My Vampire System
624 The start of it all
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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624 The start of it all

After his grandfather had confirmed that he would be going back to the temple. Vorden's whole body was in a state of shock. He plodded along to his room and lied down on his bed. Borden wasn't anywhere to be seen, and the window was slightly open, so he must have gone out exploring.

But Vorden was too stunned to even recognise this and would just stare at his ceiling. Images and memories which he had seemingly deleted from his head started to flash through his mind, and he wasn't the only one that was experiencing these things.

Whenever an image would flash, his head would ache and hurt and at the same time, each one of them would see similar things. Yet, not exactly the same thing either.

Vorden would see blood on his hands and remember the pain he was in at the time. Raten something similar, and as for Sil, he was down on his knees, crying.

Eventually, the pain and ringing had stopped, and he had gone to sleep. It was the only way to forget about everything that was to happen and to come.

A few rooms over, Vicky was sitting on the window sill in silence looking out the window while her brother Pai, was busy reading a book, one that was based on hand- to hand combat.

"You know, you've read that book over a hundred times, and you still got punched in the face today," Vicky said, while still looking out the window.

Ignoring her comment, Pai closed the book.

"What are you thinking about, are you really that upset about not going out to fight the Sunshields?" He asked.

"No, it's not that I'm thinking about….I'm thinking about Sil." Vicky said. "Do you think you would be okay if you were to go back to that place?"

"It was over twenty years ago for us, Vicky. It's in the past, and there isn't much we can do. We're both here now, right? And it made us who we were today."

"Do you ever think about…"

"Think about what?" Pai stopped her from saying the last words, and gave her a look, as if not to say anymore. He knew what she wanted to say.

The day had arrived, and Borden had returned to his room some time in the middle of the night. The two of them were sleeping in the same bed, and Vorden only noticed him when he nearly rolled over him in the middle of the night to wake up to a small scream.

A servant had come in to deliver breakfast, and little Borden quickly hid under the sheets. When she left, the two of them started to eat.

"So what did you get up to yesterday?" Vorden asked.

"I just went looking around the place, you didn't tell me there were beasts here?" Borden said.

Vorden had almost forgotten that the island was split into two halves. The first half where the people lived there were no such beasts. In the centre of the island, there was a large stone tablet that stood behind the castle.

Past this point, the beast wouldn't pass for a particular reason. There was a force far stronger than them there that they could sense. Borden yesterday must have gone to that half of the island.

"You didn't kill anything, did you?" Vorden asked.

"I'm not stupid. I won't be bringing any attention to myself unless a beast tries to kill me, but I sensed something, brother. When I got closer to that tablet. I felt like there was something there, something calling out to me. I was wondering if we could go together?" Borden asked.

Vorden knew very well what was by the tablet. The strange energy he could sense was probably felt from the beast that was there.

"Borden, maybe I should have been clearer yesterday, I didn't actually expect you to do so much exploring in that little body of yours." After all, one step was like twenty of Bordens. "There are a few places you should never go without me, okay. First, anywhere in this castle apart from my bedroom."

"What if I get hungry!" He said, rubbing his small little belly.

"Fine, the kitchen and my bedroom. Next, a place called a temple. It's a very wide building with a lot of kids, so they might easily spot you and lastly, the tablet. I'm not saying we can't go, but just not right now." Hopefully, the promise that they might be able to go was enough so Borden wouldn't break the rules.

But Vorden was pretty trusting of him anyway. He was sure as long as he said it, Borden would agree.

A couple of knocks were made at the door, and a man came in after.

"Sir, it's time."

After dressing down, taking off his beast gear in his room and just wearing casual clothing, Vorden made his way to the temple with the servant who was acting as an escort. It was the same place that he had arrived at yesterday.

The closer he got, the more his hands started to shake, and his knees started to feel weak, but eventually, they had arrived, and he was standing on the plain open ground in front of the temple where the kids would play.

"Look, there's a new grown up!" One of the cute little girls pointed at him.

There were thirty or so kids, all looking to be about the same age out and playing in the morning. A lot of them were curious as to who he was as they had never seen him before.

"Are you our big brother?" A little girl asked, tugging on his sleeve.

"I will be from today," Vorden said with a smile.

"Why is big brother crying?" The girl asked.


Without realising it, tears were flowing from Vorden's face as he looked at all their innocent faces and smiles.

There were four guards that were standing outside watching the kids. Each of them wearing a strange orange uniform, while Borden just wore some relaxing trousers and a white top. Out from the temple, came a young looking man who looked to be only a little bit older than Vorden himself.

He ran out, and then quickly bowed down.

"Young master, it's nice to meet you and have you hear with us." He said.

"You don't need to do that here, i'm working here just like you," Vorden said, offering his hand out for a shake. "Call me, Vorden."

"Bubble." The young man said, shaking his hand back. Hearing his name, Vorden nearly chuckled but kept it in. This was because Bubble had a bit of a babyface which made him look a little chubby. His body was quite regular, but it seems like all the fat stored around his cheeks and he thought the name Bubble was quite fitting and cute.

*Dong! *Dong!

A loud gong was heard, and the kids all started to rush into the temple as the morning play time was over.

"Let's get you a change of clothes, and I will explain your duty while you are here. There are a few options for you to choose from, depending on what you would like to teach them." Bubble said.

Entering the building, Vorden was given a quick tour of the place. There were many different styles of training rooms and study rooms. Essentially the temple acted as a school for the kids. Although it wasn't a normal school as it would focus on a few things in particular. Controlling the Blade's ability. Learning to fight, amongst other things as well as their normal duties, and Vorden was to be a teacher teaching one of these things.

After the tour was over, they had come to one of the empty halls, which was the restroom. It was a place for the workers to eat and sleep when they needed to rest, although there were no beds, chairs or tables and only the wooden flooring inside. Going out to the back, Bubble had brought over a uniform and handed it over to Vorden.

"Master, It will be great having you here. Since you are in the family, then that means you have personally gone through everything here."

"I have," Vorden said, and it wasn't in the nicest of voices he replied in either. "When does it start?"

Bubble didn't need to ask what he was talking about, he knew what he meant. He gulped before replying. "In a month."

For the first Day, Bubble said Vorden wouldn't have to teach, and it was best if he just watched the kids and was an assistant in the back of the class. He would also introduce himself to the kids in the middle of the lessons so they all got to know him.

When he entered one room, he could see a kid crying in the corner of the room, with his hands in his thighs and hugging his knees.

"Argh!" Vordnen said as he grabbed his head. Once again, a vision had entered, a vision of the past.

It was in a classroom like this one. Vorden had entered the room and was ready to sit in his seat and get ready to study. The others came and talked to him and Vorden was being his regular chatty self as always, then he heard the sound of crying coming from the corner of the room.

Getting up from his seat, he went over.

"Hey Sil, what's wrong this time?" Vorden asked.

Sil lifted his head. "It's Raten, he said I stink!"


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