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787 Little man“s strength
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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787 Little man“s strength

Kubo could hear a voice but he didn't know where it was coming from, until eventually he heard the sound of someone's foot tapping. Hearing that, he looked down and could see a small blonde haired boy.

"You look like a young adult but have the body of a…of a… " Kubo couldn't make up his mind, the boy was like a toddler but had the proportions of a normal sized human.

"Why is a kid calling the other kid's his students?" Kubo chuckled, as he started to spin his spear around at great speeds. He twirled the spear above his head, threw it up in the air and caught it, placing it by his side all while making the strange noises martial artists would do in those old cliche movies.

A round of applause was made from the kids when they saw this.

"Whoa, I think he might be as good as Jerry with weapons." One of them said.

"Nah, this guys a little better, Jerry's good but not that good."

"What are you talking about, give me a spear and I'll do the same thing, right now!" Another kid shouted in anger.

'What's with these kids, I'm here to attack them and they're all so calm, do they not know the extent of the situation they are in?' Kubo thought.

It was making him feel sick, this was not the pleasure he wanted, he wanted them all to be scared, crying with fear and begging for their lives.

"Damn you!" Kubo screamed as he thrust his sword fast towards one of the students that was closest. The attack was too fast for the student to react. Skimming just past the students face, the spear was suddenly stopped and unable to be budged an inch, and when looking down he could see the little man holding onto it.

"These people are only kids!" Borden shouted. His hand that was gripped around the spear was tense, his knuckles were white. Cries from the kid started as a small scratch had been made on his cheek.

"What…do you think…you're doing!" Borden shouted.

The spear had snapped from where it was gripped and a spike had grown out from Borden's back, not just one but two. Scales on his face and arms started to grow as he couldn't contain his anger.

Before he knew it, Kubo could no longer see the little man.

'Hardening activate max.' Kubo activated his ability while he was mid air and looking at the Pure members who were behind him. All of them were too stunned to even move to help, as they witnessed the small man lift Kubo in the air above his head, only to then slam Kubo into the ground.

As his body landed, the arena floor tiles were smashed and a vibration was felt by everyone in the room.

Kubo was desperately coughing out blood, he had legendary tier armour on and used his hardening skill but it was still useless.

"You're still alive, I guess that's where your confidence came from." Borden said.

'Oh crap! I transformed in front of the kids.' Touching himself all over, Borden realised the kids were staring at his strange features. During his time teaching them, he had a lot of fun with them, and he showed his feats of strength but had never shown them his transformation, like Quinn had asked.

He knew if those on the Cursed ship knew he was a Dalki, they would be afraid of him and now Borden was afraid that the kids wouldn't speak to him again.

"Wow, that's so cool, he can transform as well!"

"Our teacher's amazing, I thought he was just a strong little man."

"I want to be like him."

"I'm the closest, look my hair is like his."

Looking at the ground, Borden wanted to hide the smile on his face, he wanted them to remember him as a serious teacher as well as one they got along with. The kids had calmed him down, and the spikes and scales started to disappear from his body.

"Did you see that, that was a Dalki! The Cursed faction has a Dalki!" The Pure members started to say in a panic.

"Kill it, we have to kill it!"

"But I've never seen a Dalki turn into a human, and transform like that?" Another commented.

"Who cares, while it's not in that form we have to kill it!"

Seeing the Pure members charge forward, Borden thought this was the perfect opportunity.

"Alright kids, this guy isn't dead, so you'll be able to use him right? Show me what you have learnt so far."

After touching Kubo who was near death on the floor, the kids, almost fearless, decided to go into battle with those at Pure. This was something they were not expecting.

Some wished to not fight children. But soon when they saw how skilled and serious the kids were, they were fending for their own lives. They were skilled with the weapons they took from the members, faster and knew how to fight well using the ability.

On top of this, whenever Borden thought one would get hurt, he would intervene, blowing the person to bits.

"None of you deserve to live, just sitting there and watching that man do what he was going to do, you are all just as bad," Borden said.

A few minutes later, and the training room door opened. In came members from the Cursed faction who had come through the portals. They looked like they were in a hurry, covered in sweat.

"Quick, we have to make sure they're….safe.." The man in front started to slow down his words as he saw that all of the Pure members, including Kubo, had already been dealt with.

"I taught them well, triple A for all of you for this assignment!" Borden said, giving them a thumbs up.

Back in the main hall of the ship, Linda had finished going through her evolution. It was a pain just as bad as when she first turned, and she thought she would never have to experience anything like it again.

At the time, she didn't know she was going through an evolution, but now that it was complete she could tell her body had changed, not much physically but she knew something was different.

Moving her body slightly through the air, she wondered what changes her new body even had.

'I'll need to speak to Quinn when he gets back.'

"I've just got news from all the others, it looks like everyone is safe and they have dealt with all the intruders." Wevil reported.

His voice had startled Linda, and she quickly looked at Tulk, who had been eaten by her on the ground. Images flashed in her head, something she thought she would never do, she had done. At the time she didn't even feel like she was herself.

Now, she was starting to understand a little of what Fex must have been going through at the time.

"That's good news. Anyone that is alive let's round them up. I'm sure Quinn is going to want to hear an explanation from them about what just happened. When they wake up, we can make them clean up their own dead. Send a message to them."

Wevil nodded and started to walk away to give the message but before doing so, Linda called out.

"Wevil, don't tell anyone."

He stopped for a second and then continued walking with a thumbs up. She didn't know if she could trust him with such a secret, but she owed him for helping and saving the lives of the others in the faction.

After doing what was asked, the only person that was left alive from the leaders in charge of the attack, was Kubo. He was locked away and kept an eye on until Quinn came back.

The attack outside from the beasts had also been dealt with by the other families, but the Cursed never left their ship, which made the Graylash and other families wonder what was going on inside. However, they didn't have much time to wonder.

They had all just received a call with an update of the Demon tier hunt.


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