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726 A blind man“s soul
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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726 A blind man“s soul

While the students were stuck in the mist, all of the vampires were fighting for their lives against the bloodsuckers. They had tried their best, using everything they could, and they were thankful that they were even able to last this long.

Countless times they would have died, been too slow, or overpowered if it wasn't for the beast armour. They felt that the other vampires were fools for mocking things that could improve their ability like this, and in the future they may come to regret not using such tools.

However, despite everything, they were still no match and they could tell when they started fighting. Their legs were shaking, as they were coming to terms with accepting their death.

"We won't run," An older vampire said by the name of Naj. "We can't run, I know all of you must be scared like me. But there's a reason I haven't turned and ran yet. My family is already dead, but those kids are still young and alive. Our future, the tenths family future now lies in their hands. And I will continue to fight until my last breath!"

Those that had thought about running away, felt a little disgusted with themselves. If they ran then what life would they even be living? Could they even live with themselves if they were still alive.

Naj's words had given the vampires the will they needed to continue on. They did want to run away, but the kids behind them were pushing them on, so they continued to fight, fight and fight until eventually there was only one left. The bloodsucker had badly damaged and ruptured a lot of Naj's internal organs. It was beyond the point of healing as he laid there on the floor.

He could see the blood suckers he had tried to keep so far behind go ahead of him, and he regretted that he didn't train harder. Reaching out his hand he wished to fight even more.

"Don't worry, I will protect them." Said Leo, as he went off throwing out his sword infused blood swipe, killing the front runner of the bloodsuckers.

"Protect our future," Naj said with a smile. Being the last of the castle vampires to die. Now the only adult vampires still left alive were Leo and Edward, but Edward had his own mammoth of a task to deal with.

Right now he was standing in front of the giant bloodsucker, Rowa.

"Ah Edward, you have lived for so long waiting for Vincent to return, did he ever come back?" Rowa asked. "It was a shame, I liked that guy, he even had the guts to leave this place. I respect him more than any of the vampires at that council table. It would be a shame if I have to kill you."

"Then why are you killing and attacking us?" Edward asked.

Rowa started to laugh, and the power felt so great in his laugh alone, it seemed like it was causing Edward to step back a little.

"You might be right, how about this, you give me the girl and I will leave things as it is, after all, that's the only reason why I'm here," Rowa said.

Edward was a little confused. There were a few girl students, but why would he want a girl? However, his loud voice made it so both Erin and Leo had heard and they very well could guess who they meant.

'So it really is my fault, if I give myself up now, will everyone live?' Erin thought.

But before she could even say anything, Edward had started to turn and change the area around him into a mist.

"Whatever the reason, I can not comply, after all, I have to pay you back for killing all of our family members." Edward said as his whole body disappeared into the mist.

Hearing this, Eirn regained her own composure, giving herself up wouldn't bring back those that were dead.

"You couldn't beat me when I was a leader, what makes you think you can beat me now?" Rowa asked, but Edward was never planning to beat Rowa, he was just buying time for someone else.

Knowing there was no more time to waste, Leo had no choice but to activate his soul weapon. Reaching within himself, he let the warm energy out. With his blade held in one hand, his other seemed to be covered in something.

To Erin, the only change she noticed with her ability was his aura seemed to be more concentrated in his left hand.

"What's that covering his hand?" Amy asked.

"You can see that?" That's when Erin realized that the aura was actually visible without using her ability, the whole of his left hand was covered in the red vampire aura, but in a layer underneath the normal yellow color humans had used.

One of the blood suckers went to grab one of the students and Leo at the same time struck his blade down, striking its arm off. However, two of the other bloodsuckers were soon on him, both going in for the attack, but only moving his left hand something strange seemed to happen.

The course of the attacks had changed and where they were originally aiming, their attack was hitting another place. They couldn't stop this momentum and the two bloodsuckers ended up impaling each other in the stomach. Turning around, Leo swung his blade, slicing both of their heads off.

"What was that?" Amy asked. "Was it telekinesis?"

It certainly looked that way, but Erin knew there was more to it. Two more bloodsuckers were going for the other students, showing his hand, soon one of their movements slowed down to almost a halt. Then jumping in, Leo struck the one in front, killing each of the bloodsuckers with one hit.

Still, this time he was hit by the bloodsucker on his side, but the claws just bounced off his beast armour. Currently, Leo wasn't wearing the best beast armour so something like that shouldn't have happened. Just like the other armours, it should have ripped through it.

The only person that had a clue what was going on was Erin, she could see it. The Aura's of the blood suckers were changing every single time Leo moved his other hand.

Leo's soul weapon was called aura manipulation. It was an enhancement type ability that allowed him to alter other people's aura. He could remove the aura from a strike, making it powerless, making one feel like they no longer had power going to their legs. And could redirect and change the direction of one's aura, changing the path of the attack.

The problem was, the stronger the enemy Leo used this skill on, the more of the enemy's aura he would have to manipulate and it would only tire him out quicker.

This was why even though Leo was a vampire with great stamina, sweat was running down his forehead.

"I will keep my promise and get rid of all of you!" Leo shouted, as he continued to fight off the remaining blood suckers.

Rowa who was stuck in a mist looked almost bored.

"If you were thinking that the other vampire knight would be able to help you, then think again," Rowa said. "Those bloodsuckers that are still alive were the top of the top. Candidates to become vampire knights, vampires living in the castle area. Why do you think they were able to kill your castle vampires so easily? I don't know whether your friend is the lucky one facing all of those, or you are, only having to face me."

Rowa was doing a lot of talking, but Edward hadn't said a word. He didn't want to do anything that would reveal to him where he was.

"Your skills are good, they always have been." Said Rowa. "I have no clue where you are but it doesn't matter."

He stretched back both of his arms, as far as he could, then storing up the energy in them they started to slightly vibrate. Like a spring, both of his hands shot together, clapping them. A deadly loud bang rang out. It was a hundred times louder than a gun going off.

Nonetheless, it had done its job. With a simple clap, Rowa had gotten rid of the annoying mist and Edward's real body could be seen.

Edward tried to start up his ability again but it was too slow. Punching downward at the top of his head, Rowa used his full power. This caused Edwards's head to collapse into his ribcage and his body falling to the floor.

"No!!" Timmy cried out. "Edward, Edward!" Timmy continued to shout.

Using her ability Erin could see it... Edward was dead.

All it took was one hit from Rowa. His strength was beyond any current vampire leader.

When Rowa looked up he was surprised at what he could see, twenty five of his elite bloodsuckers had all been killed, and a bald headed blind man was standing in front of the students, huffing and panting.

'Who is this vampire knight, he is as strong as a vampire leader, yet I have never seen him before.' Rowa thought. 'It's a shame he is already spent.'

Placing his blade in the ground, Leo held onto it, holding himself up. He had used his soul weapon for too long and he was now completely out of breath. The bloodsuckers were faster than he thought, but he had kept his promise as not a single student was hurt.

"Erin…" Leo said, taking in huffs of air. "Take everyone and run, I will hold him as long as I can."

After seeing what happened to Edward and seeing what condition Leo was in, Erin didn't think she could beat such a man. She knew she would lose.

'Again, it's all happening again. Everyone's going to die and I can do nothing about it!' Erin thought as she turned around and started running. She then felt her head bang into something sturdy.

"I'm sorry, it looks like I have come too late," a soft old voice said.

When Erin looked up at what or who she had bumped into, it was an unexpected face.

It was the vampire king.

"Nobody interferes, I will be dealing with this matter myself," The king said.

Behind him, ten royal vampires and his two royal knights bowed down.


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