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666 Too Strong!
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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666 Too Strong!

In front of everyone's eyes, they could see a human changing, transforming into something else. The boy who looked beaten to death minutes before, the one who had somehow slaughtered the entire village, was now changing.

Quinn's skin started to tighten as if he was extremely dehydrated. The saturation on his muscles could be seen, and the veins throughout his body were bulging. His muscles seemed to slightly grow in size. His hair started falling out, and his complexion was only getting paler.

Sil, seeing this, had seen this beast once before, and it had caused him great trouble. A long time ago, Quinn had turned into such a monster and his power, speed it was amazing. That was when he had just first turned into a vampire.

'What monster will he turn into now?' Vorden thought.

'This… Quinn, did you really have to go this far? What do we do now.' Vorden said, watching from the black room. He could only assume this was a form vampires were able to do. Even Fex had done the same thing, but both of them, when in such forms seemed to have lost their mind, attacking everyone in sight.

'Sil, move! get away!' Vorden said, and Sil did just that.

"I'm sorry, guys," Quinn said till having the bit of consciousness he had. "Use... the flask."

It was clear, with only one of them, they managed to overpower Quinn, so it seemed impossible with two of them. It was no wonder the system had given him such a task. Quinn's soul weapon drained too much blood for him to use it against a single person, so this was the only way he thought he could survive.

[Transformation complete]

[You are now a crazed Bloodsucker]

As the Bloodsucker, all of Quinn's stats were doubled, his speed, strength, stamina; however, his health was halved in this form.

The Bloodsucker looked around and was in a slightly crouched position, its hands sharped and clawed.

"Did that kid just turn into a monster?" Vicky said.

As soon as she spoke those words, the Bloodsucker went straight at them. It moved far faster than they imagined, and the only thing they could do was defend.

"Brother, Wall!" Vicky shouted.

And a wall was raised in between them, reinforced with the strongest earth ability. Vicky had three level seven abilities. With the earth ability alone, she would have presumably the power of someone at level 21, which didn't exist. This was why, even with Quinn's strength, he was only able to break the wall, rather than obliterate it like he usually would.

Now holding her brother's hand, he too could give his three level seven abilities to her. Now they were using the power of earth and had the MC cells of someone with the Earth ability at 42. This is what made the Blade's so strong. Right now, there wasn't an earth ability user in existence stronger than them.

Even if Quinn in this state was twice as strong, so was their ability.

Seeing the wall rise in front of him. The Bloodsucker threw out its fist at such a speed and snap, that its hand couldn't even be seen. The only thing that was heard was a loud bang and the wall being torn to shreds.

"Wall!, wall!" Vicky shouted, to communicate with her brother. It was the downside of the ability. They both needed to be on the same wavelength and concentrate on the same ability.

A few more walls were put up, but the Bloodsucker still smashed through each one. This was because even if Quinn's stats were only doubled, it would improve everything. If someone had the power to lift a building, but could only throw a punch at a snail's pace, it wouldn't do much when it hit the target.

The extra speed with the strength, had made Quinn's punch stronger than double what it once was. It had a powerful snap that would take anyone's head off.

"Teleport!" Vicky shouted.

They had moved away, and when they reappeared away from the creature.

"Hydro shot!"

Multiple streams of water were shot out from the brother and sister pair, each one with such strength. If these attacks hit anyone, even if they were wearing emperor gear, they would be killed.

However, the Bloodsucker was too fast, dodging each of the attacks and moving closer and closer by the second.

Once again, they had no choice but to raise multiple walls to slow the creature down, and once they did, they teleported away again.

'We can't keep doing this forever.' Vicky thought.

Even though they had a great amount of MC cells, because of the level of ability they were using, it would also take a great amount of MC points. Only if they were to use a weaker version of the ability could they make it last longer, but this was not an option.

However, when they teleported this time, she noticed something. Now away from the creature, it seemed to be looking around the place, as if it was trying to find them, turning and twisting its body.

'Is it blind?' She thought.

The Bloodsucker wasn't blind, but it was far more sensitive to light and sunlight compared to regular vampires. With it being the middle of the day, the sun was shining brightly, and it was unable to open its eyes, so the only thing it could do was rely either on its sense of smell, or hearing.

Letting go of her brother's hand for a second, Vicky wanted to try something, and she decided to lift a part of the ground away from them. In an instant, the Bloodsucker moved and destroyed the pillar that had been created, she did the same and it moved to the other pillar again.

She then held her brother's hand again with a new plan in her head.

"Brother, keep making walls while I explain!' She said, and the Bloodsucker was heading their way once again. "When we teleport again, one of us leads the beast away, making noise with the earth ability, and I'll attack the creature."

Now, the Bloodsucker was upon them, and they had come up with their plan. They teleported away, and broke hands, one created an earth pillar away from the beast, which was her brother Pai, Vicky was ready to fire her jets of water at the beast.

They were successful in luring the beast away, but when Vicky fired the jets of water, the instant the beast heard the attacks coming its way, as if it could sense them, it avoided them all. Now its attention was towards what had just attacked it.

No longer did it care for the useless pillars that were being created from the ground, and it was heading straight for Vicky.

She tried creating walls of her own to slow it down, but it was useless without her brother.

"Vicky!" He shouted, teleporting as fast as he could towards her, but he was only able to teleport a certain distance at a time, he did so, inching his way closer to her, and eventually, he had reached her, near enough at the same time as the Bloodsucker had done.

Pai reached out his hand, grabbing it and the two of them raised a wall. However, the Bloodsucker was already too close, it punched through the wall, and its fist had also hit Pai in the stomach, sending him into his sister Vicky and the two of them went flying backwards, straight into one of the village houses.

"Sil, we have to do something!" Vorden shouted.

"What, you want to help them?" Raten said, looking at him like he was crazy.

"Vicky and Pai, never did us any harm, even before they didn't kill Quinn when they had a chance. They're not bad people. Do you remember how they would cover for us from Hilston? They knew about our split before the test but didn't tell him.

"They're just victims in this whole thing. I know they won't kill Quinn or us. That's why we can't let them die; let's just leave this place."

"Even if that's all true, you're crazy if you think we can kill that monster," Raten said. "If they couldn't do anything, then we can't either."

Lifting themselves from the rubble, sound was made, Vicky and Pai were hurt, but thankfully them creating the earth wall had taken most of the blow out of the attack.

"I think I broke a few ribs," Pai said, and with every word spoken, pain was felt.

Then, the Bloodsucker was already moving and running towards them.

"Quik, Sil, there is one thing we can do."

When the Bloodsucker was about to jump into the destroyed village house and rip their throats apart, it suddenly stopped.

'What's happening?' Vicky thought.

Like a dog, it started to sniff the air, and when it turned around, its attention was now caught on something else. It was a long shot, but it was the only thing Vorden could think of.

Even though there were dead bodies from the villagers, why didn't the Bloodsucker try to go and consume blood from them? The only thing he could think was it wanted fresh blood. The blood from the villagers had only been out for a few minutes, but that still wasn't good enough for it.

'Why did Quinn make such a big deal out of the flask?' Vorden thought.

Blood would spoil if left for a long time, but blood in the flask could last for as long as it was in there. Which meant, somehow, the blood that entered the flask remained fresh, and it looked like his plan worked.

The Bloodsucker was smelling the fresh smell of blood, and now all its attention was on Sil.

"Sil, Run!" Vorden shouted.


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