My Vampire System
779 Sil“s rage
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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779 Sil“s rage

Back on the surface of the planet, many of those that had been gathered to take on the demon tier beast were standing on either side of the artificial giant walls that had been created by Oscar. They were looking down below at what had just happened.

A large crack could be seen, and staring down into the void there was nothing but darkness. It was incredibly wide, stopping just short of the two walls. As for the demon tier beast itself, after causing such a mess, it had already burrowed itself into the ground and they had no clue where it had gone.

Those that were on the ground floor had used the remaining tunnels that lead to the top of the walls. The idea was for the support users to use them, allowing them to travel in between. It was a good thing, otherwise a lot more of those on the ground would have been caught up and would have fallen in.

When they arrived at the very top, they were unaware of what was going on. When the demon tier beast had unleashed its small army of emporeir tier crabs, some of them had scaled up the side of the walls and were busy fighting with the users up top. Some died, but as soon as the leaders had arrived, they dealt with those quickly.

In the scuffle against the demon tier beast, around a quarter of them had lost their lives. It would have been a better result than expected if they had actually killed the demon tier beast.

When they all had arrived at the top and had a moment to take in everything that had happened, that was when Sam noticed.

"Where's Quinn?" Sam asked. "What happened to him, did anyone see what happened to him?"

Everyone looked around but had no clue where he was. Duke remained silent, that was until someone started pointing fingers.

"You," Sil said with his finger pointed at Duke. "You were behind me, and Quinn was behind you. He should have made it."

Scrunching up his face with his arms folded, it looked like a vein was about to pop out of his forehead. "Are you accusing a head general of something? I know nothing, he was running behind me and was at the very back. Of course it would make sense for him to fall in out of everyone. Why, did you think I did something?"

"You know those that lie tend to over explain things." Logan interrupted, as he continued to type away as if he was trying to find out something. "All he said was he should have made it, and that you were behind him."

The anger was rising in Duke, since when could just normal civilians, a bunch of nobodies talk to him like that?

"You're a right smart arse, aren't you!" Duke said, as he threw out a pole made from earth towards Logan's head, but before it could reach him, a hand grabbed the pole that looked almost transparent.

"He is part of my group, what do you think you're doing?" Mona said.

The one that had grabbed the pole was Mona's beast.

While everyone was focusing on the conflict that was unfolding between Duke and Mona, they had failed to notice the blue bolt of lightning that was charging up and down Sil's arms, and before they knew it, it was fired straight towards Duke.

Duke had brought some earth with him along on this trip, that was how he was able to form the object now and the one before, but even though earth was stronger against lighting, in this case it would be useless. However, before it could hit him, a blue sword had intercepted the attack.

Lightning struck the edge of the sword and Oscar's arm which was holding it could be seen covered in the diamond material from the planet. It was protecting him from the lightning. Still, it wasn't enough. Stabbing the sword into the ground, he had to redirect the power to the ground.

"Are you trying to start a war!?" Oscar said in anger, as one of his own men was attacked in front of his very eyes.

"Did you hear what Logan said," Sil replied. "He was lying! In short, he knows something, he..he..." Sil repeated with his head held down, and soon bolts of lighting were running up and down both arms.

'He had already attacked the crab with so much force, and he still has power to use his ability?' Owen thought. 'He is one of the stronger ones from that family.'

"He killed Quinn!" Sil shouted while pointing at Duke.

Oscar was ready, and all of his active sword skills were off cool down, whatever attack this boy had, however powerful, he would raise the ice barrier and reflect it back.

"Are you going to start a war now, another civil one, when we don't even know the truth?" Oscar said.

"There's a chance that Quinn is still alive, and when we find him he can tell us the truth." Logan said, as he pulled up a hologram for them all to see.

Ever since they had lost the demon tier beast, Logan was attempting to find its position again, but it was proving difficult. The hologram was showing the planet, and it was showing where the large red dot was, which was supposedly where the demon tier beast was. However on the map itself, it was showing that it was inside the planet.

"Confused? Well I was too when I first took a look at this. At first I thought it was an error, but it claims that after the beast moved away, that it went into the planet. We all saw it's ability so I thought it made sense, it could burrow underneath the ground after all, but the map indicated that it was quite deep underground, which led me to investigate.

"After sending one of my drones into the fissure to investigate, it looked as if there is a whole other habitable land down there and it looks like our demon tier friend has decided to rest down there as well.

"When we find Quinn, he can tell us what really happened." Logan explained.

"How would we get down there?" Mona asked.

"Honestly, the quickest way would be the same way Quinn supposedly went down there, but a drop down that far would kill us, and the pressure form the gravitational pull from the core would be so great, that most would probably pass out, unable to do anything, The only thing we could do is return with some smaller ships, take a small group to investigate and take down the beasts." Logan suggested.

"If that is where the beast is and it's the best chance we have, then so be it." Owen said.

The group discussed it a bit more as Logan tried to show what he could do to make everyone feel a bit safer about going down there. After much discussion, a group was sent to get a couple of small ships that could fit through the crack, and then the leaders would go ahead and investigate.

During the whole conversation, the frown and anger on Duke's face never left for a second and at the same time, Sil didn't look away from him either. When all was decided all the group could do now was wait for the spaceships to arrive.

Standing up, Sil looked at Duke, unafraid of everyone that was there at that moment.

"If Quinn is dead, the first person I'm killing is you." Sil pointed once again.

Hearing the threat, Oscar was clearly not pleased, but then Sil turned to him as well continuing to point his finger out like a child.

"And if you try to help him, you can die as well."

His words were spoken like that of a child, but at the same time every one of them had seen the immense power he had, and both Mona and Owen were afraid that they still hadn't seen the full extent of it.


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