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977 The Punishers“ leader
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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977 The Punishers“ leader

Chapter 977 - The Punishers' leader

Quinn continued to read through Arthurs journals, he was starting to become fascinated about learning where abilities originated from. Arthur had written it in such detail that Quinn felt like he was learning about each detail himself.

According to the journals, there were times when Arthur would have a quiet period in his life. Depending on who the king was at the time, and as the Punishers reputation grew among vampires, less crimes were committed and Enos goal was starting to work.

These peaceful periods could last for years and due to the Punishers special ability, even if Arthur was away, the vampires feared that he could come back at any time.

During his search, he had found that there were a few people with abilities starting to emerge. Arthur would be able to connect with them by showing off his own ability, sometimes he would use the shadow, other times he would just show his super strength or speed and play it off as an ability.

When asking how one had learnt of an ability, the answer was often someone taught them it, but this was quite vague as to who, or if it was a family member. The people who would know the real answer were already dead.

However, some people did have knowledge of what their ancestors passed on. Saying that an image of a giant stone tablet appeared in their head before the powers had come to them.

From the current set of vampires, none of them were the original ability carriers. No Originals were awake and at this point and time, Eno had gone into eternal slumber, and he didnt want to wake his friend from his sleep just to answer a curiosity of his that had become a hobby.

It looks like there isnt any more information on abilities after this book. Quinn said, placing it down and realised he was coming to an end of all the journals.

After reading the last one, it explained the war that was brewing between the Punishers and the vampires. Having finally decided to take his people and leave the place. The journals ended there. When the castle was abandoned and never updated.

I wonder if he continued writing journals on the other planet in his tower. Maybe there were some places me and Fex missed, it would be interesting to know if he ever found out about the abilities, or discovered the stone tablet he was looking for. Quinn thought.

You have a point, it seemed he was quite intrigued by this. After a certain amount of years, still living becomes quite a chore for some, and I imagine it was even worse for Arthur. Finding the origin of abilities could have been the only thing that kept him going.

It looked like there was nothing left in the room, so getting up off the ground, Quinn was ready to move. He didnt know how long he had been reading the books for, but Kazz was no longer in the room. Exiting, he could see Kazz had her head on the desk with it tilted on its side.

Is she sleeping? A vampire sleeping while on duty, her? I must have been in there a really long time for that to happen? He thought.

Walking up to her slowly, Quinn could see her delicate face, her hair that was placed in two buns making her appearance seem a bit childish.

When Kazz first arrived she acted a bit like a child, but soon Quinn knew it was all an act to let his guard down, she was quite the clever girl, although a little lost.

Who can blame her when you have a father like Bryce. Quinn thought.

All vampires were extraordinary in beauty compared to humans, it was as if they didnt have a blemish on their skin. There was no need to put makeup on unless they wanted to make their pale skin seem darker.

Looking at Kazzs face he thought the same thing.

I think she would look better with her hair down. Quinn thought, as he got closer, but a crack in the floor caused her to spring up.

"What are you doing!" She said having already extended her fingernails. "Are you trying to kill me in my sleep?!"

"I was just walking around carefully because I didnt want to wake you." Quinn said, as he pointed to the side of her own mouth.

Kazz then could feel something on her chin a little wet and realised that she had dribbled a little while in her sleep.

"Come on, lets get out of here!" Kazz said storming out of the room.

Isnt it her job to keep an eye on me? Quinn thought, but admittedly thought the whole thing was quite cute.

She is a woman who is many years your age Quinn. Vincent chuckled. First Helen and now Kazz, I didnt realise you liked older women.

Wouldnt that mean you had also dated a woman who was many, many years younger than you? Quinn snapped back.

Careful, thats your great great, so many great grandmothers youre talking about.

Hearing this, just made the whole thing awkward and Quinn continued his search, seeing that Kazz was outside the door waiting for him.

The search from room to room on each floor began again, and it truly looked like it had been cleared out. What was strange though, was some items seemed to have been moved recently.

Is there a way for Arthur to return to this place as he wishes? Quinn asked.

As I said, I really dont know much about the Punishers at all, but perhaps there are skills that the system does not know of, and things Arthur created himself.

Hearing this, Quinn was now a little on high alert. From the dust having been moved in certain places, and other things in other places, it certainly looked like someone had been here not too long ago.

If Arthur had returned, was Quinn ready to fight him? Thinking about this, his body started to feel a little sore, from the dreadful beating and state he was left in last time.

Kazz also seemed to be a little uneasy, and Quinn was wondering if she was speaking through Jill, communicating this all back to Bryce.

Nothing of interest was found, even in the throne room, which looked like every other throne room. However, one last room was locked behind another special combination lock. Judging by the size from the outside, it was as equally big as the throne room.

"Whats wrong, is something inside?" Kazz asked.

"No, I just find it a little strange that this room is locked," Quinn said, as he used the shadow travel and took them inside.

Getting out of the shadow. The first thing that caught his eye was another throne. Each castle had one like before, but this one was different. The red carpet on the floor went from the doors leading up the small stairs and finally it reached the grand chair, a bright red chair that was quite clear in colour.

Seeing the chair herself, Kazzs heartbeat started to accelerate and beat a little louder. A thought had crossed her mind but she was unsure what the chair was.

Quinn using his inspect skill on the chair, he too was truly shocked.

"A throne made completely of blood crystals…How many vampires were killed to make that thing?"

It wasnt just a chair that had been crafted using blood crystals, like a blood weapon would be, it was as if thousands of blood crystals had been fused together to make such a chair.

"That man is sick!" Kazz couldnt help but say. "How could someone happily sit on a chair everyday that reminded them of what they had done, is he proud?"

No, Quinn knew that wasnt the case from the journals he read. Kazz was right about one thing, it was a reminder. A reminder to himself what his cruel job was. In his journals he felt like a villain at times, and the vampires sometimes saw him that way, and he had to stick to that role, even convincing himself.

Something was drawing Quinn to the chair, he started walking towards it, and was fascinated by the red colour glow. He didnt know what it was about the chair that was drawing him in. Then when he had reached the top of the small platform, he looked at Kazz who looked back at him strangely.

First Quinn, slid his fingers across the armrest, he could feel an energy but it was trapped inside the crystal, then finally, he decided to sit in it.

[The castle wishes for a new leader]

[Would you like the accept the title, Leader of the Punishers?]


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