My Vampire System
592 Three Flames
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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592 Three Flames

The new venture and collaboration between the Crow and the Cursed family was a success. Quinn had been informed about Blip agreeing to his plan. He never liked working for the Graylashes, and he felt like in their hands, more people would soon meet their ends anyway.

He would much rather his own people be in control of their own destiny, but they just honestly didn't have the power to do it. Blip was just hoping that this collaboration wouldn't end up like some of the previous ones that nearly got them all wiped out in an instant. Either way, if they did nothing, they would get attacked by the Sunshields anyway.

Inside Blip's office, Quinn's group, Blip, and his B ranks including Nate, were in a meeting. It was the first meeting they would have as collaborative partners. Blip had decided to inform Megan of the plans since she had great support within the Crows as well, and she had been with them for a long time.

They had set up a table in one of the empty training rooms and told the others that they couldn't use it for now.

The first part of the meeting was mentioning what happened while Linda and Quinn were away, and just who and why Dennis was involved in all of this.

Quinn had yet to even tell his friends and teammates what had happened, so this had come as a sudden surprise to them as well.

"And that is why we will be collaborating with each other from now on. The decision has been made." Blip said.

Nate and Sam had smiles on their faces. They thought maybe they would have to get involved at some point to help Quinn with his plan of creating his own faction, but it seemed like he was doing everything himself already.

"Megan, I want you to inform the faction members of a possible attack. Just break it down to them slowly. I don't want anyone panicking, and I don't want this getting out to their families. If it does, we can't help it, but I trust you can figure a way to sort this out."

She nodded in response as his words strengthened her resolve. Megan didn't complain at all about the collab. This was because she knew how much pressure Paul was being put under. She blamed Mitchell's death on the Graylash family as well.

"Nate, since you are the best when it comes to hand to hand combat, I want you to start training the Crows in this. Quests will be limited to low rating ones for now, unless a special request is made. The Sunshield family are masters in hand to hand combat. Even if our members use weapons, it will be good to know how to react to certain things.

"Sam, I want you to use that big brain of yours to come up with an effective escape plan for the others. I will give you the funds needed to purchase and set up the teleporter linking the large ship back to the Crow's place. Quinn said he will send some people to fly out with you to head back to the ship."

No one had complaints about this either, as Sam had proved himself many times that he had the best brains out of everyone there for situations like these.

"Are there any more concerns?" Blip asked.

Quinn was the first to speak.

"I was wondering if we could use some of the Crow's funds to purchase a few things. Nate before mentioned there was a machine that the military used to help with learning the soul weapon. If we can get one, it would help me and the others greatly.

"On top of this, Alex is able to create beast gear for your people, better than what they currently have, but we don't have the equipment to do it."

There were still a lot of items in Quinn's shop at the advanced level. Items that gave better stats than those that were for sale in the Crow's shelter. If Alex could mass produce these for the Crows, it would give their team that little bit of extra strength.

"For now I have decided to give the Graylashes, the minimal amount of crystals we can. One, this will annoy them, which is a win in my book." Blip repleid. "And two, we can use the rest of the crystals for ourselves. Whatever we have in storage, feel free to make use of it.

"However, as for your first request. Purchasing teleporters in the first place is expensive. We will be using most of our funds on that. I'm afraid we won't have much to purchase the machine you are talking about. It's costly as well."

Quinn wasn't too confident that without the machine, he would learn to use the soul weapon within time. In fact, these days, because he felt rushed to learn it, his mind was unfocused, and he wasn't making any progress at all.

"Would you be able to purchase the blueprints for the machine?" Alex asked. The others looked at him strangely at the table, as if he did something wrong.

"Did I say something strange?" Alex replied.

"No," Linda replied. "But can you really make the machine if you only have the blueprint? I thought only top-level Forgers could do that."

"As long as I have a blueprint, I can do anything," Alex replied.

Quinn was right, Alex was special, and it was worth everything to bring him over to his side.

Blueprints for such things were usually very expensive. It was a forger's secret, and they would only sell it to a large group for a good price. It meant someone could then mass-produce the works as long as they had a forger skilled enough to do so.

But for things such as training equipment and so on, they weren't so expensive.

Everyone busily continued doing their own things. After purchasing the teleporters needed, Sam had gone with Fex out in space to head back to the large ship.

There they would set up the teleporter and meet back with Peter.

Quinn continued to practice separating his mind and chest, but it seemed like the last hurdle was just too complicated for him.

But at last, the machine had been completed by Alex after five days of hard work. The machine had been set up in the plain training room right at the back, and now Quinn could finally use it.

Watching over him was both Nate and Sam.

"The machine puts your mind in a sleep-like state and allows you to see just what is in your chest." Nate started to explain. "Because you can connect with your chest a little already, it means you can skip a few steps. You should be able to clearly see what is in your soul from there. Then all you need to do is bring yourself into the picture with the soul. Finally, it will show you what your soul weapon is or will be. An enhancement or a weapon type.

"In the machine, you will be able to do it easily, but you need to remember the feeling you experience. Even if you can connect with your soul weapon in the machine, it doesn't mean you can when you are out. Everyone is different. Some people can do it straight away after making a connection, some still take a few months."

"We don't have a few months," Quinn said as he went over to the machine.

The machine was an expandable chair, one you would use like when you went to the dentist. Above the chair, there was a strange-looking helmet that would be placed on your head. Once one was seated, a few straps would come out from under the chair and tie the person in.

Quinn did all this going into the machine, and when it was activated, a few magnetic pulses could be felt on his back. He could feel them syncing with his heartbeat, going in and out. He didn't know how long he was listening to the pulses for, but soon his mind was shut off and he could see within his chest.

It looks like he was in a clear white room, and in front of him, he could see it, a strange yellow looking flame.

"Is that my soul weapon?" Quinn thought. It had yet to take any form or shape.

The feeling from the yellow flame in the centre was similar to his Qi. A nice warm feeling.

When Quinn got closer though, he noticed something else. By the side of the large yellow flame, he could see two more flames. One red in colour, the energy coming off form it felt like that when he used his blood powers. It was a flame representing his vampire abilities.

Then on the other side to his left, there was one purple in colour. It twisted and moved, and Quinn knew what this one was as well. It was his shadow ability.

The soul weapon was something that formed in oneself from a young age, and once reaching seventeen, it would be ready. The shape and what it could do would all be influenced by one's nature and their ability.

But for Quinn, he didn't have an ability until he was sixteen. He had turned into a vampire and then learnt the shadow later. Was this why he could see three flames? Is this why he couldn't connect with his soul weapon before?

When this thought came to his mind, he suddenly saw the three flames moving together, then when they touched, a strong energy was felt. The three flames were combining.

The flame would pulse out, a line of yellow surging through Quinn, then a line of red, and finally a line of purple. These pulses continued out for a time, pushing Quinn away.

But he did his best trying to get closer and closer.

Then finally it had stopped. There was now only a single flame, with his hand, Quinn reached out to it and touched it, then an image appeared in his head.

Once out of the machine his eyes opened, the helmet was taken off and the straps no longer on.

Quinn touched his heart for a few moments and was breathing heavily. He hadn't felt like this in a long time since becoming a vampire and having a large amount of stamina, but the image was still fresh in his mind.

When he closed his eyes, he quickly tried to remember the feeling, and the flame that was there before was still there now.

"You did it didn't you?" Nate said with a big smile. "You finally unlocked your soul weapon. Well, how about me and you finally have that fight we've been waiting for?"


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