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907 The Undead King
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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907 The Undead King

Standing on the open black hard ground, they could see that the area was covered with familiars of all different shapes and sizes.

They had formed a semi circle roughly ten meters away from where the Boneclaw was sitting.

"This is crazy, they seem to be treating the Boneclaw like some sort of king." Nate noted, amazed and a little bit jealous of the treatment.

Their group were in the middle of thousands of familiars and they hadn't taken a step forward just like the rest of them, for fear they would be doing something out of place.

"I thought it was just a nickname, but it looks like it might be a deserved title instead." Silver mumbled to herself.

"What name is that?" Nate just had to ask.

"The Undead King."

Finally, it looked like something was happening, as one familiar stepped out amongst all the familiars and started to walk towards the Boneclaw.

It was the large antler deer they had seen earlier. When half a meter in front of the throne, it bowed its head slightly. The faint glow around its body started to brighten bit by bit. 

Soon after a white glowing ball came out from the deer and flew towards the Boneclaw.

The deer repeated this process several times and when it stopped the initial glow around the creature's body had dimmed to a level where it was barely visible.

Soon after it quickly left the scene heading back to its space and when it did the surrounding balls in the area were being attracted to the deer. Once it had absorbed a few of them the deer regained its glow once again. 

After the deer had left the next familiar stepped forwards and did the same. More and more familiars joined. Without seemingly speaking to each other they orderly came forwards and offered up the shining balls to the Boneclaw who kep absorbing them. 

Seeing everything Leo was trying to guess what was happening.

'The balls of energy, I thought they looked and felt familiar but now it's starting to make a little more sense.' He thought. 'They are exactly the same as QI, which also explains why what comes out of our bodies is QI as well. The QI is able to be absorbed into their bodies unlike ours. Is this why they have a fascination with connecting to the Human World, but then why have the familiars chosen to make contact with the vampires?'

From what Leo had learnt so far Vampires didn't seem too knowledgeable about QI in general. In fact, he had yet to meet a single vampire that knew about it and when he had tried to teach the vampire students they had been unable to.

Of course, there weren't many humans that knew about it either but from his experience they had varying degrees of potential in allowing it to grow in their bodies.

It's menacing size was apparent and it was clear he had an overbearing power here. 

'This guy, how dare he act like he owns this place? He didn't even ask me for permission before taking everyone's power.' A voice spoke inside Leo's head. It wasn't hard for him to figure out who it belonged to, since he had already heard it not long ago.

'From the way you're speaking, am I correct in assuming that you are actually the leader of this place?' Leo asked the black cat that had disappeared after leaving the black mark on his forehead.

'Indeed and you have even correctly assumed that it's 'just' this place. As far as I know you have several leaders in charge of different territories as well. He's lucky that he came across my territory and I'm in a good mood since I met you because of his actions. If he had tried this in any of the other places, there would be hell to pay." 

"Especially for him as he is right now. I have seen him a couple of times, but this is the first time he seems so… weak. Has the person he contracted with not let him fulfill his d.e.s.i.r.e? Maybe he didn't choose the best person this time.' 

The cat sure was talkative, but Leo was happy about it, since he had been able to learn a lot. The Boneclaw that Quinn had obtained and the black cat that Leo obtained, both of them appeared to be strong powerful figures in the Familiar World.

However, Leo found it strange that the cat claimed that the Boneclaw was weak. He had seen it help the others and it certainly didn't seem like something that could be described as such. It also made Leo question just how powerful it was under normal circ.u.mstances… 

Looking at the Boneclaw standing up, this was when the others realised something different about him compared to the rest of the familiers.

It lacked the faint glow around its body. It looked just like they had seen it in their world.

They entered him one by one, energizing him.

'So that's why he is in that sorry state.' The cat commented. 'It takes a lot of energy to force open a rift between our two worlds and right now he's gathering energy to send you guys back. I wonder why he's trying so much for all of you? Oh well, it's better for me in the end since he hasn't asked to borrow my power.' Although Leo couldn't see it, he could hear how smug and satisfied it sounded. 

With one of its long dangling fingers the Boneclaw held out, it pointed towards Fex who was in the crowd.

At this moment, not knowing what was going on, Fex started to sweat nervously.

"Have I just been selected for some sacrifice ritual or something?" Fex asked looking at the others for help and eventually stared at Nate thinking he would be a better choice.

"Hey what the hell?! Don't throw me under the bus!" Nate could practically read Fex' thoughts… after all, he would have done the same.

"He will not harm us." Leo assured them. "He is trying to send us all back." 

Eventually Silver was the one who gave Fex a nudge, and was following straight behind him.

The others soon moved forward and with their support he felt less nervous. Not knowing everything and at the same time learning so much that was new to him as experiences he didn't want to forget. 

When Fex arrived in front of the Boneclaw he knelt down unconsciously. He didn't know why he did it, it just felt right to him to kneel in front of the creature. 

It then touched the earring on his ear. After it dangled in place for a few seconds, it lit up and Ham appeared in front of them.

"Please don't take all my energy away!" Ham pleaded immediately, begging and kneeling on the floor. "I only have a little bit of energy and if it's taken away this little bull will die!"

"Huh? Oh you just want me to speak to them for you? Haha, that's great thenm sure I can do that!" Ham said as he stood up and his mood had changed in an instant.

There were a few nods here and there from Ham and he turned around to speak to the others.

"His Majesty says, 'I have fulfilled my promise by protecting you all, but I will not be able to do it again. I will be sending you all back but I must remain here to gather more energy before I can return.'" 

"Creating a portal here I can send you back to the same world, but it won't be to the exact same spot that we left. I can only promise you that you will end up on the same planet."

"Don't make all my efforts be wasted in vain, live!"

It didn't look like there was much time to decide anything as the Boneclaw drew a circle in the air, which appeared on the ground surrounding them. 

It was time for all of them to head back.

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