hit was a two spiked Dalki, which gave Quinn even more strength. Although the ten percent and twenty percent boost didnt seem to stack. Realising this, Quinn knew what he needed to do. He ran through, searching for what he needed and when he had found the two spiked Dalki, he would hit them slightly causing light scratches on their bodies. Green blood would splatter but they wouldnt be severely hurt.

If I hurt these guys too much, theyll just get stronger. Quinn thought. But they give me the strongest power boost, so with the extra power, Ill finish off the ones that are the weakest first!

Jumping up in the air, Quinn spun his body like a tornado, spinning the twin blades around him. Any of the Dalki that got close would be cut apart and they were quick to learn their lesson. Now seeing them from up high in the sky, Quinn used his inspect skill.

Since it had levelled up, Quinn could tell which Dalki were fine and which were in a critical state. Some looked more injured but were actually better off than others. With this, Quinn was able to pick and choose the Dalki that he could finish off in a few hits. Coming down, he swung his blade as hard as he could, tearing off one of their arms from their shoulder.

When a Dalki attempted to punch him, his other twin tail retracted, making it smaller but more solid and the blades laid flat on its side, creating a type of shield taking the brunt of the attack. Kicking the Dalki away with his empowered attacks was enough, and he continued his plan of getting rid of as many of the one spiked Dalki as possible.

[13/50 Dalki defeated]

[14/50 Dalki defeated]

At the very back of the group, one of the Dalki who hadnt quite rushed in with the others seemed to be concerned by what he was seeing.

The commander didnt come with us, he went to the shelter. The Dalki thought.

"Be careful of the man with the strange weapons, continue charging forward! The Dalki ordered at the back.

Hearing this, those that were the weakest had caught on to what Quinn was attempting to do. Due to them feeling stronger as they got weaker they were fearless, but the Dalki that spoke seemed to help them realise it wasnt working out.

However, when one Dalki attempted to avoid the strike of the twin blade, it had fallen on his shadow instead. After hitting the shadow, the Dalki still fell to the floor feeling a great pain in its head where it had landed on the shadow.

The other Dalki were stunned by this and they didnt know what to make of what had just happened. What were they feeling right now, they truly didnt know.

[16/50 Dalki defeated]

Still, with the Dalkis orders some of them were now ignoring Quinn and were attempting to run past him. Quinn, upon seeing these, went ahead to strike his twin tail on them, but was kicked in the side of his rib in the process, causing his twin tail to hit nothing but the sand.

Ignoring the kick, Quinn got up and wrapped the twin blade around the Dalki next to him and hurled him at the Dalki running away, before leaping forward in the air and blocking their path again.

For a second as Quinn had landed, he stumbled onto the ground and was now on one knee.

This damned soul weapon, why does it hurt so much to use it, and theyre digging into my arm even more! Quinn thought.

Even though he was fine health wise and was stronger due to the Dalkis stats, the soul weapon hurt more than ever to use and he was unable to take a break, otherwise his weapons would eat him alive.

"He needs help!" Shiro shouted.

"Shiros right, Quinn is out there fighting on his own, what are we doing just standing here? Look, hes hurt trying to protect us, are we just going to wait for him to die first?" Venus pointed over to Quinn.

Innu and the other teachers were still shell shocked witnessing what Quinn could do for the time. For a second they didnt even feel like they were in their own bodies, it was as if they were watching a movie of some kind. They never thought they would see anyone survive that long against the Dalki.

A single person was fighting against fifty Dalki, it was a tale that no one would believe unless they witnessed it and something that deserved to be passed down in history books forever.

Gritting his teeth, Quinn stood up on his feet again.

If it was Arthur, he would have been able to deal with this many, he could have protected them all, right! Quinn shouted in his head, which spurred him to continue swinging the twin blades as fast as he could at the oncoming enemies.

Another Dalki had run past him and as Quinn turned to stop him, the pain was too much and he had to pause for a short moment, but that was enough time for a two spiked Dalki to hit him breaking his ribs in the process, blood spewed from his mouth.

It was then that Quinn had a realisation for the first time that he was facing a different type of problem. It wasnt that Quinn was unable to defeat the fifty Dalki. If he had enough time and no one to protect, he had many ways and techniques that he could have used.

However, the problem now was that he was unable to protect others.

Is this what Arthur felt like when he woke up to find all his people dead? What was the point of having all that power, if you cant protect the people you care for. Quinn thought.

As Quinn was ready to get up and try to fight the Dalki again, he could see one had been sent flying past him. He was shocked to see its body laying there on the floor.

[20/50 Dalki have been defeated]

Immediately after, abilities were seen firing off from behind, hitting the Dalki and sending some of them back, while others brushed off the attacks like they were nothing. The important thing wasnt that they were being injured, but that they were being kept busy.

"Im sorry we waited too long, you did a lot better than I ever could have thought!" Innu said, standing by Quinns side. "I dont care what happened between us in the past. Even if I think youre an arsehole, right now there are even bigger arseholes in front of us."

Smiling, Quinn couldnt agree more.

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