My Vampire System
639 Another soul weapon?
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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639 Another soul weapon?

The submarine was a much smoother ride then Quinn had imagined, that still that didn't stop him from gripping on for dear life as he held the back of Logan's seat.

"What was that!" Quinn shouted as they saw something swim by on the glass screen.

"Quinn, if I have to tell you what type of fish species we go past every single time we go past one, then we will be here all day," Logan replied. "Let's just calm down."

In order to stop a certain someone from panicking, the group started to talk about their experiences, Peter had finally gone into more detail about the attack that happened on the ship, complimenting how easy the controller was to use thanks to Logan and how impressive the ship was to have such weapons.

As for what happened to Logan, that was quickly skipped over. Instead, they went into the details of the Sunshield attack on the Crows. In particular, they were hooked talking about Quinn's soul weapon.

"What a strange soul weapon." Logan thought. "And as for the enhancement type, you're saying on your system screen it's still greyed out? Usually, when this is the case, it means you need to reach or obtain something before being able to use it. I don't think the system would show you the option in the first place if it's not possible to use."

"That's what I thought as well, but so far I've had no luck. The soul weapon is great, but it really doesn't help me when I'm fighting just a single opponent. I thought getting a soul weapon might give me a boost in power, which it has done, but against the vampire leaders or the big three on a one on one fight, it's pretty useless. Which is why I wanted to find out about my enhancement type, but it looks like I'll just have to try to figure it out myself." Quinn said. "What about you Logan, did you try learning about soul weapons?

"Honestly, I completely forgot about it. My abilities aren't meant for fighting much in the first place, and the team doesn't exactly rely on me for firepower, so I didn't bother, but it does make me wonder what my soul weapon would even be. I don't think my parents even bothered learning about it either."

"I have one." Peter suddenly said.

"Huh?" Quinn replied. The whole thing was out of the blue for Quinn. He didn't even know Peter was trying to learn one, but it would make sense. If he was able to get one, then why not Peter as well. After all, Peter was human for even longer than Quinn before turning.

"Yeah, after getting my transformation ability to level six, there were no more ability books on the market. Sam suggested that I give the machine a try and try to figure out my soul weapon if I wanted to increase my strength."

Now having learned the level six transformation ability, Peter was able to change his face and his body structure to match others. Unfortunately, the higher levels of abilities usually weren't available on the market places and were either sold at auction, privately, or he would have to find a teacher to improve.

"Don't keep us waiting, tell us what it is?" Quinn asked.

"It's an item type, a mask. The mask can be used by anyone, not just me, or more specifically its meant to be used by others and not me. If someone is wearing the mask, then I can change their appearance into whatever I want. If the mask is destroyed, then I can make a new one, but I'm only able to make one mask at a time."

The other two didn't quite believe it, such a soul weapon would definitely come in handy. Before only Peter could do such secretive missions, but now two people could thanks to Peter's soul weapon. This was something they just had to see, so Peter concentrated and brought it out.

It was a flimsy-looking thing, completely black in colour and looked more like an entire face mask one would use to keep their skin smooth and moisturized. When Quinn looked down to touch it and have a look, it suddenly jumped up and stuck onto his face.

"Ah, it's attacking me!" Quinn shouted, but soon it moulded to his face, and he looked like his regular self.

"Just stay still," Peter said, placing his hand on top of Quinn's face, he closed his eyes and tried to picture someone, but there was only one person he could currently picture.

When stepping back to have a look, Peter nodded as if he was proud of his work.

"Did it work?" Quinn asked, not feeling or any different.

"Let me have a look," Logan said, getting out of the driver's seat and looking at Quinn. He paused for a second before turning around and looking at Peter. "You think this is funny?"

Quinn was dying to know what he looked like, so he rushed over to a piece of metal in the submarine that was reflective, now he could finally see who Peter had transformed him into. He looked like an adult version of Logan. The facial details were copied, but it was unable to change his body size and structure.

When Quinn turned around, he could suddenly see two Logan's behind him as well.

"Now we are all Logan's," Peter said. "What's up, Logans."

Looking at all of them, and the situation, Quinn couldn't help but break out in laughter, he had laughed so much he even shed a tear. The other two just looked at each other and smiled.

It was the first time, for a long time since Quinn had shed a tier of happiness rather than sadness or anger. The three of them were back to their normal selves, and Peter had deactivated his soul weapon.

"Hey, the scanner indicates there is something up ahead, and it looks like it matches up with the coordinates. We're nearly there." Logan said, looking down.

But in front of them, Quinn saw something that made his heart sink. In the dark deep blue ocean, the shark submarine had lights that would only allow them to see so far, and Quinn wanted to believe he was imagining it. But he could see a large thick shadow move.

A few seconds later and the submarine started to shake, vibrating.

"What was that?" Peter asked. The other two hadn't seen it.

"I'm not sure, an air current?" Logan replied.

"Turn off the lights," Quinn said.


"Turn off the lights!" Quinn had gripped into the back seat of Logan's chair so hard he had crushed it into pieces.

When the others looked up in front of them, they could see a giant yellow colour with black in the middle. It covered the whole of the viewing area, and they weren't quite sure what was in front of them.

Until its eyelids shut and it blinked. They were staring right at an eye. Immediately, Logan closed the lights after doing so.

"Quinn, maybe you were right about the sea being a scary place," Logan said, ducking down and hiding under the controls. The other two did the same quickly.

"Didn't you say you had weapons?" Peter asked.

"Yeah, to deal with a shark, maybe a small beast or two, but not something that large. Firing it might only cause it to become aggressive and attack us, also I'm worried about something else. I didn't know there were even sea creatures that large on earth. Most of the whale type creatures have become extinct."

"So is it a beast then, maybe someone had brought it…" Quinn was about to say, but the idea seemed far fetched. How and why would someone bring back a beast alive and bring it back to earth? The second question was who could even do that apart from the Bree family. Then Quinn remembered everything he had learnt about the Blade family so far.

A few seconds later and the whole submarine started to shake violently.

"I knew I was going to die at sea!" Quinn shouted.

Alarms started to go off, as the ship was starting to be crushed by whatever was outside.

"What do we do, we're going to die, if the ship gets crushed and we have to face that thing in the sea. I don't think we're winning!" Quinn said.

"Don't worry, I have a plan," Logan said.

Going up to the control board, Logan pressed a few buttons before hammering down on another and at the same time. The submarine felt like it was getting a boost from underneath as if it was shooting up like a rocket.

Whatever had gripped the submarine tightly had let go, and the submarine was shooting up through the sea at an amazing speed until it had eventually reached the surface and had crashed upward and was now flying in the air.

Whatever came up, would soon have to come down though.

"What now?" Peter asked, but that didn't matter at all, because a large tentacle had followed them out of the surface, like a baseball bat hitting a ball. It whacked the shark submarine with such force, and it had broken it into pieces. With it, the three of them were sent flying towards the island.

The blow was strong and had hurt them all greatly, while flying through the air, Quinn looked up, and he noticed the other two were now far apart in the air as well. They would all be landing on the island, but when they did, it wouldn't be together.

"Damn it! We're going to be split again!"


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