My Vampire System
872 The 13th puppe
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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872 The 13th puppe

Before going into the cave, Leo and Silver had to come up with a plan. Or at least that's what Nate thought they would do, but when he saw the two of them walking off confidently towards the cave, Nate suddenly realised that there would be no plan at all.

"Wait, are we just going to go in, why were you so angry about my loud footsteps then?" Nate asked.

"That was just in case there was someone we couldn't deal with, as long as a vampire leader isn't here, Leo and I will be enough." Silver answered, pulling out her small rapier blade and adjusting the wooden casket on her back.

"Do you want us to deal with the Bloodsuckers, or the vampire knight? It seems like the Vampire knight might be the more difficult one." Leo asked casually, as if it didn't matter which one she picked.

"Leave the vampire knight to me. It's time I restore a little honour for the thirteenth family." Silver replied.

Running at full speed, both Silver and Leo started running around the lakes and were ready to enter the cave. Nate was struggling to keep up with them. As a vampire he was faster compared to before, and he also had beast gear on, but even then, Silver was far faster than him.

'I guess the others were right, there are vampires that are a lot stronger than we thought. Are all the knights as strong as her, or is she just special?' Nate thought, as for Leo, he was always strong, but just kept improving all the time.

Seeing the waterfall up ahead , Leo then readied his sword. The two started to jump up and across on the rocks just in front of the waterfall. Then releasing the sword from the sheath, with a single strike, Leo struck the water full with his sword.

The waterfall stopped falling for a few seconds, and the waves started to fall behind the two of them. It was an amazing and special site that Nate couldn't believe, almost like a magic trick.

Inside the cave, the Bloodsuckers could be seen, with makeshift buildings that were being used as homes, the architecture wasn't as detailed as the vampires, as it looked like they had all been poorly made.

However, what was a stand out, was how many empty plastic blood packs could be seen all across the floor in the cave.

"I knew it, someone is definitely working with the Bloodsuckers, this confirms it." Silver said.

The attention of the Bloodsuckers all turned on the intruders, as they snarled showing their large fangs towards the two intruders. The blood sucker closest, leapt from his position from below, up to the entrance of the cave.

The Bloodsucker who had lept towards the intruders was fast and strong, but the bald headed man used one single motion with his blade, split the Bloodsucker in two halves, both sides falling to the floor.

'A single strike!' The hooded person thought, and immediately they started to panic. However, the cave only had one entrance and afraid of getting caught in this situation, they decided to head deeper into the cave.

Eventually, they had reached the back of the cave and infront it looked like there was just a dead end. Searching around the sides, the person finally had found something. Pushing it in, the dead end started to move to the side, and the hooded person quickly entered the room.

The door closed behind them soon after.

"Hey, have you finally decided to let me out of here." A voice said accompanied by some shackles. The room the hooded person was in, was the one with Fex.

"You, it was you wasn't it? How did you manage to call them?" The hooded man said, approaching Fex with anger. "You think you being saved will stop us, stop any of the plans we had. You know we already got what we needed from you, all you needed to do was wait, and we would have returned you with no problems, calling them has just caused you even more trouble!"

'What is this person talking about, did that little pig manage to get help, is the person they called Quinn here to save me!' Fex thought getting excited.

"Hey, I'm in here!" Fex shouted at the top of his lungs.

Then even from the room the sound of fighting could be heard from the outside. Screams of pain and growls were heard, and vibrations felt through the floor, but it didn't last long and a few seconds later they stopped.

Leo had dealt with all the Bloodsuckers, any of them that would try and get in Silver's ways he would slice. Nate who had followed from behind felt useless. By the time he had reached the cave, there were no Bloodsuckers left.

He looked at their bodies and wondered what they were.

'They kind of look like vampires, but a bit different? A little ugly.' Nate thought. 'I really don't know if these two are really strong, or the enemy is just weak.'

Eventually, all of them had reached the back wall, where the cave had come to a dead end.

"It's here, it's definitely in here!" Ham said, flying just outside the entrance.

"How do we get in?" Nate asked.

Silver, using her fist, used blood hardening to harden the outside of her hand. It was encased in the red aura and went to punch the wall as hard as she could. The whole cave shook slightly, and an indent had been made, but the wall was still there.

"Carefull, if you use raw strength then you could cause the whole cave to collapse." Leo said. "Let me take care of this."

Popping his sword back into its sheath. Leo prepared himself, and pulled it out quickly striking the wall, and placing it back in. There was no sound, but soon, a large cut could be seen creating two slab pieces in the cave wall.

Silver wasted no time pushing it, and entering the cave, only to see the hooded person gripping her brother's throat.

"Get off him!" Silver screamed, as she rushed forward and threw her red blood strings out. They wrapped around the hooded person's arm, and soon their whole body was being yanked away.

However, the vampire's strength was great and they pulled back as well. While the two of them were in a struggle for power. Leo walked past and towards Fex.

"I will not get involved as you wished, but I shall free your brother so you no longer need to wait for him." Leo said, as he swung his blade, cutting and freeing Fex from his chains.

"Thank you so much…err…Quinn." Fex said.

Leo smiled at the comment.

"I am not Quinn, but he is the one who sent me to save you, so you can leave your thanks to him later, right now. You should see your sister fighting and paying back the vampire who has brought you here."

Sometimes rage would cause one to fight wildly, and it was easy to predict their movements, but watching Silver. They could see she was using this to power her strength, not even taking a single breath.

Both Silver and the Hooded vampire were equal in power. They had the same strength and speed so one would think the fight would be equal, but it was not. There was clearly one stronger than the other.

"I don't need to use this on you to win this fight, but I will give you a gift from the thirteenth family!" Silver shouted.

The hooded vampire came forward with its claw out. Silver then turned around, and her fist had hit the casket, surprisingly not breaking it. Soon the door had opened, and the hooded vampire took a few steps back.

A few seconds later, a strange looking doll appeared out of the casket. It had six arms, and two legs, and looked more like a spider with the way it had more than one joint by the elbow. The doll itself had a blank expression, but what was even more frightening about it, was it wasn't made out of wood or anything like that, it was made out of flesh and if Leo's nose was right, it was human flesh.

In each of its hands the doll had a normal sized sword but Silver who was controlling it was able to control each hand and do so perfectly. It was strange because the strings had been attached to the doll so quickly, and Silver just stood in one place. She had set up a system of complexe strings linked to the dolls. She would control it with her sword, using the tip to touch and bend a certain string, it would then move the doll in a certain way.

Seeing the doll in action as it swung it's blades, the hooded vampire was getting hit with at least one of the swords each time.

'This swordsmanship, I am finding it hard to spot any holes myself.' Leo thought as he continued to watch.

Eventually, the match was coming to an end, the hooded vampire was too injured from the blades, and Silver eventually got the doll to restrain the vampire. Who even in terms of strength it couldn't match up. Four hands were wrapped around the waist of the vampire with its hands tucked in, while the other two had two blades pointed at its neck.

"Now, lets see which family is behind all of this!" Silver said, as she slowly walked up to the vampire, to unveil their hood.


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