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1005 Young master
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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1005 Young master

Chapter 1005 - Young master

It was a daring act, to say the least from Peter. The students thought that what he had done was reckless, and at the same time, they were touched. For Peter had risked his life getting in the middle of a crazy student to save all of theirs.

A round of applause had started as the students thanked him for saving their lives. However, there was one little slip up that had occurred.

"That was the one that defeated the head General, right? Well, I kind of believe those rumours now. He could have killed everyone. Was he really going to pull Zhens limbs off?"

"Thankfully, General Peter was here. The Cursed faction really has some strong people."

"Speaking off, did you hear what Sil said at the end? He was saying sorry to Quinn?"

"Quinn…Quinn Dilfus? Wait, you dont think he was saying sorry to the Cursed faction leader, Quinn Talen, did you, and he was looking at…."

A few of the students had caught on to what Sil had said at the end. Many people were named Quinn, but the one person he was looking at when he said these words was General Hardy, when he had entered the room.

It looks like my luck is up. What else can I do now? Quinn thought.

However, before he had revealed himself to all the students, another person had a brilliant idea.

"Did this student say, Quinn!" Peter said out loud in a booming voice so everyone could hear clearly. He even stood facing the crowd as if it was a theatre performance. "Could he mean the Cursed leader Quinn Talen, but thats my faction leader." Placing his hand on top of his head, Peter started to look through the crowd and looked past everyone.

"I dont see my faction leader anywhere. The boy must have gone mad!" Peter said.

Seeing what he was trying to do, another student decided to help out. Shiro walked up to Sil and started to kneel by his side.

Here it goes.

"Oh Sil, you always wanted to impress Quinn from the Cursed faction. I guess you felt guilty that he might find out about what you did. Now you will never be able to join them!" Shiro said.

They didnt have much time to think about it either. It didnt take long for Hayley, and a few other teachers to enter the room, and they were starting to deal with the problem. Healing the injured students and getting a report of what exactly happened.

Well, lets hope that works. I might be out of trouble. But I cant say the same for Sil. Quinn thought.


A lot of students were at the canteen when the events had happened, so it was impossible to hide, and everyone had already learnt of what happened. They were two key factors that were being passed around.

Sil really was as strong as the past rumours said and was a frightening uncontrolled, unstable student. Peter was a fearless god in their eyes. The said general who went up against that exact person.

The good news coming from this, was the Cursed factions reputation had increased once again with people looking up to Peter, deciding that they wanted to join and follow someone like him.

The bad news, as expected, Quinn was called into a meeting with Oscar. The two of them were in the office, and they were sitting opposite each other at a desk. For some reason, Quinn felt quite embarrassed. Last time, Quinn had said some words to Oscar, and now he was in here because of one of his problems.

Oscar had just finished giving Quinn a detailed report of everything that happened. The injuries caused to the members of staff, students hit that were in the crossfire and even Chuckys injuries.

"Quinn, I believe I am quite the reasonable person, despite what you may think," Oscar said. "I understand, after what I had seen those Blades did, I know how hard it must be to control someone like that, but when you asked him to be a student of ours, I thought you would have at least had him under control.

"Now, if you insist on him staying, I will have to -"

"Its okay, Sil will leave," Quinns said, as he was already prepared for all of this. "Honestly, there is no other choice. I already tried to cover up his tracks once. If youre going to ask me to make sure this wont happen again, I cant say I can, unless he is by my side twenty-four seven, and if thats the case, then there is no point in him being here." Quinn said.

"Thats good to hear, and it makes it easier on us," Oscar replied. "Honestly, Innu was already blaming all of this on you. When they found out that this involved Shiro and Sil from your class and you had tried to hide him, he thought you had planned this.

"Thankfully, since Zhen is actually under head General Sach, he decided to not get any more involved in this matter. This answer should satisfy Innu." Oscar claimed.


Back in the classroom, it was the end of the school day, and Quinn was standing while Sil was sitting alone on a single desk amongst many others that were all empty.

"Are you going to tell me what happened then, or is it going to be a silent match between the two of us?" Quinn asked.

Finally breaking the silence between the two of them.

"Its been building up," Sil said. "I keep hearing things, things I dont like, things that Vorden hated in the past. Things that Raten would have dealt with if they went too far. When I got hit today, I just mind went black…I was asking for answers, but I never got a reply."

"You mean you were asking for answers from them, inside your head? Are you talking about Vorden and Raten?" Quinn asked.

"When I didnt get a reply, and there were no answers, I didnt know what to do. I wanted someone to just tell me what was right and wrong. I thought if I just kept doing something, anything, they would come back."

It appeared that Quinn had made a mistake. It was too soon for Sil. There hadnt been enough time, time spent where Sil was alone in his mind.

"I think you know that you cant stay here any longer, but I dont want you to think that your time was wasted here. Before you go, there are some people that want to say goodbye." Quinn said it was the signal for the door to open, and three students were seen walking in, Swin, Venus and Shiro.

"We heard that you wont be at the school anymore," Shiro said.

"Yeah, Hardy said that the Cursed faction has agreed to take you in and there going to teach you personally. If you ask me, thats a lot cooler than staying here. Youre getting a head start!" Swin said excitedly. Venus hit him with his elbow, as this wasnt meant to be something exciting.

"Sil, thank you," Venus said. "Just dont beat yourself up over this too much. If I had your power, there were times where I would have probably done the same thing to people who were picking on us, or worse. I think weve all had those thoughts."

"We also want to say it wont be goodbye," Shiro added. "If youre going to be in the Cursed faction, then we will see each other soon because when we finish school, we want to join the Cursed faction as well."

Sil didnt say anything, but he did smile, which warmed Quinns heart a little.

With the goodbyes said, it was time for Sils journey at school to end, but Quinn would still remain for the time being. Escorting him back to the Cursed ship was Chucky as they flew through space.

"You know, going back to school was kinda nice," Chucky said while flying the ship. "It was different compared to last time, and it also reminded me of all the stupid things I used to do at school."

Of course, as usual Sil said nothing, so Chucky was just left to talk to himself, but when they had finally landed and docked into the Cursed ship, Sil said something that caught his ear.

"Thanks for helping me while I was at school," Sil said, walking forward.

Just ahead, not too far from where they were, they could see that another ship had docked not too long ago. In fact, the people still hadnt left the landing bay, as for who was there, it was Leo, Erin, Nate and Layla.

"Oh, hey guys," Layla said with a smile. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Its a long story," Chucky replied and then noticed someone he didnt recognise. "Whos he?"

Turning around, in his butler suit, his eyes fell upon Sil.

"Now, this is a surprise to meet you here, isnt it, young master?" Brock said.


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