My Vampire System
730 New Era powerhouses
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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730 New Era powerhouses

"This is the last one," Bonny said, as she carefully steered the spaceship and it started to descend.

"Thank the heavens," Void replied, as he started to get his equipment ready from his little satchel bag that was attached around his waist. He pulled out a flat square device that was no bigger than a book, then placed a round camera lens on the front of it. "Visiting all these places has been quite intense, we're lucky that everyone has been so nice to us so far."

"We're reporters, that's our job," Bonny replied. "They know that people like us are needed, besides we're practically the only ones, don't you feel a sense of duty?"

Void sighed in defeat as he knew she was right. The two of them had been in countless life or death situations together being war reporters, and this time was no different. He knew the job he had signed up for.

Bonny was a well known reporter that had continued to give reliable information to the civilians, and update the people living in shelters all around. But it was a job she couldn't do alone.

Many new reporters relied on gadgets like drones and such, but she liked to do her reporting the old fashioned way, with a good old camera man and that was Void.

She was quite the beauty as a reporter. She had silky straight brown hair with a fringe that went down to her eyebrows and no further. She looked like a pop singer and also had the diva personality to go with it.

Her facial expression could change whenever she wished. On camera when it mattered, she would have the right emotional face to match, but off screen or when needed to be, she could smile warming people's hearts.

Meanwhile the man behind the camera never got enough credit for his work, but he didn't have the face to be on camera either. Freckles covered his nose and were heavy under his eyes, even though he was an adult. He also had curly hair that was a nightmare to deal with.

At times like this, he didn't care and just allowed it to go wild, as long as it wouldn't block the camera lense he was fine with it.

As the ship descended they could see they were landing in the middle of a plain tiled floor, right in front of a Chinese styled palace. There were several buildings placed around on different levels and tiers and they were landing on the lowest. Leaving the ship, there were men waiting to greet them and each of them wore bright white robes.

"We have finally arrived," Bonny said with a big smile. "The Graylash family."

The group of men escorted Bonny and Void as they headed into the building. While walking, Void couldn't help but continuously take pictures of the spectacle around him, it had such beautiful architecture and it felt peaceful.

"Could you please delete and not take any more photos," Hector said, the member of the Graylash family who was currently leading the reporters. "Maybe not know, but those photos could help our enemies know the layout of our base and more."

Void immediately bowed down, apologising and got to deleting the photos right away. He was surprised that they had told him so respectfully. There were times when they would get in quite the pickle for something like this. He knew better, he just couldn't help but want to take a picture when he saw such an amazing sight.

As the two of them continued to walk, they thought back to the reason why they were here right now, and the reports they had made so far.

Before coming to the Graylashes, they had met with the military leader Oscar, and also with the Bree family leader Mona. They tried to meet with Pure but had no clue where their base was nor had any leads to go on.

The reason for speaking to these people was to ask what the current state of the civil war was looking like. News about an emperor tier beast on a particular planet had already been spread far and wide, and everyone knew each powerhouse had their eyes on the prize.

The question was, why hadn't anyone acted yet? The reply was a surprising one and it gave hope to those that maybe the civil war was coming to an end.

The powerhouses were currently in talks with each other to see if they could somehow make it so it was a joint hunt for the emperor tier beast. All sides had already felt that there had been too much death on all accounts.

They could only imagine what would happen if they all tried to go for the emperor tier separately, it would be even worse. So they were currently negotiating a way to make the hunt fair between all of them and hunt together.

It was a sign that maybe the talks after this, could lead into something further and end the Civil war. However, there was something else on their minds and something else Bonny wanted to ask each of them.

"In your current talks, are you considering inviting one of the, as people are calling them, new era powerhouses?" Bonny had asked Oscar, the supreme commander.

"It's actually one of the reasons why we have been so patient. After the Sunshields disappearance there has been a lot of speculation about what will happen. Everyday members of Pure are coming out more and more and I believe they will no longer hide and will be willing to talk soon. My bet is on them becoming a big powerhouse.

"Daisy however does have a way with the people. Many factions have decided to go with her because of her charisma and skill of leading. Honestly, I am unaware of how much strength their group truly has, but I could say the same for Pure as well."

When Bonny had asked the question to Mona, leader of the Bree family, she had said the opposite.

"I think that Daisy will come out as one of the major powerhouses," Mona replied. " In the past, they have always been right behind the big four in terms of strength. If it wasn't for Truedream's strange ability, I always thought soon we would be inviting them over to the leaders table.

"As for Pure, there is speculation amongst the people that they are an incredibly strong group but I don't believe that. If that was true, why did they ever have to go in hiding and act as a terrorist group in the first place? The only person we have to worry about is their leader, who contains an emperor tier weapon."

Both of these interviews were broadcasted all over and the public were split when discussing who would become the next powerhouse, but Bonny had one more thing to ask.

"Recently there has been talks about a new power rising, a faction called the Cursed family. They have quickly taken over a few planets with very small forces. Because of this, they have also been considered a contender, do you know anything about them?"

"The Cursed family?" Oscar replied. "I have heard their name in reports here and there as they have taken over only a few planets, but when looking into their members, there seemed to be no names that stand out."

"The Cursed family," Mona said, a little surprised at the name. "I don't think it's even worth mentioning any new powers. This happens from time to time, and they will just be absorbed by either Pure or Daisy. Although, maybe if one of these groups takes over the Cursed family they will have enough power to take over another."

Both Bonny and Void had entered the room where Owen was sitting down in a relaxed manner. They had already asked him a few questions but finally, Bonny had gotten to the same question as she had asked the others. About which new era power did he think was going to rise to the top.

So far, the military had said Pure, while Mona had said Daisy. It was expected that the general public opinion was also one of these two, so she was excited to see if a third opinion would sway one side's favour.

"Which is the new era powerhouse out of those two?" Owen repeated. "I think neither. The ones that will shock us all, are the Cursed family." Owen replied.

This blew Bonny's expectations out of the water. Owen had said those words so confidently, while the other two had debated over the two. Just what had made Owen so confident?


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