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664 Life saving skill
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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664 Life saving skill

Before heading to find the others and with the kids following them, Logan thought it would be best if they found and cleared their escape route first. They decided to head to the beach where the platform with the spaceships were. Once this was cleared, one of them could stay behind with the kids and continue the search for Quinn and Vorden.

Ideally, Logan was hoping that when they arrived Quinn and Vorden would be there already waiting for them. When they started to get close they slowed down, Pam Wight was sent out instead.

The beach was expected to be guarded somewhat as it was one of the more obvious escape routes. Sending Pam was clearly a decoy. If anyone saw her they should recognise her and ask questions before attacking.

Even though the Wights weren't cable of speech, this would be enough just to get the surprise attack on them. However after searching the beach for a little while, Pam returned shaking her head, claiming that there was no one out on the beach.

Logan went to check it out with his spiders as well and it seemed true.

"Isn't this good news?' Deal asked.

"Well, it could be a trap." Peter said.

When Logan started to think about it, everyone at the temple was dead. There were now only those from the village or from the castle, and if Brock had let him escape from the castle, maybe he hadn't ordered anyone to head to the beach either.

Pam was asked to go out first and she went right up to the ship and back, with everyone watching her carefully, nervously. Some were expecting men to suddenly jump up from the sand or something, but none of that happened. Peter was next and when the coast was clear, they all moved out.

"We can finally get out of here!" The kids shouted.

At that point, Peter no longer had to keep up his disguise and had taken it off.

"Not quite, we are still waiting for the real Vorden, there doesn't seem to be any signs of him." Peter said.

"What, you weren't the real Vorden?" Some of the kids said in shock. Some began wondering if they had done the right thing, but they soon released that the outcome was achieved anyway with or without him. Logan explained that Vorden was behind them rescuing the kids and their hearts and consciences were lifted.

There was indeed a medium sized ship that could fit all of them on, and for now, Peter along with Pam had gone aboard the ship to look after them. He knew them best despite the disguise he used, and even knew all of their names.

Also after seeing what he had done at the temple to Pam, the kids weren't going to try anything against him soon to take over the ship.

Besides, the kids naturally wanted to follow someone and they hadn't thought past their initial escape. Where would they go now, how would they survive? This was part of the reason why they were relying on Vorden.

Outside on the beach Logan was waiting out in the open.

"Where are you guys." Logan said tapping his foot and constantly trying to communicate through the mask, but nothing was happening.

Then, the trees started to ruffle and running through them, little Borden had bolted out, but he didn't have a good look on his face.

"Both Vorden and Quinn are fighting those twins, we have to go back and help them, come on!" Borden said.

But Logan didn't follow and when Borden noticed he turned around.

"So Vorden knows you went to find us?" Logan asked. "Did he tell you to help him, did either one?"

Borden didn't understand, did it matter if they asked for help or not. They were in trouble; they had to help.

"You don't understand Borden, you're strong, you're stronger than both me and Peter. But they told you they didn't want your help. This isn't some game where fighting alone makes them stronger. Their lives are on the line.

"If they told you not to get involved, it was either for your own sake, or I hate to say it we would just get in their way. These two are the two strongest people I know, and if we were there, there's a good chance they could capture one of us and could be used as leverage against them.

"I'm asking you to trust Quinn and Vorden, we need that ship ready and when they come, we'll leave this place immediately."

Vicky had dropped Quinn onto the floor, but he was in no condition to suddenly move or fight back. He was covered in his own blood, had multiple broken bones and a deep cut, where the flesh could be seen, and blood continued to spew from his shoulder.

"Vorden I assume?" Vicky said. "You have always been nothing but nice to us, so why don't you just safely go back to the castle. We'll take this one back as well and everyone gets to live." Vicky said.

Looking at Quinn, an anger started to rise up in Vorden, he wanted to do something but he currently had no abilities. He was weaker than ever; he didn't even have beast gear on him as he was stripped of everything.

For the first time in a while, Sil stood up as well. He looked at Quinn who was on the floor covered in blood. 'Kill them!' He said. 'If we don't get rid of the Blades they will keep taking people that we care about away from us.'

'Sil, you've finally woken up to my style' Raten said laughing but soon stopped. 'For now let's stay on standby, even with our strength there's not much we could do, so we can only really focus on Vorden's silver tongue.'

"We don't want to hurt you brother." Pai said as he started to walk away from the villagers and was now by Vicky's side. He thought that if Vorden denied her request she might go wild and accidentally kill him.

If that happened, then the two of them would probably be punished even worse by Hilston. After all Vorden, or Sil rather, was his prized possession.

"Then don't, just say you couldn't stop me!" Vorden shouted.

"You know we can't do that." Pai replied back.

"Then at least let them go, pretend they escaped because you focused all your attention on bringing me in." Vorden pleaded.

"I think you have a grave misunderstanding of what your current position is." Vicky said. "We right now can take on both of you, there is no need to persuade you to stay. You have no chips to bargain."

Not wanting to waste time, she moved forward and went ahead to directly grab Vorden.

'Switch with me!' Raten shouted.

'But we don't have any abilities, and she's not going to go easy on us, you can't do anything.'

'At least I'm a better fighter, maybe I can dodge and run or something.'

Quinn, who was lying on the floor, looked at Vorden and could see Vicky charging towards him, he then held out his hand. 'If it's for a few seconds, I have enough.'

Opening the palm of his hand, a shadow suddenly appeared behind Vorden and wrapped around him.

[Shadow lock activated]

Closing his hand, it encased Vorden completely in a ball of shadow which then disappeared with him in it.

Upon seeing the strange shadow, Vicky had an idea of who was behind it and turned around, only to see Quinn suddenly sinking into his own shadow.

[Shadow travel activated]

Even if he was too injured to move, he could still use his shadow abilities. Shadow travel allowed him to move without using his body. This was an advantage for Quinn, his shadow abilities and skills were unknown and the others had no clue what it could do, or how it worked.

"Don't let him escape!" Vicky shouted, as she saw the shadow moving fast along the floor, but Quinn never planned to escape. He didn't have enough MC points for that.

The shadow had stopped just where the Chained were placed outside, and rising from the floor Quinn was seen again. The villagers, scared of what the strange power could be, turned around and ran away from it.

"Shadow open." Quinn said, opening up his hand. A ball of shadow had reappeared, and Vorden was seen coming out of it, right next to the Chained.

Instantly, he touched the two people closest to him and stepped in front of Quinn.

"Quick thinking, you've got balls the size of the moon." He said.

Hearing this, Quinn recognised the voice but it sounded different from how Vorden would usually talk.

"Sil?" Quinn asked.

"Nah, the name is Raten, first time for me and you. And it might be our last if I can't do something about these two."


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