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581 The man with Hear
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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581 The man with Hear

When they entered the training room, there seemed to be more people, then there was yesterday. A few members of the Eagles were on quests. Some decided to not watch the sparring yesterday simply because they weren't interested. Still, the news of what had happened yesterday changed their minds and it was busier than ever inside the training room.

The ten in total men from the Graylash family stood there proud and as smug as ever. Their arms were folded, and it seemed like they wouldn't move from their position.

'Wow, they seem to be more like robots than the military.' Quinn thought.

This time, Dennis wasn't wearing his denim jacket and instead was wearing his beast gear, which seemed to be dyed mostly gold in colour, making it look tacky and cheap. Quinn couldn't imagine it being good on the battlefield either.

But using his inspect skill he saw that it also was of good quality, all of it at the king tier level, just a little behind Blip and Linda's gear. It proved how precious the emperor tier crystal he got really was.

Looking at the Graylash members, at first glance, one would probably think they weren't wearing any beast armour, but that wasn't true at all. Their martial arts robes were placed loosely over it.

Using inspect on them, Quinn was a little surprised. Apart from the leader, everyone had advanced level gear on, while the leader had king tier level equipment. The reason for Quinn's surprise was he thought they would be at a higher level.

The Graylash family had all these factions working for them and giving them crystals. Yet, these people were using equipment at the same level? It meant either one of two things. That either they never took this seriously and brought in substandard equipment in their eyes. Or even at the Graylash family, these people were considered the bottom of the barrel.

Quinn was more inclined to go with the second option.

The same person from the Graylash family who fought yesterday stood forward first. Dennis seeing this was a bit impatient, and he looked at Linda and the young man. He noticed that Quinn was wearing nothing but boots and gauntlets as his beast gear. He felt like an idiot for putting his trust in a stranger.

He wished Linda had chosen to fight, but he couldn't force her.

Because of this, he stepped forward, and Dennis was willing to take them all on.

"Oh." The leader at the front said. "Well, I can't say I'm surprised. I guess the only decent one there would be the leader, after all, or maybe not even half-decent."

The words were spoken, and Quinn just didn't understand. These people were helping you, what was the point of putting them down like so. Wouldn't a friendly relationship with these people work out better?

Dennis didn't reply, and instead, he assumed a fighting position.

"Very well." The leader of the Graylash family said.

The fight had started, and Dennis almost instantly started to transform. His hands started to morph into strange claws and on his back huge giant wings that nearly took up the whole space appeared.

No longer did Quinn think Dennis' armour looked tacky. With the golden armour, it suited him perfectly.

The Graylash member wasted no time in performing the same move as last time. He took a step forward, and he lept up spiralling his body shot forward, but the next second he was landing flat on his back.

He had hit what felt like a concrete wall, but when looking up, all he could see were the large wings covering his entire body. Quickly opening them, the audience felt the wind from the power, some of them in the front row had to use their strength to remain standing.

Before the man could even get up, Dennis had dug his claw into his shoulder, immediately it started to soak red. It had gone through his robes and whatever shoulder pads he was wearing underneath.

"Do you know, an eagle's grip is ten times stronger than a human's?" Dennis said.

The man was panicking, and he started to fire bolt after bolt, little whines of pain were seen on Dennis' face, but he wasn't going to let go. With his other hand free, he dug that one into the other shoulder as well.

"This is payback." Swinging his head, backwards and then forwards, he banged his large head right across the man's face. Blood splurged everywhere as his eyes went white. Quickly he let go of the man allowing him to fall to the floor, knocked out.

"What the? Does that man have an iron head or something? That surely would have hurt both of them." Quinn said.

"Dennis is a strong person," Linda replied. "While the Crows have Blip and me, in the Eagles there was only ever him."

Lifting his hand in a fist towards the sky, Dennis declared victory. It looked a little cheesy, but the eagles were loving it, as they broke out in cheer for their boss.

It was a nice atmosphere, Quinn thought.

Next, the leader himself seemed to step into the ring. His face was unworried, and he looked calm. Two other members of the Graylashes came and took their man to the side.

"Our men will heal him," Dennis said. "And it looks like they will be healing you next."

A slight smile appears on the leader's face.

"I'm glad you could at least beat him. He was the weakest of the students I brought with me today."

"Students?" The people in the crowd began to whisper in shock.

It looked like Quinn's guess was right. To the Graylash family these people were still learning, still amateurs which were why they never gave them good equipment in the first place.

A lot of the people in the crowd thought they had sent some of their elites. Which was why they didn't stand a chance, but there was just that much of a difference in power. Compared to the top families and them.

Quinn didn't know if what he said about that being his weakest student was true or not, but he could just find that out himself.

"There's no point wasting any more time, right?" The leader said. "I can tell you are decently strong. Probably as skilful as my best student, but we didn't come here to give you hope, we came here to crush you." The man said as lightning was seen pulsing through the palm of his hand.

The only rule that was set up before the fight, was no use of soul weapons. If either of them used their soul weapons, then there was a good chance one could have died by accident.

The fight had started, and in the leader's hand, it seemed like he had solidified the lightning going around it to the point where he had made a physical lightning bolt.

Seeing this, Dennis decided to curl up and cover himself with the wings, but as it left the leader's hand, in an instant, it had dug into one of the wings.

The pain wasn't great, but it was stuck in place. His wing was paralysed. While distracted for a brief second, the leader had used the same spiralling move, to shorten the distance between the two. Both of the leader's hands were coated in a solid form of lighting, making them look like large blades.

He struck, and Dennis moved his head avoiding the blow, but then, from the lightning formed hand blade, sparks shot off and struck the head. It hurt, but it wasn't enough to knock Dennis out. Gritting his teeth, he tried to grab onto the leader, but the leader quickly avoided them all.

The two of them would avoid each other's blows, but each time Dennis did, he would still get hurt. Slowly he was being worn down.

The movements between the two were drastically different. When Dennis threw out his punches and kicks, they were like a street fighter. It was rough, no precision and sloppy, but there was one thing Quinn couldn't deny, the man had heart.

He had been badly beaten, yet he still continued fighting just as hard as he had been doing from the start.

Then, for the first time, something had changed, Dennis had taken a blow directly from the blade. He screamed in pain as he felt all his cells being hit with great power.

"Why are you even still fighting?" The leader asked.

But Dennis didn't say anything and just had a smile on his face.

Before the leader noticed, Dennis' large wings had encased them both, giving him nowhere to run. The claws were dug into both of the leader's shoulders.

"I'm taking you down with me," Dennis said.

Refusing to let go, he flew in the air with the leader. During the whole time, the leader was using all of his abilities to shock Dennis. The pain was felt, but he was never going to let go.

"What do you plan to do, you idiot!" The leader said.

Then at great speed, bringing in the leader's body closer. They both fell like a torpedo towards the floor.

"Everyone clear the area!" The old man said.


The two of them were slammed into the floor together, throwing up pieces of the training room floor. The dust from underneath the tiles was thrown up. As the dust started to settle, they could see the shadow of a single man.

Unfortunately, the man still standing was the leader. His shoulders were bloody but somehow had managed to get out of Dennis' hold, while Dennis laid still on the floor.

The leader hated to admit it, but the fight was a lot harder than he fought.

"Well, your best man has been defeated, and all of us here are still standing strong." He said.

A few moments later, Dennis had woken up and regained consciousness. His face said it all, he was devastated from the loss.

He walked over to his men who continued to treat him, while the leader looked in his direction.

"Is there anyone else who wishes to fight? It shall be an interesting report for us to make. That out of an entire faction, the leader was able to beat a single student. Is there really no one else?"

Dennis, looked towards Linda, his last hope. They didn't need to win, but just prove to them that they weren't weak. That's when he noticed something else, the young man who always stood by Linda's side was no longer there.

"I'll fight," Quinn said. Out on display, his tag could be seen clearly. He was a C rank, and the others were confused about why this young man was so confident.


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