My Vampire System
706 Reopening
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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706 Reopening

When Leo had been popped the question from Erin, it had come as quite a surprise for himself. It was the first time that anyone had ever asked to learn his ability before. This ability he had devoted himself to, no one had taught him it, so he was considered a new original.

However, unlike other abilities and powers, his was not one people could just see with the naked eye. There were no flashy explosions and such, and even if he did allow for anyone to learn it, not many would choose to. For the simple reason, if the ability was on it's own it would be able to do no damage whatsoever.

It would have been classified as a supportive type ability like super hearing, sonar and so on.

"Do you really think it's the right choice?" Leo asked. "After all, unlike me you are not blind, you can rely on your own eyesight."

"I know, but I have been thinking about it a lot." Erin replied. "You often said that your ability allows you to see more than regular people. I've seen you fight multiple times and the way you use your sword.

"I've realised that when I had an ability in the past, my swordsmanship would suffer, but for me, I need an ability that will further enhance my sword skills. You have been my teacher for the longest time, but there are some things that you can't explain to me, I think maybe the ability can help with that."

Leo thought about it for a while, not for his own sake but for hers. It was true his ability would be able to help one become a better swordsman, but it required hard work and dedication. During this whole time Leo had been with her, he hadn't seen her back down from a challenge once. Perhaps this ability would be perfect for her.

"What's your goal?" Leo asked.

"I wish to get rid of the Dalki, kill all of them that hurt my family and friends." Erin said, clenching her fist.

It was similar to Leo's own goal, he too hated the Dalki for killing his own friends and family. However, he was also in search for his leaders, who he was sure had connections with Pure. He was wondering if having a direct disciple was the right thing to do.

"And I want to get strong enough to the point where I can protect my friends from any dangers, so I don't feel useless anymore."

Saying these words, the memories of her father saying she was too weak rung in her head. Too many times had she felt weak during her time at the school and at Pure, but with Leo and Quinn, she felt like she was progressing and changing.

"Very well, but it will be a tough road for you."

Back in the training room, everyone had gathered around Edward as it looked like he had something important to say.

"Today is the last day that the two of you will have at the castle." Edward said, looking at Timmy and Erin, the two of them were confused by this as they hadn't been informed of anything. "The reason why I personally fought both of you was to see if you were ready or not, and after today's preformance, I believe that you are both more than ready.

"The reason I called both Xander and Amy is because the two of them, from today onwards will take you under their wing."

Erin looked at the two of them, although they were strong, she was pretty sure that at the moment she had the ability to beat both of them in a fight. What could she possibly learn from staying with these two? She would much rather continue training with Leo.

"I can see the look on your face, but there are things that Leo can't teach you that these two can." Edward started to explain. "I'm afraid the council has made a decision so it's out of my hands, but starting from tomorrow, the vampire school will be starting up again, and you two have been admitted.

"This is why these two have been called upon, you may have survived school life back on earth, but it's a different story here."


Inside the vampire council room, the monthly meeting had been called and all of the leaders had been summoned apart from the Tenth family. This was because they had officially recognised Quinn as the leader and decided they would just inform Edward about the decisions that had been made later on. If they were to vote on anything, they wouldn't count his vote like they had done in the past.

The meeting also had the king present and his two royal knights by his side, which was a rare occurrence, but recently, he hadn't been avoiding meetings.

The first matter at hand was the request to increase the limit of vampires each family held. Currently the limit was set to 1500, but nearly every family was at the maximum limit and some vampires had requested that they would like to have children.

After much discussion they had finally come to a decision.

"It has been decided." Dwight said stepping forward. "Each family is able to have a maximum amount of 1600 people registered. However, the amount that are allowed to live in the castle shall remain at fifty, and those in the inner castle area at a hundred."

Although the amount of vampires had been increased, it essentially meant those allowed to learn abilities or those that would be absolutely loyal to the vampires families, were not. This increase would only increase the general pooling area, which was not what some of the vampires wanted.

But based on their case, they couldn't really argue about the decision either.

"We shall move onto the next subject, it seems like some of you are not happy with the decision to have the direct descendants, join in with the regular vampires at school." Dwight explained.

"It's madness!" Prima shouted across the table. "Those kids shouldn't be mixed in with the others, their powers and skills are worlds apart, and they carry the weight of the future of our leaders."

"The decision was made because of what had happened recently," Sunny replied. "We have experienced our first attack in years and students have died this time. The school is safer for them all, and they need to learn quickly in case of more attacks."

"But then why the need to teach them the same things?" Bryce interrupted.

"Are we sure the students' skills are that far apart?" Muka asked. "Why should we differentiate their teaching? Perhaps there are some students who are even better than the descendants?"

Half of the leaders started to laugh at this comment. The descendants were vampires that had more pure blood from the leaders than any of the others, and this was what made them naturally skilled and stronger then the others.

"Enough!" The king spoke, everyone was quieter and the king started to cough, it seemed to be getting worse with each one, but no one was allowed to show concern for the king, and just waited for it to eventually stop.

"The decision has already been decided. The descendants are not the only vampires that we must protect, and this is the best case to look after them all. If there aren't any more matters to discuss, then I think it's time for me to leave."

After respectfully bowing down, the other leaders left the room, however Dwight had asked for Sunny to stay behind.

"Would you please have a look at the king, things have been getting worse lately." Dwight said. Of course she agreed.

Just before leaving the room, Bryce made note of what was going on. It was clear to him based on his coughing from earlier and then asking Sunny to take a look at his condition.

'It looks like the king's time is almost up.' Bryce said with a smile.


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