My Vampire System
638 The deep blue
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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638 The deep blue

For Logan, it was quite easy for him to get to the earth station from where he was. After all, a teleporter in his household was linked to all the stations around the universe, thanks to the Green families influence.

Before leaving, he made sure Ash was prepared and ready. Just in case there were any unexpected visits from Mona while he was away, based on his calculations though, he should be fine. At the moment Mona was busy trying to see if there was another demon tier beast she could locate with the device.

The device, unfortunately, was quite a manual one. On the planet itself where the scan would be made, six prongs would have to be placed around the sphere-like object, covering the entire planet. Only then could the device be activated and in the system, it would inform one if there was a demon tier beast or not.

Which meant at the moment, the only planets Mona could safely try to test out to see if there was a demon tier beast on, were her own and that was what she was currently doing. Of course, she also knew about the demon tier beast that had been located by Logan's parents. The reason why she or none of the families had made a move yet, was because this planet belonged to no one.

It was an unexplored planet belonging to no one, and everyone was waiting for the other to make the first move. It was disadvantageous to be the first to engage with the demon beast. One would have to use a number of their forces and would be injured heavily trying to take down the beast, all so some other family could come in and sweep it away.

At the same time, there was always the chance another family could move in silently, if they killed the beast and made equipment from it, it would turn the current tides of power.

For Peter and Quinn, the two of them had taken a smaller ship and would have to fly directly into Earth itself. The Cursed ship hadn't gone through one of the space station teleporters, so it wasn't too far for them to travel back to Earth.

There was however, a worry in Quinn's mind that they might just get shot down while coming in.

"Well, I guess they didn't send anyone after us, so it should be okay for us to head back in, right?" Quinn nervously said, still picturing them being blasted as soon as they reached the Earth's atmosphere.

"Oh? Was I meant to let you know if someone had come and attacked us? Actually, there was one incident where two smaller ships had come, but they were dealt with." Peter replied.

"You did what!" Quinn yelled. It was new information to him that he hadn't learnt about before.

"You told me to inform you if I had trouble, they were no trouble."

Quinn just shook his head, Peter had taken his orders quite literally, and now he was worried for the ship. Although it seemed like this had happened some time ago, and they still hadn't reacted. Still, he decided to update those back at the Cursed ship just in case anything unexpected did happen.

When they eventually got closer to Earth, they could see quite a few smaller ships flying to and from Earth in the regular flight path. It seemed like what Paul had said was true. Even though the military used to be in control of Earth and the rest, they didn't really want to have this civil war.

Out of everything, their main concern was the fight with the Dalki. So they felt like it was silly to go harming those who wished to go from Earth and back. Of course, it was a different story if you tried to get close to the military bases.

Their ship naturally joined the path, and now it was smooth sailing from then on out.

"Hey Peter, if you want when we can go see your parents and bring them onto the cursed ship, they must be worried. I haven't really heard you speak about them since, you know."

Quinn didn't have any parents, but going to see Vorden like so now because of his family, it reminded Quinn that the others had family as well.

"Thank you Quinn, I will think about what you have said," Peter replied.

"That's it? Are you not worried?"

"Of course I'm worried," Peter replied with a straight face. His words and facial expressions said two different things. "They knew me for so long, raised me as a child, if I came back to them the way I am now, they would know something is up, and it will only worry them even more."

When Peter put it like that, it made it sound like Quinn was to blame for him not seeing his parents. But did it mean Peter was never going to see them, or was he waiting for some type of change, for him to go back to his former self?

When he headed back to the vampire world, he would have to start talking around to see if anyone could do something. Do something about the way Peter was.

Regulations of ships and such weren't like it was before, and the whole place was a bit of a free for all, after entering the atmosphere and going through a small scanner like device they were able to fly to wherever they wished. This was something that wasn't possible at all before the war.

One would have to go through so many checks, and the military wished to know where every single person would be. The only thing Quinn could guess was they just didn't have time for these things anymore. It would only be like before closer to the basis.

Inputting the coordinates, Quinn noticed that they weren't heading to an earth station to meet Logan. Instead, they were heading to someplace else.

After a short fly, they eventually came across an abandoned harbour, and the ship had stopped. Hovering before landing, down below Logan could be seen standing there on his own waiting for them.

"You two look good," Logan said, walking to them both. "I was expecting one of you two to have a burn from fighting the Sunshields, but I guess even if you did get burned it would heal anyway.'

"Thanks," Quinn replied. "What about you, how are you holding up?"

The question was asked because Quinn was a little worried after seeing his parents dead like that. Who wouldn't be affected? With Logan it was also impossible to tell if he was having sleepless nights about it or not because he always had bags under his eyes.

"Don't worry about me too much, Quinn. My parents never spent much time with me anyway, so it feels no different. We need to focus on one goal at a time. We get Vorden back, and then me and you can have a talk about a few things."

"So why did you bring us to this harbour, is this where Vorden is?" Peter asked.

"Not quite, the location that the Graylash family sent us is not located on any map. According to that, we would just be heading into the middle of an empty sea. My guess is that it's an island, but one that is so hidden is bound to have some security measures. If we fly in, they will spot us from a mile away, figuratively speaking. I guess many miles might be more accurate.

"We don't want to get shot down and make our presence known."

'Why does it seem like we're always going to get shot down by something. Maybe I should have learnt a flying ability. Arthur had those wings made of shadows right, can he fly.' Quinn started to wonder.

After his explanation, Logan walked out to the end of one of the piers that were made out of wood panels. The whole harbour looked quite run down, and there really wasn't another person on site. When they eventually reached the end. Logan revealed what the three of them would be travelling in.

"We'll be using this," Logan said.

Inside the water bobbing up and down, was a strange little ball that looked like it had a cute shark design drawn on it. The entire front was made out of reinforced class for them to see, and then there was the design of teeth on the front making it look like a giant shark had caught some type of glass ball.

The shark's eyes were then used as lights.

"It's a mini-submarine. These days people are far too focused on what could possibly come from above them, that they have forgotten about what might approach from below."

Grabbing himself by the arms, Quinn started to shiver.

"What's wrong?" Peter asked, noticing Quinn was acting a bit strange.

"Don't you think the sea is a scary place? I mean the ocean is so large and deep. Sure, humans can swim, but there are so many predators and things that can kill us. And who knows what's underneath in the sea. It's so deep there's bound to be things that we haven't discovered yet."

"Quinn, how can you not be scared and fearless when fighting beasts but scared of the sea?" Peter asked.

"It's different okay, and when we're in that thing, how are we meant to even fight back?" Quinn asked.

"Well, not that I expected to run into anything on Earth, but I did design this to be used for exploration on other planets. So there are a few weapons on board that should be able to help us out.

Reluctantly, no matter how much Quinn didn't want to do it. He knew he had to get on board and in the shark-like submarine. The three of them were now on their way to the Balde island.


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