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717 A Reunion
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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717 A Reunion

Silver was a skilled knight, the best of the best when it came to vampires. There were only two positions that could be considered higher than hers. The vampire leaders and the vampire king's loyal knights. Of course there was also the vampire king or queen position, but without being a leader in the first place, she could never be considered for such a role.

It was well known throughout the other castles that if Silver hadn't been born a girl, that she would have been made the next leader. However, tradition of the thirteenth family, would not allow it.

Still, none of those facts changed her current situation. That there was a blood sucker staring her down that was making her feel completely powerless. Usually she could gauge one's power by the use of her red blood stings, yet in front of this blood sucker, they were as useless as a gentle wind breeze.

He had snapped them by just moving his large muscular legs.

"At least tell me who you are?" Silver asked.

The blood sucker started to laugh, it was so deep and loud that the ground around them seemed to slightly vibrate.

"As expected, whenever there is a history the vampires are not proud of, they just completely disregard it, pretend it doesn't exist or that it never happened." The giant blood sucker said. "Do you even know what type of people you work for? The vampires appear strong on the outside and are arrogant as they see themselves above others, but the truth is they are scared.

"They are scared that one day something will come along and top them, so they get rid of anything that they see as a threat, not even giving them a chance to rise. Werewolves, Blood fairies, dhampir and us, the true form vamps."

Silver's hunch was right, this man and the other blood suckers were from that group. A group of Vampires who had given in to the blood addiction. They had consumed so much blood and became addicted, that their bodies changed into a permanent form of the blood sucker. Although unlike a starved Bloodsucker, they kept some of their intelligence, and this one in front of her, had kept a lot of his intelligence.

Even the vampires that thought they should be on top of the food chain ruling the humans, didn't agree with the blood suckers. Losing control at the sight of human blood, having an addiction like that, it was giving in to one's weakness. Something they didn't want to admit happening. The sun could build up a resistance, but blood was something they would always need sooner or later.

While the blood suckers like the one in front of her, saw it as accepting themselves and embracing who they really were.

She was lucky that the blood sucker liked to talk a lot, as during that time she tried to figure out a way to escape, but she could see none. The only choice left, was to fight.

"I can see it in your eyes, you have chosen to fight. You are certainly a special strong one. If I could, I would have had you over to my side, but I know that's not possible."

"Silver!" A voice shouted from a distance.

With her advanced hearing, she could tell that the voice was coming from above, and in the distance she could see Amy flying up high in the sky. The problem was, the blood sucker could hear it as well.

The second the blood sucker looked up, Silver had made her move, she ran forward as fast as she could and slid underneath, inbetween the blood sucker's legs. While doing so she held both hand's out and used as much red string as she could to tie up the blood sucker's legs.

She knew it would mostly be useless but she just needed to buy enough time. Jumping up high, she then threw out her string and wrapped it around Amy's leg. Using her blood skills and string together, she could control the string with finer detail thanks to the blood control ability she had as well.

Once it was wrapped around Amy's leg, she started to pull herself up, and Amy was off as fast as possible.

"Thank you Amy, you're a lifesaver," said Silver. "We need to get out of this forest as soon as possible. I'm afraid I am no match for that thing."

Silver had a saddened look on her face, she hoped that most of the students were already out of the forest, but with the giant blood sucker in the forest, there was nothing she could do.

"What was that?" Amy asked, when she looked down at Silver. Her face immediately was covered in fear, for the giant blood sucker that was down on the ground, was suddenly not too far behind them.

She had seen it all happen so fast, the only thing the blood sucker did was jump and now he was around thirty meters in the air, taller than any of the trees and level with Amy.

"Don't worry!" Silver shouted. "Blood suckers can't use blood attacks."

Although he was the same height as them, the distance was out of the blood sucker's reach, yet the bloodsucker had a smile on its face showing its sharp fangs. It wound up it's fist and as hard as it could, threw out a punch.

A bang was heard and moments later a strong force had hit both Amy and Silver out of the air. The punch hadn't even reached them but it had hurt like hell. Amy could no longer fly and Silver taking most of the blow was struggling to keep consciousness.

Even if the fall from this height didn't kill them, then the blood sucker surely would.

Seeing the trees coming towards them, they both braced for impact. But their harsh descent was no longer, as both of the girls felt someone catch them and was holding them in both arms.

Amy opened her eyes, couldn't believe who had caught her.

"Leo, what are you doing here?" Amy asked.

"An emergency was summoned, and I insisted on coming." Leo replied.

Landing on a thick tree branch with the softest of touches, Leo quickly went to the ground, where soon Silver followed and holding her was Dwight, the king's vampire knight.

Placing her wings back in her body, Amy was able to stand as she wasn't as badly hurt as Silver. Then when she looked around she noticed that they weren't the only two that had arrived. Jin, another vampire leader had as well.

'Something serious had to have happened if they called over these two as well as Leo.' She thought.

"Wait, Xander, Erin and the others, Leo we have to save them!" Amy shouted.

"Don't worry." Dwight replied, placing Silver up against a tree and giving her his flask that was full of blood. "The other leaders and their knights are making sure all the students return to safety. They will be fine, but I'm a little worried about us."

The heavy footsteps were heard through the forest, and even the sound of some trees being pushed and branches falling were heard until finally they could see it. A giant blood sucker.

Seeing the vampire in front of him, the blood sucker started to slow down his pace and came to a halt. Once again he had a creepy smile on his face.

"What a great runion, I didn't think they would send out you two just for these kids, oh and who's this." He said looking at Leo, who had his hand on his hilt. "Someone looks ready to fight before hearing what I have to say.

"Come on speak up, how long has it been since you guys have seen me, surely you haven't forgotten who I am?"

"Of course not, Rowa, ex vampire leader of the Second family, and also ex royal vampire knight!" Dwight said, with anger in his voice.


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