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626 The man Caser
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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626 The man Caser

Caser was the so-called councillor of the Temple. When students had breakdowns, mental problems, and even more, they would come to him. He had a number of techniques that he would use to calm them down and get them to open up to him. All of this would need to be filed in a report as well.

He cared about all of the kids greatly and would try his best to help them without the need of using any abilities.

After all, even if he did, it was only a temporary fix to the problem and never a permanent solution. Still, there were times when things like so needed to be done. Of course, with Sil being the way he was before he had even become close with both Raten and Vorden, he would come to meet Caser regularly.

He would share everything with Caser, speak everything on his mind, and for once, he felt like someone was actually listening and talking back to him. Yes, it was a Caser's job, but it felt more than that, and naturally, their relationship grew.

Even now, with his two friends, from time to time, he would have problems with them. It was only natural he would need to speak to someone else, and that would be him. Caser was in all respects like the father figure that he didn't have in his life. As time went on though, Caser could see Sil was getting better, the more he would hang out and talk to Vorden and Raten the less he would come to visit him.

Some instances of him crying could be resolved by them now, and seeing this, Caser felt happy and proud. He felt like his words and lessons were working.

"Well, we don't have anything to do today, so is there anything you wanted to talk about while you're here?" Caser asked

"Can we read that book?" Sil asked. "You know the one with the cool pictures."

Caser stood up and went to the bookshelf behind him, before picking out one of the books which had a certain volume number on it. Caser was a huge fan of superhero comics. When Sil would first come to him, he would bawl his eyes out nonstop, and no words would get through to him.

So, he decided he would read a book out loud while showing the pictures. All boys wanted to be a superhero at some point, right? And not only that but they could relate to them. They were able to control near enough any ability.

Because of this, he thought it was good for kids at a young age to get an idea of how to use their powers. It was something the Blades were actually unaware of, they had no clue Caser had been reading them such books.

"And then punching him with his super strength, he said. "I Will protect the weak and my friends," Caser said as he finished reading the last line of the chapter.

It was a bit cheesy, but here Caser could be his normal goofy self in front of kids, which was why he loved his job.

"That's so cool, is Grandpa Blade and the rest of them in the castle superheroes as well. I hear they're really strong. I guess they must go out fighting evil villains all the time." Sil said with excitement.

But then, Caser's face dropped hearing those words of an innocent child. Their imagination and fantasy land, of what the Blades could be were vastly different from what they were.

"The Blades choose to use their powers in different ways, but if you ever one day get to reach the castle, maybe you can change that. Turn the Blades into the superheroes they could be!"

Sil's eyes started to sparkle as he imagined going into battle with his two friends Vorden and Raten. After defeating the two enemies, he would go back home to tell Caser all about it.

Their session was up, and it was time for Sil to head back to the rest of the class to rest. When he left the room, the two of them waved goodbye. He pulled out his phone and checked the calendar. There were only two weeks left until the day.

Caser turned to his books and took one of them out. On the front cover, a muscular figure could be seen with his foot on top of the enemy, having saved the world once again. One day he had dreamed of being a superhero himself, and soon he would have to put the kids through something disastrous. it was far from the dream he wished at one point.

The next week, Caser had no idea how much the recent chapter of his had influenced Sil. During the combat training, he refused to fight his opponents and stood there while getting beatings. When the teachers asked why he stated: he refused to hurt anyone weaker than himself and didn't want to hurt his friends. This had eventually caused quite the stir that they didn't realize

At the castle, the leader of the Temple, Pam, at the time, was told to give a report. She would update them on all of the kids and what was currently happening. Hilston seemed uninterested in most of them, and eventually asked her to stop.

"What of Sil? He has the most potential of all of them correct, how is he doing with things?"

In a previous report, he had been told that Sil had the ability to copy six abilities at one time. A rarity among rares among the Blades. It was even more than Hilston could hold himself at a time. This was a Gem in his eyes. Something that he had been waiting for years.

But Pam gulped, as she said the next few words.

"His character is weak, and recently he has been refusing to spar and fight with the other students. Claiming he doesn't want to hurt them. I'm afraid at this rate, if we start the process next week, he will not survive."

Hilston looked troubled by the report. He thought long and hard about what to do. He had already spent so much time going through so many different people, and now there seemed to be another problem, but it didn't sound like one that couldn't be fixed.

"Tell me, is there anyone he is close to?" Hilston asked.

"The councillor Caser, I would say he is closest to," Pam replied.

"Great, bring him here."

Caser had been called to the castle, something that hadn't been done for a long time. He was considered one of those that were there to purely serve the Blades. He would often just get given tasks from Pam and nothing else.

"I hear you are close with Sil," Hilston said. "He is a good child, but I also hear he has a bit of a problem, and because of this I have a certain plan I would like to put in place..."

Hilton told Caser everything that he wished to do, and why he wanted to do It. It seemed like out of this batch he had already chosen who he wanted to pick. In it all, Caser was an essential part of his plan. He had asked him if he wanted to do it as if he had a choice, but he knew he didn't.

"Of course I will, sir," Caser said, bowing down.

While walking back towards the Temple, Caser had time to think about everything that was said. Then when he arrived at the Temple, he could see all the kids smiling, playing games, and enjoying their time together.

Then finally, Sil was talking away with a smile on his face while Raten and Vorden were by his side. What Sil had said about superheroes and such, it reminded him that he had done nothing during his time here, and he would just standby and let things happen.

If that was his case, then he would need to spend these moments doing something.

'It looks like you don't need me anymore, Sil. But I won't let them get their way.'


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