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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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Normally, just letting a human consume blood from a vampire wasn't enough to turn someone. If blood from a vampire was accidentally consumed by a human, it wouldn't turn them. One couldn't just carry vampire blood around them, and turn people as they wished.

What would need to take place was a blood ritual, the activation process of turning a human into a vampire, and that started with the human consuming the blood. Both Paul and Sam had no clue how to activate the blood ritual, their only knowledge was what they had been through themselves via Quinn. 

And Sam wasn't too sure Quinn knew either, since he would activate via the system he used.

However, someone was telling them everything they needed to do step by step, the same voice that reached out to them from before. They could feel the strange energy inside them activate and resonate,  as if their bodies were linked to the two infront of them, and just like before, the process of them being turned had begun. 

"I can't believe the ritual actually worked, it looks like they might pull through this," said Sam. He was now worried about something else. He was worried about just what both of them would turn into. 

Based on all the people Quinn had turned so far, and their situations, the most likely answer was they would turn into undead types due to the situation they were in. It was also possible that they were just more likely to turn into these and could turn into something else, but all of this was based on when Quinn turned people. 

Right now for the first time, Sam and Paul, two regular vampires, were turning others. Sam was actually originally a halfling but through fighting and spending time with the others, he eventually evolved, and he was thankful he did. Otherwise, the process they were going through now might have not been possible.

Looking over at Paul, he could see sweat running down his face, and he would guess that he was feeling the same thing Sam was feeling as well. While the ritual was going on, and the others were screaming in pain, a huge amount of energy was being felt coming from them too. 

"You two are only regular vampires." The mysterious voice said. "It will drain you. You are not a vampire leader or a direct descendant, most likely turning one person will be your limit."

Thinking about this, when Quinn turned others he seemed completely fine, as a vampire leader just how many people could he actually turn before he felt like these two right now? Another question was what of the people they turned. Would they be loyal to Quinn like Sam and Paul were? Or would they now be under their command.

These were questions Sam wanted to ask, but he was afraid of relying on the mysterious voice too much, and whether this whole thing would eventually be a trap of some sort. There was a risk and reward to doing this, and Sam had calculated it was worth the risk to save their lives. 

'Nate, I know you would never have wanted Quinn to turn you. You would have thought of it as outside help, you might even lose your precious ability you worked so hard on perfecting your whole life. But you will forgive me, right? You will understand that living is a much better life than death. 

"You still have a lot to do, not just by helping Quinn's but helping make your own legacy in this world.' Nate thought

Finally after a good while, the strange energy the two of them could feel that was sapping away from their bodies, was gone, and the screams and turns from Nate and Dennis was starting to fade. 

Eventually, when the pain through their bodies was no longer there, they could feel that their wounds had healed from before. Slowly the two of them were coming to and they could see the others in front of them. 

They could remember everything that happened moments before, they were conscious for the whole thing. Nate even remembered trying to talk to Sam, but now he was completely fine. 

"What magic is this?" Nate said as he went to touch his face, and noticed that his jawline felt a lot more smoother compared to before. His blocky square hair felt softer, and his whole body felt slightly lighter. 

"I feel so fresh, I feel so alive, did you guys have healing abilities, what's with that blood you gave us?" Nate asked.

Rather than asking questions the first thing that Dennis did was get on his knees and placed his head on the floor. 

"Thank you for saving my life. I thought I was okay with dying. But when I felt there was a way to live again, I grabbed on and pulled onto it. Thank you, thank you." Dennis said.

"I guess I should thank you too man." Nate said. "Sorry, I was just so shocked I forgot to show my appreciation."

"You two might want to hold you thanks for now." Sam said.

Both Paul and Sam went into a brief introduction of what had just happened to them, and what they now were. They were shocked, surprised, but at the same time had thought something was up for a while, they just never thought it would be something like this, a whole secret race separate from humans hiding in the dark. 

There wasn't enough time to go through the whole history of what Quinn had been through and the others, but they'd explained a little about Kaz and the others' situation, who were already turned.

For a second Nate was silent, and Sam was worried how he was taking it all.

"I'm sorry Nate, I know you didn't want any help." Said Sam.

Placing his hand on Sam's shoulder, he looked up and had a gentle smile. 

"Don't be sorry, you idiot, you saved my life. Why would I be ungrateful and hate you for something like that? I'm not an idiot, Would I have liked to have accomplished things myself, of course, but how the hell am I meant to do that if I'm dead. And I couldn't die before getting a date you know that.

"Hey wait a second!" Nate suddenly shouted as if he was excited, he touched his face again, and ran his fingers through his hair, he then turned to look at Dennis. 

"It's true, his clear skin, his robust facial features, his soft gentle eyes. He's gotten more handsome!" Nate said with excitement. "Does that mean, does it mean..." Nate said as he continued to point at himself.

"Haha," Sam chuckled. "I'm not really the one to judge you on that, but you can see for yourself when we get a mirror." 

"I do have a question to ask." Dennis said. "You said they were different types of vampires, so what are we?"

Sam tried to look at them to see if he could figure it out. They weren't any stand out features but one could never be too sure. In the end, they would have to wait for Quinn to let them know. 

Now with everything explained the group needed to decide what to do next. They were unable to turn others, and everyone they had found was now dead. They were the only survivors of the whole thing.

"Who was that guy from before?" Sam asked. 

"I don't know." Paull replied. "But could you smell it? he had the same smell as us. Who ever was helping us through that whole thing, they were a vampire as well."

 Other than the smell, Sam already knew that, the person seemed to be quite the knowledgeable one as they explained everything very clearly to the two of them. The question was, why or who was trying to help them out, and why did they leave and not show themselves?

They both knew that vampires had very strict laws, and surely them two, not being vampire leaders turning people without permission from the leader was against a type of law, not that Quinn would have said no, or not given them permission anyway. 

"What should we do now?" Nate asked, still touching his new smooth face. 

"I guess we have two choices, there are still two smaller ships here that were brought over from the main group." Said Sam. "We can either use them to go down and search for Quinn, or head back to see if the others are okay."

"You guys can do what you want." Paul said. "But I have to head back to the others first before doing anything else. I know Quinn might be in trouble, but there might be others like you two that need saving."

'I'll go with you." Dennis said.

"Don't worry we will all go." Sam said. 'Honestly I know Quinn might need our help, but I don't know how much we could even do to help him."

"Who was that monster, will Quinn even be okay against them?" Nate asked. 

"I'm not sure, but Quinn usually has a few things up his sleeve that he even hides from us from time to time. I just hope what he has is something big enough."


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