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578 Night Demon“s Identity
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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578 Night Demon“s Identity

"So how did we do?" One of the boys asked with a nervous smile.

The three boys who had come from the second base were less than impressive. They hadn't performed well on any of the assessments at all. Being first-year students, they never went into their second year and had no clue how to use their soul weapon. Unfortunately, it meant every one of them was awarded with an F rank tag.

"I was kind of hoping for some good luck after the way things have been going around here." Blip said.

"They can't help it. There won't be many willing to leave the military or other places unless it's for certain reasons. All we can do now is welcome them aboard." Nate replied.

If the three boys had anything going for them, it was at least an interesting tale of how they had gotten there. At first, they had barely managed to escape the attack on the school base leaving with the military.

Unfortunately, the ship they were on was then stuck down by another family and were taken in by another faction. However, soon that faction was attacked by another family, leaving them abandoned and left behind at an earth station with no money.

That was until one of their recruits had offered to pay for the trip to the Crows to look after them. After hearing the story, Blip had a look of worry on his face.

"These boys, they have to be cursed. Three places they went to and each one of them gets destroyed." But looking at them, they seemed utterly innocent. They were kids with no families and nowhere to go, just hopping around from place to place.

Blip put on a brave smile and welcomed them aboard.

"Welcome. Why don't I show you guys around?"

It was a quick tour, and all the explanations were told as usual to them. After everything, they were left in the quest room, to try and mix with everyone. After all, they would have to go on a quest at least once a week, and they would need a team for that.

The room's atmosphere wasn't the best, to say the least. Everyone was still reeling from recent events and the deaths of the latest two members.

But that didn't stop one of the boys named Tink. If there was one thing he was good at, it was not being able to read the room and blabber with his mouth all day. He decided to sit at one of the tables, where a group were drinking their sorrows away.

The two other boys decided to stay standing, and were also ready to abandon Tink at any point if they chose to get rough with him.

"Hey, we're new here!' Tink said with a smile.

"Kid, now is not the day for me to deal with your happy crap." A man replied.

"What happened?" Tink asked.

The men had already had a few too many drinks, even though it had yet to reach midday. So perhaps they were more outspoken than they usually would have been. The conversation poured out as they fired their heart out about recent events, what happened, and the others' death.

'Hey doesn't that sound like him?" One of the boys standing behind said.

"Yeah, like too much right?" The other one replied.

The man who had just told his story raised his eyebrow.

"Oh, don't worry," Tink replied. "It's just the mysterious man in your story, sounds a lot like someone we call the Night Demon."

Soon, with Tink's big mouth, many people had learnt of the Night Demon's description and what he had done at their military base having beaten one of the Generals. They believed it after seeing how easily he had dealt with Kong.

People started to try to guess who this person was and got wondering. Most likely it would have been another teacher at the base. The only details they could go by was it was someone from the second military base.

However, details about each other were kept secret, and only the upper ranks knew where everyone had come from. This was to stop grudges from forming. If one was to learn someone was from Pure or perhaps another faction before this, it could cause a few heated clashes.

Eventually, Fex and the others had entered the quest hall as well, and it didn't take long before their ears picked up word.

"Hey, so do you know anyone from the faction from the second military base? Maybe we can find out who the night demon is?"

'What the hell is going on?' Fex thought.

Fex wasn't at the school at the time the Night Demon had come around, but Quinn, when telling stories of what happened at school and with the others had come to learn about it.

Before things got out of hand, Fex needed to meet the source of the rumour and influence their memories away. Still, after staying in the quest room for a few more minutes, it seemed like everyone already knew.

Usually, something like this would go past, and no one would care, but the people wanted something to take their minds off recent events, and the search for the person who had stolen the king tier crystal was the perfect thing for them.

The information had been spread so widely that Blip, who was in his own Admin office, had also come to hear of them.

He sat down with his legs crossed on top of the table, and had a small little pen in his hand, tapping it against his mouth.

"Someone from the second military base, the only other people from there were those kids and that older man. Then a student who supposedly was meant to die, comes back and Linda's sudden interest to go with this said student to another planet.

"Even though she never cared for such things before." Blip said a she was sure he had figured it out.

"It's Quinn."

From everything he had heard, and from his sister's strange actions, this was the conclusion he had come to. He wondered why his sister was acting a little odd, and now he knew why.

The main problem in all of this for him, was why his sister, who shared everything with him, chose to hide it?

Going onto his holographic screen. Blip looked at the report he had sent to the Graylash family. It had stated he didn't know the identity of this mysterious person, but now he did.

"Well, technically when I submitted the report I didn't know who it was so I'm not lying."

Thinking about this, he was starting to wonder if his sister had lied about other things. What if the emperor tier beast was actually killed as well?

In the end, he chose to leave things as it was, a mystery to everyone. If there was one person he trusted, it was his sister Linda. If she didn't want to tell him, then there was a reason why.


The exact two people Blip was thinking about had arrived at the Shelter. The teleporter they had gone through directly linked them to the new area, and the first thing Quinn felt when he arrived, was it was cold.

Looking down, his two feet seemed to be on top of ice, and the whole place seemed to be in a mountainous area full of snowy hilltops. As for his new partner Linda, she hardly felt a thing.

Her senses weren't completely gone, like Peter's. It seemed like every undead was slightly different in that sense, but they were still heavily dulled.

Before coming through the teleporter, Linda had already sent them details. While here, they couldn't leave the shelter base anyway without accepting a quest and it was impossible to do so, since they weren't part of the faction.

So all they could really do was explore around the shelters, and that's exactly what the two of them were busy doing. While walking around, Linda asked a few questions about herself, and Quinn did his best to answer.

Although he had to admit he didn't know much, after all these questions were done, he could see Linda was looking lost. It was common. Nearly every person he had turned at one point was lost. While walking mindlessly around the Shelter, Quinn decided to tell her of everything so far, his story in all of this.

She was a part of the family, and he thought it could bring the two of them closer and to a more trusting relationship. He explained he was human as well, how the vampires lived on another planet, and that he was a leader of these vampires, here on an important mission. Even how Kazz was sent to look over him, which is why they were having internal disputes.

"That damn girl!"

While listening through everything, she felt like it was a crazy ride for a mere student to go through. She thought her life was hectic, but Quinn's had made hers look like a walk in the park.

"Are you not worried, I will tell my brother?" Linda said.

"I know you won't do that," Quinn replied. "You stayed behind to let everyone leave that cave because you care about their lives. Just like Paul is keeping his mouth sealed because of the people back on the vampire planet, you will too for the Crows."

He was right, and it looked like Quinn had a lot more insight than she first thought for just a student.

"Quinn, what's your endgame in all of this, what are you planning on doing?" Linda asked.

"I won't work for the vampires, or the humans," Quinn replied. "I want to make my own faction. Stop this madness on both sides. To do that I need to move to the top. Have a faction bigger and stronger than any of the powerhouses here, and be stronger than any of the other vampires back there.

"I know it sounds impossible, but a lot of things have sounded impossible to me before, but I still."

This answer satisfied her, she was happy that at least she wasn't with some sort of maniac who had grand ambitions to rule the world. Or to cause mass genocide, at least that's what she hoped.

Finally, Quinn had found it, while walking around the marketplace in the Shelter, he was looking for pieces of equipment with Alex Way's name on them. Surprisingly he had seen no Travellers wearing gear with that name on, and he was starting to worry.

That was until he came over to a market stall that was filled with his work. Sitting there behind his booth, Alex had a broad look on his face.

"Hello," Quinn said.


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