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741 The new era duel
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Author :JKSManga
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741 The new era duel

Soon after the leaders meeting, the information was soon passed onto Bonny and Void. After all, they were the ones that were requested to record this event and reveal the news to everyone else.

At the moment, the two of them were staying at the previously owned Pure planet with the Cursed faction. Their next move hadn't been made yet, perhaps they were waiting for a reaction or news from Pure themselves, but none of that had arrived yet.

'With this news, maybe they won't have to do anything.' Bonny thought as she sat there typing away and a holographic screen. She often wrote down her notes and what to do next when it came to her interviews.

'The problem is - will Pure really accept taking part in this?' Bonny thought. 'They might not have a choice.'

If the Cursed faction and Daisy agreed to the terms of the duel, and Pure didn't, even without them, one side would be declared a winner and they could absorb the other factions forces.

Without a doubt, there would then be one faction far stronger than the other whereas currently the powers were seen as almost completely equal. Plus, with the pressure from the people and with Pure trying to get in the public eye more, they wouldn't be able to miss this opportunity.

While Bonny was deeply consumed in her thoughts, Lucy was in the middle of a call with the leader of Pure, Rank 0. The request had been sent out and she was waiting for the leader's answer.

"We really have no choice," Mr 0 replied. "Now is not the time for everyone to know the full strength of Pure, we need to make sure we always have a hidden card up our sleeve.

"I will leave this in your hands, number five, I hope you will achieve this task for the future of Pure."

"I understand, may Pure be with you." Lucy replied.

The first to reply to the duel was Daisy. They claimed that if there was anything that could get less people involved in a battle, then they would always take that choice. It just made those following Daisy grow more attached to them than before, and others who were with other factions wishing they had a leader like that.

In contrast, many thought after the broadcast that lots of people would have deserted the Cursed faction, especially after they would have seen that Quinn was behind the beast attacking certain shelters in the first place.

Yet for some reason, no one had caused a fuss at the Cursed faction. On the outside, no one understood why, but slowly, comments online were starting to appear with support of the Cursed faction.

They would get shut down immediately, but those that were within the Cursed faction never got mistreated, and felt like their lives were better than ever. Still, there wasn't enough positivity to overturn the negative opinion of the Cursed faction.

And even more so, now that they were the last to reply to the duel.

In truth, they felt like they couldn't decide until they had heard from Pure, and now that they had agreed, they knew their answer.

"Of course we will join the duel." Sam said with a smile, while a camera from Void was being pointed in his face.

Sam wanted the Cursed faction to appear in the front of the camera more, hoping they could change others' opinions.

"There is no need to get others involved, and we won't do that. We don't want to hurt people either."

However, once again when the report came out, people were complaining that Sam's response was too similar to the Daisy faction, and they were just trying to gain public favour by repeating what they had said.

Even Sam was getting worn out and tired by all the troubles the media was bringing to them.

Sitting outside at a table, Nate, Sam, and Quinn were talking. Sam had his hands in his hair, pulling at it.

"Hey, if you carry on like that you're going to go bald." Nate mentioned.

"Don't worry," Quinn said. "If any of us had said anything on the camera, it would have been worse. You're doing a good job. So now that we've agreed to the duel, what exactly is it, is it one on one fights or group battles?"

"Actually it seems to be a little complicated." Sam replied, pulling out a piece of paper and drawing a diagram so everyone could visualise it better.

"Every faction will create an A team and a B team. These teams are groups of three and they will be there on three battles. Both of these groups will also go up against the opposing teams groups. So each group will have to fight a total of four times.

"Each win is one point, and whoever gets the most points will be declared the winner. I'm guessing they chose to set it up this way so they could see the strongest people in each faction. After all, a faction's strength isn't just reliant on one person, kinda." Sam ended his sentence, as he realised that many of the big four were reliant on the overwhelming strength their leaders contained.

In a way this duel was a trap for the new era powers, as they would be displaying all their secrets, such as abilities and strength, but they had no choice but to participate.

"So we have to make two groups of three, then I guess we should pick the two strongest to lead each group?" Quinn said.

"I have some suggestions," Sam replied. "But it's completely up to you. Right now without a doubt the two strongest people in our faction are both you and Sil. We can't just have one strong group and one weak group if we want to win this thing for sure.

"So I suggest Quinn will lead group A, While Sil leads group B, the real question is, who to have supporting them. Our next two strongest after them would be Nate and Dennis, and both of these people are great physical fighters. Then we have two options, to either pick someone who would act as a great support, or just go for the next set of strongest people we have on our team."

If Nate and Dennis already filled up two slots, Quinn started to think of other people on the team that were considered strong. Linda and Peter with their new bodies were certainly strong. However, their strange powers and strength would reveal to the world who they really were.

Fex was also a good choice, but he would be limited and there was always the worry that if he was put in a tough position, he would reveal himself, but then who else was there?

Their choices were finite.

"Do you have anyone you think will do a good job?" Quinn asked.

"Yes." Sam replied, "There are two people whose ability will be useful and also are strong. Fex, with his string ability. The creative ways he uses his power, and the fact that it's an original ability means others won't know how to deal with it that well, and then my next suggestion would be Paul.

"Since you gave him the book from the Parasites, he has now become a level eight poison user."

"I will go with your advice then." Quinn said.

"Yes!" Nate cheered. "I knew following you would be interesting. I can't wait to see who we face out there. The strongest people in the world, all in one place."

After informing Bonny of what their team had planned to do, she then updated the other's as well. The reporters were in contact with all of the current powers and the other side would almost always answer their call at the moment.

That's when a new piece of information had hit them all, after the duel had been accepted.

The duel was set to be broadcasted live to everyone, and it would be taking place on the planet where the demon tier beast was known to be located. The idea was that once a new era power had been chosen, they would be invited onto the leaders table and from there, they would start their hunt for the demon tier beast.


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