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641 A lost boy
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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641 A lost boy

Slowly opening his eyes, a familiar white light was blinding him. He thought it was a regular day. It would be time to find out any information he could, or perhaps look at some gadgets that his parents had been tinkering with before. Only this time when his eyes opened, he was welcomed by an unfamiliar voice.

"You seem to have had quite the nasty fall", Brock said.

Logan was startled by the sudden voice and tried to get up, but quickly realised he was strapped into a strange chair. Any regular straps would have probably been able to hold him, but they felt like they were designed to hold someone of Quinn's calibre.

"Don't worry, we patched you up as best we could." Brock continued to say. "We have top of the line medical equipment here for an island in the middle of nowhere. The question is, how did a child like yourself come to know or arrive on an unknown island?"

Looking around Logan was trying to get his bearings, the room had a mixture of old architecture mixed in with modern medical equipment. The walls were exposed brick and had paintings hanging on them, it didn't resemble a traditional medical room, but the equipment really was top of the line like the man had said.

If he was to take a guess, someone had found him when he had crash-landed and made all that noise. He would have been more confused if someone didn't come to him after all of that. So perhaps he was in the castle in a makeshift medical facility. If he really wanted to, he could use his lite spiders to try break free, or hack into the computer system to release the restraints, but he wouldn't know where to go from there.

If he was in the enemy's territory and still with no clue whether Vorden was there or not, it was a huge risk.

"It was an unplanned accident," Logan replied. "I recently got my hands on a new underwater travelling device and decided to explore the vast sea. However, it got interrupted when we were met with a large beast. It had flung me up in the air and had destroyed the device.

"I thank you for helping me, but I have no clue where exactly I am at the moment."

Brock looked at him carefully wondering if he was telling the truth or not, after a few seconds it seemed like he had made a decision.

"I'm sorry," Brock said. "For someone so young, I have had to make this decision. No one is to know of this island unless sir Hilston wishes it. If you had an ability that was useful, then maybe you could have become a Chained, but I don't understand your ability, which makes you a threat."

Brock's hand started to reach for Logan's throat. He tried moving from the chair in hopes of doing something, anything.

'Is this man trying to strangle me with his bare hands? How barbaric.' Logan thought.

There was only one thing he could do. Releasing the spiders from part of his thin suit, he was able to control the machine and release the restraints. He quickly rolled off from the seat and held his hands up.

"Wait, Wait!" Logan shouted. "I'm from the Green family. Surely you have heard of me. I can definitely be of some use to you. Maybe you don't understand my ability, but I assure you it's a strong one. One that allowed the Green family to get in the position that they did."

This did cause Brock to pause. Of course, he had heard of the Green family. It was one of the recommendations for the Blades to get over on their side many times by Pam, who said that he would be a great asset to have.

But Hilston always disregarded them and chose not to get involved with the family for two reasons. The first, they had never antagonised or wished to do the Blades harm in any way unlike the other big families, even in the past.

The second reason was the fact that they were weak. They may have had great influential power, but it meant nothing in a fight. At any point and time, Hislton knew he could get rid of them.

"You want to kill me to keep your secrets, right?" Logan said. "I'm now the only member of the Green family left, so I make all the decisions. If there's information you need, where the other families are located, cover ups, a place to hide, finances. I can offer all of those things to you." Logan continued to plead. If this didn't work, then he had no choice but to try to fight while running away.

If this was the Blade's island, then what Logan worried about most was each person here being as strong as Vorden. Possibly stronger.

"Very well, I can't deny that the Blade family wouldn't benefit from keeping you alive, but I am not the one that deals with these things. I will have to speak to Pam and see what she thinks. In the meantime, I will treat you as an honoured guest here under the watch of my servants. I hope you don't try to escape and go back on my generosity." Brock said with a strange smile that already told Logan what he would do if he tried to escape.

"I won't," Logan replied.

"Good, why don't we head to the dining hall to enjoy a nice meal?" Brock asked. "It will be a while until Pam gets here from the Temple."

If there was one thing Logan needed to do right now, it was to thank his family and their name for becoming such influential powers in today's society and world. Even in a civil war, even with this mysterious family what his ancestors had built, their legacy had saved him.

Logan was interested in finding out who this Pam person was. There was a chance that his family was also working with the Blades which would have explained who had done the cover ups before. But that didn't seem to be the case, and Logan could find no proof of that either himself.

If Pam was in charge of the cover ups, then it would mean either she herself did them, or she had contacts and connections with people who could, and there were only a few people who could do such things. One of them being Richard Eno.

As the two of them were ready to leave the room and head for a meal, before Brock could open the door, it was opened from the other side by someone else. It was a strong force, and a burst of energy had entered the room.

"Brock!" Vicky shouted. "Show me where this intruder is?"

She looked around the room until she could spot only one other person inside, but her excitement quickly dwindled seeing him.

"A middle schooler, how did he end up on the island? I thought a strong force had come to attack us, or maybe the Sunshields had sent a force to fight us while the big man was away. That would have been a smart move." Vicky said to herself.

"No, this person is from the Green family and it seems they want to work with us. I was about to go for a meal and ask Pam to speak to him. Of course, we won't make any final decisions without passing it through Hilston." Brock tried to explain.

"The Green family", Vicky said walking up to Logan. "Are you strong?" She asked.

"Me, I'm not really much of a fighter," Logan replied. He could tell as soon as she entered the room and the way that Brock was treating her, that she was an important figure in the castle. Which meant she had to have authority or some type of power.

"Not much of a fighter huh, I find it strange that during times like these, someone who wasn't much of a fighter would be travelling out on their own. At any point and time, people could try take advantage of you. If you weren't a fighter, then you wouldn't have survived this long. Unless, you didn't come here alone?"

Now Logan was backed into a corner. He didn't want to reveal that there were others with him. He knew Peter could transform himself to hide and Quinn always had the shadow cloak to hide himself. If they had already been caught, then Brock would have said something earlier.

"I can handle myself if need be, but I wouldn't say I am a ," Logan replied.

"So my judgement seems to be correct. For a young man, you are very modest, you are probably stronger than you take credit for." Vicky then held out her hand for a shake.

If this Blade family was the same family Vorden was from, then he could tell what she wanted to do. It was to copy his ability. Not refusing the handshake he shook it, and he then saw the confused look on her face.

He knew based on what Vorden had said in the past, his ability was too complicated for him to use it well. It was an original ability they couldn't practice with much, and even Logan had adapted the ability to suit him compared to his family members. The only thing it could be used for, for the Blade family was a boost in MC cells.

"Very well, you are a guest, so why don't me and you have a spar. If you're not a fighter yet, then I'll make you into one." Vicky said with a smile.

Logan didn't like the sound of that, and it sounded like it wasn't something he could really refuse. However, there was one good thing that had come out of all of this. He now had good faith that this Blade family and the one Vorden belonged to were the same.

They were in the right place.


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