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793 Strong rumbling
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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793 Strong rumbling

Looking at the weapons on the red-haired man's back, Oscar's memory flickered of when he last saw them. He instinctively grabbed his own blade, which was by his side, however his grip around the hilt loosened when he looked at the man closely.

'Who is that, I've never seen that person before?' He thought.

Regardless, even if they didn't know who Chris was, he was already on his way out of there, that was until he saw a black smoke of mist.

'Isn't that the kid's…'

The strong anger inside Quinn still hadn't settled, he promised himself that if he saw Duke again, for attempting to take his life, that he would finish him the next time he saw him, and through that, his desire was summoned, and someone or something was there to complete it.

Although the smoke appeared behind Quinn, when Chris turned his head to have a look, he could already see the large deathly claw of the Boneclaw appearing behind Duke. A large swipe of its hand slashed the back of Duke, carving a large scratch across his whole back.

"Arghhh!" He screamed in pain as he fell to the floor and landed on his knees, the long fingers were strong, and Duke never saw it coming. They had sunken quite deep into his body.

Oscar, who was usually keeping an eye on Duke, was too busy looking at the red-haired stranger who was by Quinn's side. He was distracted and was unable to help Duke in time. Seeing such a creature, he thought it was a humanoid beast, and went forward to strike, but by then the beast had already teleported away from Duke's behind, making his sword hit nothing but air, and the next place the Bonecalw appeared was directly in front of Duke to finish him off.

'Why is Quinn attacking them, from the way he was acting before he seemed to be on friendly terms with them. If I'm not wrong that's the same beast that I saw that was protecting him before, can he not control it?'

The initial blow on Duke's back was worse than he thought, it had ripped through his chest armor, although it was weaker on one's back, which meant he could only think that it was a high-level beast. The only thing to do now, was to activate his soul weapon and cover himself with the earth, but it would be too slow.

All these thoughts went through his head, as he saw the claw dangling in front of his eyes, but then, slowly it started to freeze, as a large tunnel of ice came out and froze the death claw in place, soon after a slice with the demon tier sword dealt with the beast. Instead of the black blood one would see, they only saw it turn into a black mist that slowly went over to where Quinn was.

However, it would be hard for them to relate that the beast was something to do with Quinn despite this, the only reason Chris had figured it out, was due to the beast's strange actions beforehand.

"What was that?" Bonny asked. "I think it was some type of beast, is it still alive?"

The attack had startled most, and they were now on guard for what was about to happen next. Turning his head, Oscar could only assume it was one person, especially after seeing the smoke head their way.

'That damn red haired.' Oscar thought.

Seeing him walk towards them, Quinn was the first to step forward in front of Chris.

"What are you doing Oscar?" Quinn said, ready for a scuffle.

"This man hurt my men, you expect me to do nothing, when Duke almost died."

"That man doesn't deserve to be protected by you!" Quinn replied, still upset. "He tried to kill me; he was the one that had pushed me into the black crack when we were all escaping. Whatever is happening to Duke now, he deserves it!"

Hearing this made Oscar rethink, just who was the one that had really hurt Duke.

The sound of the lightning ability being activated was heard, and soon, Oscar had to move back as he covered Duke, for the lighting was coming from Sil.

'This isn't a good situation, the Cursed faction are too strong, there is that blonde boy over there, and there is also Quinn and the other man, three against one, or two if I include Owen being on my side. It isn't a good match up for me.' Oscar thought.

"How could you!" Duke shouted. "I saw one of the emperor tier crabs coming from the side, so I decided to push you back before it clawed your head off. I knew no one would buy my explanation so I kept it in! Now that you're alive you should be thanking me."

How could such a person claim a thing, Duke;s words were only making Quinn more angry.

"What an obvious lie." Quinn replied. "You, try to save my life? Why would you ever even think of doing that? You have been scum ever since your days at the academy."

"Quinn hear him out," Oscar said. "And I have to say, I'm not really on trusting sides with you right now, it seems like the rumors are true after all. The Cursed faction really are working with Pure." He said as he pointed his finger towards Chris.

This was something Quinn expected, but the certain situation wasn't one he thought that he would be in now.

"Quinn I'm sorry for putting you in this situation." Chris said. "I should have told you I was in Pure, but people tend to act this way when they find out."

"Don't worry," Quinn replied immediately. "I was the one that actually started this mess, and I might not be the best judge of character, but that man on the floor, is a lot worse than you."

"Quinn tell me who you want me to deal with, I'm ready when you are." Sil said, still standing there with bolts of lightning running up and down his arm.

With the demon tiers third active Skill, Sil had to be careful, and Quinn knew this as well. Essentially that single skill was what made the demon weapon so deadly. The stronger one was, the more powerful effect that skill had.

"Quinn, if you're going to fight, then I will be happy to help out my disciple for this one." Chris said.

"This is not how a leader of the world table should act." Oscar said, as he placed the sword down by his side. "Even if my man has done something wrong, we need to hear out both sides first and act accordingly, we don't want to start another Civil war, right after we have decided to team up together again, right?"

As angry as Quinn was at Duke, what Oscar said made a lot of sense. In his position he couldn't just act rashly anymore, his actions were the actions of everyone else in his faction and it would affect them too now.

If Quinn had a grudge, it could start a fight that the others didn't want to get involved in.

"Huh, what, Quinn you're a World Leader?" Chris was so confused, he could not understand what Oscar was saying. He knew the others were the world leaders, but he had no clue who Quinn was before meeting him, he had never seen him before, but apparently he was a world leader.

'This situation is getting wilder by the second.' Quinn thought and it would have been better for the two of them to have been honest with each other first.

"Err guys..." Logan said interrupting everyone, even though he hadn't said a word so far. Soon he didn't need to say anything for the rumbling in the ground had started. The ground was shaking violently just like before, but it was even more intense.

"Everyone move, we need to get out of here now!" Logan shouted.

However, the warning was too late, as the ground underneath them was shaking. They all quickly tried to move away from the area as much as they could.

Then, out from the ground, a large diamond was seen popping up, now the others were starting to understand why there was no vegetation in this area, and they were about to meet an old friend.


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