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797 Hilston vs the hero of war
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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797 Hilston vs the hero of war

Some of them had closed their eyes for just a second and when they opened them, the whole scene had changed. It seemed so out of the blue, so unexpected. Hilston had been calm, talking the whole time to them all. Did Duke sound rude when he spoke up? Sure, but usually one would argue for some time or have some type of disagreement before it led to this

Those watching never thought Hilston would result in killing Duke.

Although Quinn wanted to be the one to kill Duke and thought he had gotten what he deserved, Quinn felt like they now had something bigger to worry about.

'He killed him, just like that? In front of everyone, what's going to happen now?' He thought.

Just as expected, that single action had soon caused a chain reaction of events. The ground was lifted where Hilston was standing, two large walls holding and trapping him in place, soon after Oscar had swung his sword and activated the first skill.

A tunnel made of ice came beaming out towards Hilston. Expecting him to dodge or avoid this attack, Oscar was watching carefully ready to strike with his sword. Instead Hilston stood there and as the ice had gotten extremely close to his body, it started to melt by the second until there was just a pool of water where the tunnel would have been.

"The fire ability from the Sunshield family, they're still alive?" Oscar said. He had received information on the Sunshield's demise but had no clue what had happened to them. Now, knowing what type of ability the kid and his family held, all sorts of thoughts were running through his head.

Still, even if Burnie had been captured by the Blade family, the question was how was Hilston's fire ability so strong that it was even able to overpower his demon tier active skill?

"That idiot's ability has become quite handy in more ways than one." Hilston said. "That fool was also considered one of your leaders, correct? Unfortunately he didn't quite live up to his name. If this is the power of the leaders, then the human race deserves to become extinct."

From the start Oscar wanted to avoid this conflict if possible, but from this man's actions which were so rash, even killing Duke, he knew if a person like this was placed near the top it would be doom for the human race. His words just then had convinced him even more.

This wasn't just a fight to avenge Duke's death, this was a fight for the whole sake of humanity. Gripping his Demon sword tightly, it was the only thing he could safely rely on at this time.

Oscar took a step forward planning to move in when he saw a spark of blue light coming towards him. At the last second he was able to twist his sword and take the attack. Now coating his sword in blue streaks of lightning, he could see it was the Graylash's power. However. Oscar was unprepared, he hadn't coated his arm in earth, and from the sword the power was running up and down his arm, but he stood there as if it didn't affect him and allowed the ground to slowly cast over him.

'This person is just like that kid, but he should be more experienced so I have to be careful." Oscar thought.

When the lightning died down from the sword, Oscar moved again, ready this time. Even if Hilston was in a secret position of power, hardly anyone knew the weapons abilities and Oscar wanted to use this information against him.

When the lightning attack came towards him again, this one was more powerful and larger than before. Two huge lightning bolts came towards him at lightspeed.

'The first one a warning shot to see how I deal with it, then the second one to show me your true strength. That's just perfect.' Oscar said as he placed his sword on the ground activating the third skill, the ice barrier.

It raised up in time and started to glow as the sword was stuck into the barrier. When the lightning bolts hit the barrier, it stayed there for a few seconds before being reflected back. Now the powerful attack was being used against Hilston, and it would be slightly stronger than before.

Following up the attack, Oscar moved in thinking that it wouldn't be enough to finish him.

"I didn't activate all of the demon tier weapons aura before, but I'm going to need every bit of your power, so please help me!" Oscar said, as he went from one side of the field he was on, to the other faster than before.

The bolt of lightning had hit Hilston first and rather than being flung back or trying to avoid the attack, Hislton just stood there. However Oscar didn't care as he swung his sword down with his full strength and speed.

Before his sword had struck Hilston, his eyes widened and his sword was stopped as it was grabbed by Hilston's bare hand.

'He's... he's completely fine, even though he was hit directly by his own strike, I saw it, but he looks unhurt.'

Now that Oscar was closer, he could see the black and gold armour better and seeing how well he took the attack, there was only one thing running through his mind.

'It can't be, he's wearing demon tier armour.'

"This weapon is strong, but it seems you rely on its power too much." Hilston said. "You have neglected training yourself and at the same time you forget that abilities, are king."

A heavy blow from Hilston was delivered right into Oscar's stomach. It was so strong he had expected to go flying, but instead his back was hit against a wall and he sent through not one but multiple, slowing him down. It also allowed the punch to do far more damage than usual, as the full force of the punch had been received.

'This person, they're not human.' Was the thought running through Oscar's head as he was sent flying.

When his body did finally land on the floor, it didn't stay there for long as a pillar made from earth rose from the ground and hit him on the back, lifting him up above the ground. Before he knew it, a large fire ball was in front of him chasing him back down to the ground.

Using his strength, Oscar managed to activate the second skill of the sword, the fire started to slightly freeze, but it was stronger then he thought and had still hit him. The fireball slammed him into the ground before the flames eventually diminished.

He was hurt, badly hurt but Oscar was a strong one. He dug his sword into the ground and used it to lift himself up.

'How can I beat him? If he uses lightning, then my earth ability should give me the edge, but he has multiple abilities. He can switch to fire, which is strong against ice, and can even use the earth skill better than me. On top of that he is physically stronger and the other two by his side haven't even joined the fight yet.'

Watching the whole thing, Bonny and Void's eyes were filled with tears. They were capturing everything they could, expecting it to be a fight of high skill. Void had upped the frame rate on his camera, and later he could capture as much as he could.

The reason their eyes were filled with tears though, was because of Oscar, the war hero of earth was being toyed with. Even if they didn't like what the military had done, everyone had to thank Oscar for what he had done in the war.

They had seen recordings of how he fought against the Dalki and now for him to be treated like so, barely able to do anything against another, was devastating.

"Why are you guys just standing there?" Bonny said. "Watching with your eyes wide open! I know this is selfish and stupid of me to say and ask, because me and Void can't do anything, but you guys are the strongest earth has to offer right? Then do something, can't you see, if nothing is done by that man, then ….then… Please…Just help him." She said falling to her knees.

So far no one else had joined in, Oscar was the only one that had acted so soon after Duke's death. They were overwhelmed by the power they had seen.

"Armour skill, activate." Oscar said, and his chest piece started to glow green. "This will help me heal, but it will take some time."

But time was something Oscar didn't have, as two even larger lightning bolts were sent his way. He was too injured to move and the active skill of his chest piece hadn't healed him enough yet. Looking at his sword, he could see the red ring was only half way being off cooldown.

He raised an earth wall, but the lightning bolt went right through it, not slowing down.

"I've finally made my decision." A voice over Oscar's shoulder was heard.

A metal fan was seen pointing outward from a hand, and out of it came another strike of lightning hitting Hilston's and slowing it down.

"Owen, thank you," Oscar said.

"Recover and we will fight him together. I had planned to do this at some point, and I can't see any other time where we have a better chance of beating the brute."

Still, even with Owen's lightning power and Oscar's earth from before, he was being overpowered. That was until someone else had joined in, attacking the same spot Owen did increasing his power.

A large bang of sparks erupted, and all of the lightning had disappeared.

"Oh Sil." Hilston said. "I couldn't have been happier, it looks like what Vicky and Pai said were true, you have finally gotten your powers back. But I didn't think you would be using them against me."

Oscar didn't know what was happening or why the blonde haired boy from before was fighting against his own family, but he was welcoming it.

"I never thought I would be helping the military." Another voice said. "But I have a feeling if we don't kill that guy, he's going to snap all our necks like he did to that other dude." Chris said as he stood by Oscar's side as well.

It seems Like Bonny's plea had hit a lot of them, and they had all come to their senses. As everyone was willing to join in the fight, all accept for one, which was Quinn.

He was still standing by the side doing nothing.

'Is he really not going to join this fight?' Bonny thought.

However, Fex, who had opted to not get involved in a fight between these giant powers, looked at Quinn and was wondering just what he was up to.


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