My Vampire System
595 A red ligh
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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595 A red ligh

"The real reason why the Dalki are attacking earth?" Sam repeated, and he wasn't the only one that had heard it. Rick, the pilot, did too.

"There are some sensitive matters in what I'm about to tell you, so I would suggest that we talk about this in a more secluded area," Logan said.

Although Fex and Peter had no clue what they were talking about, Sam did understand. "Hey, why don't you two head to the command centre, and get me those files I asked for earlier," Sam said with a wink.

The two of them had blank looks on their faces as if they couldn't understand what they were talking about, and it finally took Sam a little head nudge for them to understand. Logan didn't want Rick listening in on them, and Logan had yet to know that Sam was going to eventually be turned by Quinn as well.

The two of them left and headed to the central command room while leaving Rick and Sam to finish setting up the teleporter. There were quite a few complicated types of machinery involved that would need to be set up. So that the correct two teleporters connected to each other. They had time to do everything properly because if they didn't, then it could be like the red portal planet teleporters where people would be chucked within one kilometre of each other. If that were to happen, maybe there would even be some people transported outside of the ship.

Although you could say, the two of them were more than distracted. Who wouldn't be after what they had just heard? The reason the news in the past gave for the Dalki attacking earth was always so primitive. They saw a land that wasn't theirs, and they wanted to conquer it.

Now, out of nowhere, from someone they barely knew, they were hearing that someone had found out the real reason for the Dalki attack. This group that Sam was about to join, how much did they actually know that the rest of the world kept a secret from them.

Back in the command centre of the ship, both Fex and Peter had sat down. And now they were listening intently to every word Logan had to say.

When Logan had split off from Quinn and the others, he had decided that he would go visit his parents. There were a lot of questions he had for them that were on his mind. Especially, the fact that there was a base on the vampire homeworld that allowed him to access their systems.

Not only that, but he was ninety percent sure that they were creating the Dalki in there. It was too much of a mystery to try to figure out himself when his own family was involved. He never saw his parents as evil, and he never had a bad upbringing. In fact, they gave him whatever he wanted when he needed to.

So he thought he would have no problems of just asking them outright when he would see them. The problem was, trying to figure out where they would be right now.

The Green family were rich, not just regular rich but mega-rich. There were so many systems that they had created that were used in the technology spread around the world today. Whereas Richard Eno was known for his physical inventions, the Green's were more known for their systems.

Of course, this was more so possible due to their ability, it gave them an advantage when you could communicate with the system directly.

But here was the problem, with so much money the Green's practically owned land everywhere. They had a place on earth, as well as a piece of land on every main planet owned by the big four.

So if he wanted to find his parents, he had to think like his parents. If he was them, and the war was to break out, where would they go?

It didn't take him long to figure that answer to that either. They would have ignored everything going on around them and continued with their research, so wherever they were working last, they would have remained, and that was a place located within the Bree family.

When Logan went to purchase his ticket, he received a card. It didn't matter what ticket he bought because he would be altering it with his ability, anyway. The Green family had requested their own special cards to be made, that would allow them to travel to any of their own homes. A back door just for them. It was convenient for them when doing work, or needing to get to places, and right now, it was very convenient for him.

The teleporters form their homes was linked to all the earth station around the universe, and this family was the one and only exception for that. But it wasn't as if this fact was known in the first place. The codes were only known to them, and the only people that could alter the tickets in the first place were the Green family.

This was because they were the ones who had created the ticketing system for the earth station in the first place, so why couldn't they add extra privileges just for them.

After entering the teleporter, Logan was transported to a planet owned by the Bree family. He had landed directly in front of his large white mansion.

A large wall surrounded the place and on top of the wall several turrets that would shoot out energy crystals to anyone who tried to get close from the outside. Right now, Logan stood on the pathway leading to his house.

It was hard to call it a house, as the building looked more like just one large science lab.

Approaching the building, Logan finally arrived, and he had frozen at the door before entering.

It had been a year since he last saw them, and even then they were a little too busy to talk to him. Thinking about talking to his parents made him actually feel a little sick. Yes, they never treated him badly, but at the same time, they didn't really talk to him much either.

Maybe it wasn't going to be as easy as he thought after all.

Whatever he asked for he got, but the only thing he never got was to spend time with them. This led him to play with the machinery that he loved.

Still, the fact that he was to talk about such an important matter, he plucked up the courage and placed his hand on the door.

[Wlecome, Master Green]

As he came in, the lights to the whole place started to turn on a boot-up. Most of the place was covered in white colour. It didn't actually have a homey feeling, but he was used to it.

"Ash, would you please contact my parents and tell them I'm home," Logan said.

A floating ball suddenly appeared by Logan's side. When it spoke, a blue light on its face would move as sound was produced.


"Your parents were unable to be located, Master."

"That's strange, did I guess wrong?" Logan thought. He was sure they would be here and as long as they were on this planet somewhere, Ash, his little robot A.I assistant, would have been able to connect to them.

"Try contacting all of the households for me."

The blue light on the robot started to ping across from one side to the other while it was loading.

"There is no answer, master."

Ash was able to connect to the households using his own internal system. Each of the houses ran off the same system that Ash did. While on this planet Logan would also be able to contact them directly as long as they took a type of cellular device with them, which they always did. This was so they could send information while out on the field back to the house.

This meant that currently, Logan's parents weren't on this planet like he thought, and they weren't at home on any of the other planets either. All he could do now was wait until they returned and try to contact them every so often once in a while.

Or he could also personally head to his teleporter and head back to the Earth station, visiting each of his homes one by one. But that seemed unnecessary, and while in the Bree family area, he wanted to find out information about what they were up to. Helping Quinn in any way he could.

"Ah, my parents aren't here, why would I need them." Logan suddenly thought. Rather than just standing around and doing nothing, the least he could do was to gather information from the research lab here. Maybe he could dig up some old files.

He walked around the place for a little while trying to get his bearings. It was large, and it was actually the first time he had been in this particular building. Most of his life he had spent on the one on earth, however, each place's design was always nearly identical, with only a slight few changes here and there.

That was why it didn't take him too long to find the research room. While walking everywhere, the round robot ball continued to follow him. When reaching the door, it did an initial scan and had let him into the research room.

Although it wasn't a science lab, it was more of a tech lab. The door slid open, and Logan stepped inside. He was greeted with wiring, gadgets and large computers all over the place in different areas, but then his eyes were drawn to something else in the centre of the room.

On the floor, two people were lying still in white lab coats. Around their chest area, a small little hole could be seen that looked like a burn.

"Mum, Dad," Logan said.

Suddenly, the blue light on the robot behind him started to turn red.


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