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569 The king tier hun
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My Vampire System
Author :JKSManga
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569 The king tier hun

The large group still hadn't left the outside of the shelter. Linda, who was secretly left to look over these guys, was taking note of everything that was happening. Sam had come up with a good suggestion and made a fair point. It looked like there was more he wanted to say because there were certainly more problems than one with this plan, but he didn't say it.

Even if he had all of the good ideas, he still wasn't fit to be a leader if Sam didn't speak out or act. Linda was currently thinking of making a suggestion herself, but judging by the way Kong was currently, it seemed like he wouldn't listen to any strangers.

However, that's when someone else had spoken instead.

"Kong, just remember you are the leader now. Every time you make a stupid decision, all us stupid people's death will be in your hands." Quinn said. "I know you said you don't care about us, but it looks like you don't care about the other's either."

"Fine!" Kong shouted. He took the trackers from his men and decided to hand one out to each team and without saying another word they were off.

Sam turned to Quinn and had a big smile on his face. "Thanks."

The truth was Quinn didn't do it for just Sam but was doing it because his team needed the tracker. If he wanted to grab at least one of the king tier beast crystals and the emperor tier for himself, he would need one for his plan.

Just as Kong said, these trackers were expensive, so much so that Quinn wasn't willing to fork out for one, but he knew that they would purchase them for a quest like this, but he didn't expect Kong to hold them all for himself.

They had finally arrived in a darker area of the world. It was a large black mountain that seemed to be covered in black clouds from above. It was still the middle of the day, but this area in particular seemed to remain in darkness.

This was good for them, as they wouldn't have to worry about staying out in the sun for too long like the other week.

The mountain was half-built into a clifftop. The bottom half of the area was where they currently were. If one was then to climb up midway to the mountain, they could reach the clifftop and be in a different area.

According to the information that Quinn had gathered, the Crows hadn't been on much of this new land, past the clifftop. At the bottom of the black mountain, the area they were in now was where the two king tiers were discovered.

The area, midway above the mountain and onto the new land past it, was where the emperor tier was discovered. For now, Travellers who were below a Rank B, weren't really allowed to go onto their new land.

Where strong beast lived, there was a chance of even stronger beasts. The fact that there was an emperor tier spotted straight away on the border, was a scary thought to the Crows.

"Okay everyone, luckily we have quite a lot of information on these king tier beasts." Kong started to explain. "There has been a lot of work done into looking in this strange back mountain area. Around the mountain, there are five different areas that the beasts have been seen in. Each of these areas are linked to each other in some way. Sometimes you might have to go through another area to get to one, but you can always get to each area wherever you are."

"Originally, I was going to split us up, five areas for five groups. We should be able to find the beats pretty quickly. Unfortunately, there is one team that is new to all of this and will slow us down." Kong said, looking at Quinn and his group.

"What is wrong with this guy?" Fex said. "Does he want a piece of stray string to tie him up and for him to be used as bait, because I'll do it."

"Instead, we'll just split into two groups," Kong said as he continued to speak. "The two weakest groups will go with the strongest group, the other group and I can go exploring the other areas as well. Remember, there are two king tier beasts, and they are not always seen together."

"Features are: a large hound like looking creature with a large snout. It's tail is thick like a ball on the end, and on its back razor-sharp spikes, Both beasts look exactly the same, only one is red in colour while the other is black. We do not know if one is stronger than the other."

"As soon as you see the beast, report, attempt to fire your tracker on to it, and wait."

Linda was pleased that Kong had chosen to not go through with his original plan. If he really was going to split up all the groups into small groups of five, she would have had to step in and say something. There was a reason why this was a group quest, and not an individual team's quest.

These beasts were powerful.

"You two groups come with me," Kong said, pointing at both Quinn and Linda. She was a little worried about this but in the end. Due to the areas being close to each other, she could always use her ability to quickly go over to the other group. If there were only two groups, this would be fine.

Still, she was annoyed that Kong thought her group was one of the weaker ones. Was it because they were made up of four girls and one boy? No, he couldn't be a sexist bastard in this era. Especially when his boss, who was a woman, could clobber him in one hit.

From where they stood, there were three paths. A centre one, and one heading to the left and right. According to the map. Right now, they were in one of the possible areas for the beast. This area was large and open, it was just plain black solid ground, with parts risen here and there.

Then there were the three paths they could choose from, with areas two and three being the left and right paths and area four being the middle one, and finally, there was area five that was at the very back. Here was also where one could scale the mountain to head off onto the new area, but the king tier beast never did for some reason.

If what the information said was correct, perhaps it was afraid of the emperor tier above in the new land.

Kong and the other two groups had entered area three. This area was a little harder to navigate. It was quite open again, but there were plenty of trees and tall grass in certain areas. On initial inspection, they couldn't see any beasts in the area. There wouldn't be any low tier beast here, since they would have been frightened off by the king tier.

However, the area was large enough that they would have to check to see if they could see the beats anyway, possibly sleeping behind a set of tree's or behind a large rock. They would also have to check the other areas more than once. There was always a possibility, as a group left one area, the beast happened to come into that one constantly moving.

Quinn's group had eventually gone off from the others, and were now behind a bunch of tree's.

"Okay Fex, it's time for you to do your thing," Quinn said.

Taking off his earring, Fex held hot in his hand, and a puff of smoke appeared, when it disappeared, a little bull with wings could be seen.

"What the hell is that, is it a beast, did you tame a beast?" Sam said excitedly.

Quinn went off to calm down Sam. By now they knew he could keep a secret. Quinn explained it away using his very own words by saying it was an intelligent beast they had caught. There was still much they didn't know about beasts, so it wasn't unbelievable, and such a rare thing, Sam knew why they would want to keep it a secret.

Quinn did pop an eye to Kazz. She didn't exactly look pleased that a human knew about such a thing, but it also didn't seem to bother her to the point where she would speak up about it.

"Master, you finally need my strong muscles to help!" The bull said with watery, teary eyes. It was Fex's familiar Ham.

"I miss you too Ham, but looks like today I have an important job for you," Fex said, and Ham's face was now serious as he listened.

One of the problems that Quinn was worried about, was trying to get both the emperor tier crystal and the king tier crystal. There was a chance he was being too greedy, so he would play it safe for now.

While he was here getting the king tier crystal, Ham would go off to the other group's location facing the emperor tier. Technically, with less of them and a harder opponent, it should take them longer to deal with their problem.

Placing Fex's own communication device into Ham's ear, a tiny small circle ball, he was off and away in the sky.

Returning to the others, it looked like there was no king tier beast in their area.

"Kong, a beast was spotted in the second area, black in colour, no sign of the red one."

The other group had reported in.


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