My Vampire System
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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MVS side story Quinn, (past)

Side story winner: Quinn. Due to winning the MVS Voting Event, with over 200,000 votes.

A black space, shadows, a dark mind. The view inside of Quinns mind was a little foggy and he wasnt quite sure what was happening to him.

What happened? I cant remember, what was I just doing? Quinn thought.

Asking these questions, he almost expected someone to answer, but there was no response, and he was on his own. Going through the dark space, wherever that was he could see nothing. Until eventually a mirror suddenly appears blocking his path.

However, in the mirror itself, Quinn could see quite the young face in the reflection. He had curly hair that had just gone slightly down to where his ears were, and he wore a black blazer with a school tie on himself.

Im in a school uniform, and I look so….Young? Wait, why is that strange. I am in school after all, Wait, school! Quinn remembered.

A few seconds later though, and his body felt a shiver throughout it. His hair was soaking wet and the whole world looked like it was melting.

Opening his eyes, Quinn could see a soaked desk directly in front of him. Water dripped from his hair and head.

"Sorry, I was just practicing my water ability, didnt mean to hit you, it was an accident." A female voice said.

Looking up, Quinn could see that there were three girls, and the one apologising had her hand over her mouth. The two girls next to her had turned their heads away, their shoulders moving up and down.

Ah, again huh and water this time? You know, I can tell youre laughing. Just because I dont have an ability doesnt mean Im stupid as well. Quinn wanted to say, but instead he decided to just get up from his seat, and head out to the restroom to dry himself up.

"Hey I guess its true after all." The girls started to gossip as he walked past. "Because he doesnt have an ability, he cant really fight back, can he?"

Although Quinn had tried his best to keep the fact that he had no ability a secret, it was obvious that it would be spread around the school sooner or later. After all, nearly everyone had an ability and was willingly showing it off. Even during P.E. they allowed the use of abilities, so it eventually became apparent and thats when the bullying started from the others.

For now though he would soak it up, he thought it was best to ignore it as he saw all the other students who were low levelled, receiving the same sort of treatment.

Why dont they fight back? Quinn thought once, but soon he saw why when one of the students attempted too. He didnt even get a single punch in.

While at school, there was a natural group that had emerged. Those considered in his school with high level abilities, being Level Four students. Although being a high level in this school didnt necessarily mean much.

Their school was just a regular state school. All the high level students had rich families, high backgrounds and studied with private education. If any of these students went to those schools they would be nothing but flies. Although when it came to Quinn, he was even less than a fly.

A group of five kids were being used as their shuttles, which was the term they used. Each one being in charge of a different job for them. Some would do their homework, others would carry their things, and Quinn would be in charge of buying them their lunch.

What was amazing was how no one did anything about it? It was impossible for the teacher to not know what was going on, yet nothing was done about it because these higher level people were seen as essential in their world. While they on the other hand, were considered expendable due to their lower levels, or having no ability.

One day, outside on the school rooftop, all of the shuttles had been gathered apart from one, and Quinn was the last one to arrive of them all. He could see the four of the others on their knees and a couple of them had been beaten.

Whats going on? Quinn thought.

All he could see was that Yuman, the schools second top dog was frantically banging his foot on the ground.

"That idiot, why the hell did he have to do that, and now hes in the hospital, and theyre blaming me!? Is it my fault that he was so weak?" Yuman continued to complain.

Quinn had understood the gist of it, based on the angry outburst he could hear from Yuman. Although people could get away with a lot, if one was to end up in the hospital for going too far, or causing a death they would still be punished. At least the world is still a little fair.

"Come here Quinn! Yuman shouted.

Is he going to take his anger out on me? Quinn thought as he clenched his fist. He could see that Yuman had already turned his own fist into a stone-like material, which was his ability.

"Do you think its my fault? You dont, do you Quinn? Its your fault for being so useless. I cant believe his parents went and complained. I know he wouldnt have had the guts to tell his parents that I was the one responsible so it had to be one of you guys. But none of these guys have croaked yet, thats why Ive called you. Dont tell me its you Quinn. Youre my favourite of these guys. You never say a word. You just do whatever I ask of you."

This was because Quinn had seen that it was pointless to try and argue, you just got hit more. He didnt understand why some people bothered to fight back. To try and change their situation when they couldnt.

They were just making their already hard lives even harder.

"Their parents didnt raise their kids properly. They didnt tell them that there is an order in this world, and we are above them. Maybe its a good thing you have no parents, Quinn. Thats probably why youre so-"

Suddenly, a fist flew out and hit Yuman right in the face. It was the first time Quinn had ever hit someone before, and the other shuttle students had their mouths left wide open in disbelief.

"Sc.u.m, youre freaking sc.u.m!" Quinn shouted. "Why the hell should we be treated like this!"

Yuman wiped his mouth that was bleeding slightly, and then went to throw out a fist. Swinging wildly at Quinns head. He had activated his ability, so if the fist hit, Quinn would be in for some serious trouble. Ducking down, Quinn went and tackled him onto the ground.

Pinning him with his knees, Quinn didnt stop there and continued to unleash his fists open his face. He didnt even know when Yuman had passed out, but he finally stopped with his hands bloody and the skin having peeled off from his knuckles.

Looking up at the sky. "What have I done?" Quinn asked himself.

From that day onwards, Quinns life was different. He was constantly targeted by those in Yumans gang including the top dog, but something had changed. Quinn was no longer part of the shuttle group and did what he wanted.

Now he understood why people fought back, because the pain from getting beaten everyday wasnt as bad as the pain they felt from being treated like crap. The mental trauma of feeling beneath someone was damaging to their souls.

It felt like they were slaves almost. At least this way, Quinn felt like he had made his own choice. He made his own decisions to do what he wanted and he would face the consequences for it.

He thought back to all those celebrities with great powers that he saw on TV. The Big Four, the Military leaders and Head Generals. They had so much power, yet they did nothing.

Why? Why did they do nothing even though they had the strength to better everyones lives? Was it because they couldnt see it? Was it due to them being at the top, so they didnt know what life was like for those at the bottom?

Clenching his fist, Quinn swore to himself as he made a promise.

If one day, I ever get the power like those guys at the top. I will make a better life for those like me, and get rid of this whole trashy system!"


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