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734 Getting cold
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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734 Getting cold

Recently, Quinn was unable to get in contact with Layla or Cia, he was little concerned but the last time they spoke and gave him information, they both sounded and looked to be doing good. He didn't know why, but he was always worried when thinking about the two girls.

Maybe it was because he didn't know much about Pure or maybe it was something else.

What this meant though, was out of all the planets Pure currently occupied, Quinn had no idea which one the two girls were on. However, if they were on this planet, he should have been able to sense them, but he knew at times that the vampire blood bond sense, wasn't always the best thing to rely on.

Since when he was on the Blade family island, it didn't work the best due to a strange interference. Otherwise he would have been able to find Peter a lot sooner.

The group stepped out of the shelter. The planet's surface looked to be mostly gray gravel with red rocks scattered about everywhere. To show that they weren't too intimidating, they only brought ten men with them as well as the reporters.

"Are they going to be okay?" Quinn asked.

He had expected the reporters to stay at the back possibly behind the others, but instead they were in the front row just off to the side of Nate and Sam. Quinn didn't know when, but he noticed that the equipment Bonny and void were wearing now had changed compared to before.

While void, was pointing his camera towards her and she stood in front of it, the two of them were wearing king tier beast gear.

"I'm sure they know what they are doing," Sam replied. "They survived this long getting by, right and they had to get their beast gear somehow?"

Still, out of concern Quinn decided to go up to them both, he placed his hand on both of their shoulders. "We're not planning to fight right here, but it gets rough, stay close to me." And Quinn was off again.

"That was a little strange," Void said. "When he was talking about it getting rough, I thought he was going to tell us to run away. Someone's a bit over confident and cocky."

Soon after Nate had approached the two as well.

"If a fight breaks out and you want to live, get behind me, I promise I won't let anything hit you."

"What about me?" Void asked, noticing that Nate was only looking at Bonny.

"My body can only protect one person, sometimes we have to make sacrifices." Nate nodded giving him a thumbs up and walked off as well.

'I have to learn how he does it, maybe if I mirror him for a bit, I'll learn a thing or two.' Nate thought.

"These people are weird," Void said.

But Bonny didn't make a comment, and instead just continued to watch everything.

A large square looking vehicle with six wheels as big as the jeeps next to them was on it's way over to the shelter. It didn't look to have any weapons on the vehicle itself, but was made more for transportation.

"An estimate of how many people that thing can carry?" Quinn asked.

"I would say five hundred, but you don't have to worry, I doubt they would send more than a hundred people to deal with us," Sam replied.

Eventually the large vehicle stopped. The two jeeps by the side carried four groups of people each covered in beast gear and then finally , the door to the larger vehicle opened up and fell to the ground.

Just as Sam had estimated, it looked like they had brought a group of around a hundred or so with them.

"It looks like Pure have finally arrived, from the looks of things it seems Pure hasn't sent many members themselves, and have mainly gotten aid from the faction members of the shelter that had gotten taken over." Bonny said, giving her report.

"Cut!" Said void. "That was good with them in the background, let;s get a few more takes."

Out from the front, a man walked out who had several scars over his face, and behind him were two more. They walked with a sense of confidence compared to the rest. When using his inspect skill, Quinn could tell that the three in front of him were the only pure members there, or most likely anyway since they didn't have any abilities.

"Are you the leader- " Quinn spoke but was cut off.

"I suggest you pack your things and get out of here while we are being nice. We saw you arrive and expected you to leave, but you never did."

Void's hands were sweating slightly, but he kept hold of his camera filming everything. He always got tense in situations like these. Usually, one side was the aggressor and led the negations to show they were in control, and it looked like Pure was doing a good job.

He was also wondering when Quinn was going to call the rest of the people that had been left inside of the abandoned shelter.

"We're from the cursed faction and are here to ask for a meeting," Sam said. "You can guess why we are here, so if you want to be aggressive we can be as well, but if you want to deal with this situation so as little people as possible die, then that's up to you as well."

"The Cursed faction?" The man started to laugh. "You guys actually decided to come here?"

"Let's go in closer for a better shot." Void said, and now they stood by the side of the two groups who were standing five meters apart.

"So you want to meet the leader of this planet so you can request a formal duel?" The scar faced man said. "But why would we do that, when we can deal with you here?"

"I think we deserve a little respect, this isn't the main planet of the Pure is it?" Sam asked. "And while we have brought our leader himself, besides your not even a numbered member of Pure, correct? So you shouldn't even have any authority to make a deal with us in the first place."

At that moment, the scar faced man and the two men beside him, demeanor changed. They no longer had the look of fools who were joking about.

"You two with the camera, this thing isn't live is it?" The scar faced man asked.

"Um no, this wouldn't do well as a livestream, the numbers were quite low so we decided to just make it a report and get better angels. We will send you the footage before it goes live and can cut out anything you don't want to be broadcasted, we want to work with both sides." Bonny answered in a polite manner.

"Good, because I'm wondering how you guys know about something that is only top secret within Pure. It looks like we got a little rat, and unfortunately, anyone who knows, must die!" The scar faced man then pulled out a dagger, and threw it right towards Bonny.

It was faster than she had expected, and she never thought them two were the ones that would be targeted. This had never happened to them before. However, the dagger hadn't even reached midway before it was stopped and caught midair by Quinn.

At the same time, Nate had come over and had become a human shield in front of Bonny hardening himself, but it was pointless as Quinn had already caught the dagger.

"Are you sure you want to do this? We just asked to be brought to the person in charge on this planet? I don't want to kill you if I don't have to."

Sam sighed and started to shake his head as he made his way back to the others, and they all sat down on the floor. He knew how this would go, and based on the scar man's personality and how aggressive he had been from the get go, he knew what his answer would be.

"Quinn, don't damage the large vehicle, it looks nice maybe we can use it," Sam said.

"Hey square…kind sir." Bonny whispered. "Aren't they going to go help him, it looks like a fight going to start any second.

"Help him, didn't we already tell you about how he took down the Sunshields on his own, if I tried jumping in the middle of that, I might get hurt myself."

"Attack them a-" The scared man said, but before he could finish his sentence, he found his own dagger piercing through his skull. It was thrown with such force that the dagger went through and carried on until it got stuck into the vehicle behind.

'Quinn, I don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, but ever since Blip's death and the incident with the parasites. You have become a little colder in terms of killing.' Nate thought.

Quinn jumped in to deal with the rest of them, without hesitation.


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