My Vampire System
673 Who“s the bad guy?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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673 Who“s the bad guy?

"Quinn, perhaps it's time for you and me to have a talk. This has been needed for some time now." Logan said. "In private if we can."

Moving to his own room, the two of them began to talk. Logan had a lot to say. He realised that his family were linked with the vampires and perhaps involved deeper than he originally thought, and Quinn might know a bit more.

After what had happened with the fund situation and on the island with Brock, he thought it was time to try and figure out this whole thing together.

The two of them shared information back and forth between each other, and there were multiple theories and revelations brought up between the two. After sharing their thoughts, they had come up with a few theories or conclusions.

First, there were the facts on Quinn's side of things. Vincent belonged to the tenth family, and real name was Vincent Eno. During his time other than him, he had an uncle named Jim Eno who was older than him.

In the vampire world, Vincent was in charge of trying to make a blood substitute for the vampires, but he had never succeeded. Falling in love, as well as dealing with a few other problems, he had moved to earth. Wanting to live and die along with his wife, Vincent decided to leave a book which was passed down from his children. The book was what Quinn had received. Worried about his family and future generations, he wanted the book to teach whoever got hold of the vampire powers, so he made a system.

The system was created with the help of a mysterious person that Quinn had seen once before. That man who looked almost identical to the first leader he had seen in the Boneclaw's memory. The first leader that was currently missing.

It was clear that the first king and the mysterious scientist who helped Vincent were the same person, but Vincent never saw what the first leader looked like, so he was unaware of it.

On Logan's side of things, the Green's power was originally given by an Eno, with the condition of always helping them when in need. Through generations, an Eno would keep on appearing through their lives, asking for help. However, although the man always used a different name, he looked almost identical.

"Stop there for a second," Quinn said. "Before we move on, this man, what did he look like?"

"Sometimes his hair style would change, but everything about him was the same," Logan replied. "He would have deep sunken eyes with small pupils, his eyebrows thick and bushy, but his posture was always one of confidence."

"It sounds very similar to the first leader and the scientist Vincent met; however, we can't be a hundred percent sure," Quinn said.

At one point and time, this Eno had come and asked one of them to help him create a system. One that was similar to a game. When hearing this detail, Quinn thought that maybe then the scientist that Vincent had worked with was actually a Green, but it didn't match up with any of the details before.

They could think of two possibilities: one of them was using a disguise, maybe had a transformation skill of some sort, or the Eno, who was with the Green, worked with them while also working with Vincent. Acting as a bridge with the two never meeting.

Then the confusing details started to come into play. At some point, another Eno, this time, one that didn't look similar to the description from before, had come asking for Vincent. Of course, the Green family never met Vincent so they had no clue.

Later, that same man had come back and kidnapped the Green family to carry on Vincent's work, eventually creating the Dalki. Using a demon tier beast. When returning to earth, the original Eno had come back and gone off once again. The Green family never heard from him after.

"Do you have any clues as to who could have possibly been looking for Vincent?" Logan asked.

His parents seemed to trust Richard Eno. Which meant he was most likely the first Eno they had met all along. If it wasn't Richard Eno behind everything.

Then it was most likely the Eno who had helped create the Dalki. Still, it would make no sense why he would go after his parents after letting them live.

"There is one person I can think of, another Eno that should still be alive," Quinn replied. "When I lived through Vincent's life. His uncle Jim seemed to be obsessed with his research on blood. Every day they would ask to help Vincent. According to Edward, this knight was also very fond of Vincent as well."

Now they had two Eno's to look for, Jim Eno and Richard Eno. The real question was, they had no idea who was good, or who was bad in this. On top of that, they had no leads either.

The call was ended, and both of them were pleased with what they were able to figure out between them. However, it didn't really change much. Only that Quinn was looking for the first leader, who was most likely Richard Eno, and Logan would be better off finding Richard Eno compared to looking for Jim, who no one had heard of.

Still, none of this stopped the original problem. Logan had lost near enough most of the Green family funds. Someone was trying to sabotage him.

This also meant that Quinn had to find another way to get the materials he needed to help Alex. Heading off to the forger room, he was there to break the bad news and hopefully get some ideas on how to solve their problem.

Entering the room, just like before, Alex was busy hammering away. When Quinn came in, he stopped and took a seat, this time, he removed the helmet rather than just taking the front cover down. He was covered in sweat and he even had bags under his eyes.

"Have you been getting enough sleep?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah, just try hammering a Hammer all day. It will really wear you out." Alex replied. "The more crystals people bring in, the more work for us, and it's starting to take a toll on me a little bit."

Quinn looked at him and was wondering maybe he should bring that up.

"How about the king tier crystals I bought you, any luck?" Quinn asked.

"Actually, sorry to say this, but we just ran out of glathrium before I could turn them into anything. Right now, they're just piling up being unused. If worst comes to worst, we're going to have to chuck them in the engine for energy which would be a waste." Alex replied.

"Whoa, what, can't we at least sell some of the crystals to buy some glathrium?" Quinn asked.

"You sure you want to do that? King tier crystals and above are really hard to come by. People often lose their lives just trying to get those things. Selling even one of them for credits seems like a waste in my eyes."

"Didn't you just say to chuck them in the ship's engine?"

"That was a joke, look if you're looking for something. Then why not head over to the Crow's planet. I heard about the other faction. Maybe they will be willing to make a trade. We have plenty of advanced and intermediate crystals that I'm sure they would be willing to snatch up."

Thinking the conversation was over, Alex went to pick up his hammer to carry on his work, but then, it slipped through his fingers and fell to the floor. Showing how tired he was.

Picking it up before Alex could bend down, Quinn had a proposition for him.

"What if I told you there was a way you could hammer all day without getting tired, or at least work harder and better than you do now."

"I would say show me that magic genie," Alex replied back.

Looking around, Quinn was trying to see if Kazz was around, but she was nowhere to be seen. Lately, she had been sticking to Paul like glue, more so than usual.

"You trust me, right? come with me." Quinn said.

Quinn had decided, he would tell Alex all the risks and let him decide what he wanted to do. Quinn felt like he had figured out the system when turning people a little bit.

Although Vincent said it was random with a few conditions, perhaps it was more random when it came to vampires turning people, but Quinn's system influenced his vampire powers greatly, so it looked like it also influenced his turning powers as well.

He remembered Vincent saying that Quinn created more subclasses then a regular vampire usually would, which made him think that there had to be a reason for that?

Breaking everything down, it seemed like people would turn based on what situation they were in, a near death state like Linda and Peter had turned them into undeads, or based on their personality. With Alex, Quinn was sure that there would be no problems as well.

He was a little excited, hoping he would say yes. Then he would have his own little vampire forger. It was a win-win situation for them both; with the rings, they could practically live a near enough normal life.

Depending on what they changed to of course.


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