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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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685 Other contestants

On the Cursed ship, it was a new day, and standing in a room full of kids with their beady little eyes, they were all staring at a certain someone.

'What the hell am I meant to do with these guys?' Peter thought.

One of the spare rooms had been converted into a classroom. This had already been made the case before for the people who wanted to live on the spaceship and bring their family on board. Although many members refused.

The ship was merely a base, while their homes were still at the shelter. Only a few actually enjoyed being on the ship, apart from the leaders that would be pretty much based there all the time.

The classroom was made with the children in mind, creating an environment where they could still be taught; before it was never full, but now it was a different story. All of the kids that had been saved from the Blade island were there.

Peter had been asked to be their teacher and to look after them. It was requested after learning the truth of how he had risked his life defending them, but he was not alone in this. He also had a little assistant called Borden.

"I don't even know what to teach them?" Peter whispered to Borden.

"I have an idea."

Taking the kids out of the classroom, they had moved to the training room.

"Let's split the tasks up," Borden said. 'You teach them Maths, English, the essentials, and I'll teach them the essentials in fighting."

Standing at the front, Borden started to explain some moves, and would demonstrate, soon after they would follow. They did so quite naturally, as this was also similar to how they were taught on the Blade island. It had become routine for them.

Borden was quite popular with the kids, they thought he was quite cute and it reminded them of Vorden. Although Peter thought they would change their mind if they saw the crazy things he could do.

Borden was anything but cute, if he was angry, he could shove a whole human through a door quite easily.

The other Travellers couldn't help but feel a little unsettled at what they were seeing in the training room. Young kids being taught to fight, at such a young age. Even for them, during war periods, they were only taught such things in military school. While these children looked to be under ten.

Because of this, there were a few concerns that had been passed on from the adults, and Megan had arrived to see what exactly the problem was. They still felt like they couldn't talk to Peter about it directly. They hadn't spent enough time to get to know him or see him as one of the leaders.

Instead, they decided to confide in someone like Megan, who was one of the old high rankers of the crows.

"Hey, the others are wondering if training them to fight is really the right thing to do, they're just kids after all?" Megan explained with a soft approach.

Even she was a little cautious when talking to Peter, he unsettled her at times.

"These aren't normal kids," Peter replied. "They have seen more death then some adults will ever see. They have a heavy burden to carry. Is it right for them to train to fight for their lives at this age, of course it's not, and I never want it to come to that.

"But, the second someone knows what their abilities are, they will try to use it for their own sake. The simple truth is, I don't want to see them die, and neither does Borden."

Megan took a second look at the kids, and it was true, they all did have a different look to them. The look of someone who had killed before. 'What did these poor kids go through?'


After a good night's rest, Quinn was excited to head to Alex to speak to him about his plans.

"Thanks for getting that Glathrium," Alex replied.

"Will it be enough to create a full set of armour?" Quinn asked.

"It should be enough to create around four sets, so I can get to work on those king tier crystals for you if you want?"

"Actually, do you mind holding the Glathrium for me…" Quinn explained his plans about how he wanted a full suit of emperor tier armour, and that he wanted it soon. He explained that he was planning to go hunting for the whole of the week.

To him, he was happy to hold off, and was excited at creating the next best thing for Quinn. He could imagine if he had joined another faction, it would have been years until they let him work on such high level and quality crystals.

Only top factions would have been able to bring in so many emperor tier crystals, he wanted to thank him at the bottom of his hearts and suddenly, with excitement, he was feeling a twitch on his back.

Quinn saw this almost instantly, and something was drawing him, he almost wanted to touch his back.

"Hey, what are you doing!" Alex said, walking away.

"Sorry," said Quinn. "I was just curious about them, how have they been?"

"A nightmare!' Alex replied. "I can keep them hidden under the wraps, but after around six hours or so, they start to feel really sore, so I have to suddenly leave and spread them out a bit. Although it's not all bad news. I did get to fly a bit."

"Didn't I warn you, what if someone saw you!" Quinn said, looking around. But if someone had seen anything, he was sure Kazz would have already killed him by now.

"Relax, it was only in my room, and just a hover, really."

Quinn was actually quite jealous. As a vampire, he could do many things that humans could never do, but flying wasn't them. He was sure it was something magical that he would never experience.

Leaving the forging to Alex for the future, it was time for him to see Sam. Before leaving, Sam was in charge of creating a plan for the Cursed to take over the unclaimed planets left behind by the Sunshields and to become a name for himself. Big enough to the point where The Cursed were considered part of the big three.

The two of them were inside the meeting room.

"Did you come up with a plan, or a route for us then?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah, we have received a lot of information so we have had to plan our movements carefully," Sam explained. "A lot of factions are after the unclaimed planets. After being under one of the big three, it seems a lot of those factions refuse to join up with the remaining two.

"There are constant fights every day, but it is giving us a clear picture of who to look out for. The planets nearby have low level factions that we don't have to worry about, after taking over a few of them and calming our spots, they won't cause us much trouble.

"In my eyes, there are only two groups that we have to look out for"

'Groups?" Quinn replied.

"Yeah, the first group is a AA ranked faction named Daisy. After the big four, they were the highest rank faction and it seems like they still are. Every planet they have approached, they have taken over it with ease, and more factions are agreeing to work under them day by day.

"Now, for the second part, you'll understand why I used the word Group. It's because they are a group and a pretty well known one. Members of Pure have made their move and are also taking over planets rapidly. If we plan to make a move, we need to make one soon and keep an eye on these two.

"If you want to become one of the big three, then you will have to face both of these."

Pure, the group where Cia and Layla were currently at. There was a chance that they might be meeting up soon.

But before starting their advance, Quinn needed to go hunting for a week to get his crystals. He was sure the emperor tier set would come in handy. He just hoped nothing troublesome occurred this week.


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