My Vampire System
692 We“re famous?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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692 We“re famous?

Holding onto her hand, her brother Blip could tell something was up because as soon as he had asked this question. She immediately started to look around all over, as if someone was watching her. For as long as he knew her, his sister was a strong confident person, and it was the first time he had seen her like this.

'That Kazz can't be everywhere at once, right? And lately, I've seen her hanging around Paul more and more,' Linda thought.

As she looked over her two shoulders, she couldn't spot her, but just to be safe, there was still one place the two of them could go to.

"Let me just ask you, do you believe in Quinn?" Linda asked.

"Quinn? Does this have something to do with him?" Blip replied.

"Please, I just need to know, do you trust him?"

He looked into her eyes and could tell that this question carried a lot of weight to her.

"Of course I do, if I didn't, I would have never willingly trusted the Crow's over to him."

Now pulling her brother by the wrist, the two of them headed off to a certain place. Quinn knew that something like this might happen, and there were two reasons why he had asked for a private training room with a code. The training rooms were sound proof, and the code was given to others but not Kazz.

Kazz and Paul didn't know about it, so they never asked. If they did, Quinn would explain his reason saying it was because he wanted to train particular skills away from others. The code was given to Linda, Fex, Alex, Peter, and Sam if they ever wanted to try and practice their vampire skills and more.

When the two of them entered the room, Linda held both of her brother's hands and took a deep breath.

"Now you have to remember when I tell you everything, it has already happened, and there is nothing we can do about it. We can't turn back time, so there is no point in getting upset."

Blip nodded, wondering what could even be so bad? Not realising that whatever he was thinking, the truth was ten times worse.

Linda told him everything, about what happened with Quinn that day, and how she had nearly been killed by Kazz. How Quinn had saved her life, but it had come with a drastic change in her body. The reason why she had been hurt, to keep the big secret Quinn and the others were hiding from everybody, and now her telling him this, he needed to keep this big secret as well.

After telling her story, she could feel the grip around his fingers tighten, his head shaking slightly. He was silent for a while. His eyes not even looking at Linda but looking straight through her. They were filled with rage.

"That bitch!" Blip suddenly shouted. "I'll kill her, I'll kill her!"

"Please you have to keep this a secret!" Linda shouted. "Don't you think if anyone is more angry it's me? Besides, it doesn't seem like her and Quinn are pleased with each other either. The way it's been explained to me, there are from two different families, similar to the factions we have."

Suddenly, Blip gave his sister a big hug holding her tightly. She started to feel something warm on her shoulder. They were tears coming out of his eyes.

"Sister, I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you, I promise I won't ever let something like that happen to you again." He cried.

Linda smiled, and patted his back, she was lucky to have a brother as good as him.

'Kazz, I promise I will make you pay for what you did,' Blip thought.


Another day went by, and what the Cursed faction were planning to do was explained to the rest of the faction. Members who were interested in joining them were free to do so. Surprisingly, many of them wanted to be a part of this.

After being pushed around by the Parasites, being under the control of the Graylash family, and facing discrimination while they were in the military, they wanted to fight for thier own way. For their own future. Life in the Cursed faction was good for them and they wanted to keep their freedom.

There were many who wanted to go with Blip and his group since they originally belonged to the Crow's, this was quite obvious. A lot wanted to join Quinn's group as well. They were memorised by what he had done with the Sunshilds that day and felt like going with him was a safe bet.

However, there was one group that there weren't many willing to join and that was Sil's and Peter's group. It wasn't that they didn't feel they were strong, but out of all the personalities of the leaders, these two were the most difficult to get on with.

Peter had a short fuse, and Sil was just socially awkward, it didn't inspire confidence in them.

"We're going to have to think of something, maybe an incentive of some sought,' Sam thought.

Later that evening, a leaders meeting had been called by Sam, the others thought it was about the current situation but to their surprise, it was about something unrelated.

When everyone was sitting down, Sam started to play a video. On screen a brown haired beauty could be seen. She wore full beast gear but what stood out, was the microphone in her hand. The others thought they had recognised the girl from somewhere before. Yet, none of them could put their finger on it.

"I remember her!' Nate said, standing up. "I remember all the beautiful girls in this world. She was the reporter at the inter base tournament."

Now that Quinn was taking a second look at her, Nate was right. She had asked Quinn a lot of questions after his surprise victory in the tournament.

"She's what's known as a War correspondent or a war reporter. It's a dangerous job where reporters have to dive right into the middle of what's happening, all just so they can update the general public on the world's affairs." Sam explained. "There were many news channels like this one when things started, but slowly as things started to get worse, more and more channels started to stop reporting. Her names Bonny and she and her cameraman have become quite famous recently, for there one of the only few people still reporting.

"At the moment, there is an unwritten rule between everyone not to mess with War reporters, there just Civilians in all of this after all, but being in the middle of a war can sometimes prove quite difficult."

The group continued to watch the video, and they reported on a number of things, updating them on the situation with the military and earth, then they moved onto the situation with the unclaimed planets. In the video itself it turned out that Bonny was on the planet that was in the middle of a fight with Pure.

A faction going up against Pure. The cameraman was showing ability users fighting against strong weapon users. In the video itself, for a brief second, Quinn had spotted Layla and Cia.

'Pure did send them to join the fight after all,' Quinn thought.

He didn't like the fact that he wasn't with them during this time, but he was thankful that the two of them looked unhurt. In the video itself, it looked like Pure was dominating the faction quite heavily.

The report would switch from the hectic battle to Bonny being in a safe place as more information was passed on, and towards the end of the video, something had caught the attention of them all.

"In recent news, a new faction on the rise seemingly out of the blue has come from nowhere appearing on the top half of the faction rankings. When checking last month's data, the group known as the Cursed faction was Rank F, have now jumped up becoming a Rank B.

"When asking other factions for details, it seemed like no one has any idea who or where this faction has come from…." The news report continued to waffle on about unrelated stuff, but everyone smiled hearing this.

"We made it on the news, we're famous!" Nate said. "I need to get a haircut."

"Have you gone mad?" Megan asked. "The news report was only for a second, and it only mentioned our faction. Why would they suddenly come over here and interview you."

The rest of the room chuckled.

"Megan is right," Sam said. "But I just wanted to bring this to everyone's attention. What we're doing is being noticed, and after this, soon the whole world will know our name. I thought it would be good encouragement for you all."

Although the Cursed faction hadn't been going out on many quests this month, it didn't start that way before the Parasites had arrived, and they had racked up a lot of points from their hunts, but the main contribution to their ranking was Quinn.

His emperor tier crystals had been inputted into the system, jumping his Traveller rank from C to A. The planet was a gold mine of Emperor tiers that the others didn't know about, and this was a great contribution to their success.

"Now about Sil's group-" As Sam was going to continue to move onto the next agenda.

A coughing fit had interrupted him in the middle, it was quite the bad one that went on for a minute.

"Dennis are you okay? Do you want some water?" Megan asked, concerned.

Dennis stood up from his seat and the coughing started to get more violent and still hadn't stopped, until eventually, He had thrown up all over the table.

As soon as he did, a strange scent filled the nose of many in the room, Dennis had thrown up blood.


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